Anti-Zionism — the new religion of Belgium

Anti-Zionism has become a kind of modern religion in Belgium, says Professor Joel Kotek, a leading expert on anti-Semitism in Europe today. Professor Kotek speaking at a meeting with Israeli journalists in Brussels.

According to him, today, in Belgium, there is such a thing as a "pragmatic anti-Semitism" that is associated with many factors, ranging from the traditional Catholic opposition to the Jews, post-colonial guilt complex, the desire to get rid of the Flemish leaders spots of collaboration with the Nazis and ending electoral considerations. Left-wing politicians who want to attract the votes of Muslim voters, an increasing number are

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Russian people — suicide?

Whales burn in the sun because of the reduction of the ozone layer

Beat the bell

Where are the homeless?

At the end of the 90 railway stations and near the metro police officers and social services considered literally homeless on the head. UNICEF data say the number of homeless children in Moscow was approximately fifty thousand.

The guys who ran away from home or from orphanages, settled in Moscow. They took shelter in railway stations, basements, and attics. Despite the fact that they are punctually sent back, they found themselves in Moscow again. Workers stations still remember those children who were trying to earn some money on the platform, the passengers beg change or just steal

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