Artrofoon syndrome and treatment of back pain

In an interview with the company's "Materia Medica Holding", rheumatologist, PhD, Senior Research Fellow Department of Rheumatic Diseases Research Laboratory Department of Therapy named after AI Nesterov Natalia Pravdyuk reported that chronic diseases of the joints are trying to treat ultra-low doses of active ingredient TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor-α).


A little problem

Every year, back pain syndrome detected in a substantial proportion of the adult population of the Russian Federation, but medical attention is drawn less than half of the number of cases. This can be called a social problem: back pain causes a

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Grandma’s disease does not spare the young

Osteochondrosis — is zabolevanienie in which pathological changes are the intervertebral discs, vertebral cartilage nodes as well as in the intervertebral joints. The cause of osteoarthritis may be a spinal injury, disorders of blood circulation and lymph flow, inflammation of the vertebrae. Some modern scholars believe, not without reason, that low back pain — not a disease, and adaptive response of the spine to the wrong distribution of loads that occur during the movements.

The nature of our body is arranged so that the primary vertical load on thespine extends along the axis passing through the center of gravity

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Viagra for women

Recently, the company "Pfizer" developed "Viagra", you are asked to create a similar tool, but for women.

Problem medical treatment of female frigidity is not new. In stores offering "sexual" products for women, there is a large selection of all kinds of pills, creams and ointments for the stimulation of female sexuality. A variety of case studies indicate that at least 30% of today's women have lost interest in sex, and about 20% say that, in principle, unable to achieve orgasm.

The most common reason for that — insufficient blood flow to the pelvic organs (similar violation

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Kids in a Cage — all of the arenas

"Before you grab the baby from the hospital, buy a large arena with a strong grid. The strength of your purchase, you can try, climbing into the arena right in the store. At the surprised looks saleswoman answer proud silence and contemptuous stare. She probably do not know that riding is not the baby will need, and you yourself, so, hiding behind his reliable wall, you could safely drink a cup of coffee or a newspaper to read up without the risk that your young son gets to you. "

This humorous advice famous astrologer Linda Goodman, I remember

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People will be patient with players in ten years

If before a hearing problem often associated with old age, but now they are increasingly suffering the youth. Why spoil a rumor? How to check? What about those who can not hear? These and other questions are answered Avdienko Elena, otolaryngologist, audiologist Scandinavian Medical Center.

— Elena, why people can not hear?

For some it is a congenital abnormality. To blame genetic abnormalities or it may be due to the mother during pregnancy suffered an infection. Adults who may lose their hearing because of exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics such as streptomycin or geptomitsin.

In addition,

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Proximity child

In a world sometimes children are very comfortable. They are obedient, most of all love to be near his mother, and in the company of other adults feel quite good. They like to sit at home is clearly more than a walk. And if they have to go out, they usually bypass the sandbox and my mother gone away from playgrounds.

At times my mother tell my child leads to the site, but it does not show any enthusiasm, the child afraid of the noise and the crowd pressed to saving his mother's knee. The other children quickly taken

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Incomprehensible formation on the skin: what to do?

Almost all the people on the skin, there are small cosmetic defects of different types and sizes. Some of them are safe, but not very aesthetic, the other is better to quickly get rid of. To understand how to include your own, consult an experienced beautician, a dermatologist.

Remove all the excess skin from the best in the winter — the lack of sunlight and heat will allow the process of healing take place peacefully.

Growths on the skin that removes cosmetologist, are divided into two groups:

those in which the occurrence of fault infection Benign enlargement of any

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Swimmer’s ear

If using a special instrument to look into the swimmer's ear, with high probability we can see irritated and reddened ear canal with a small amount of sulfur. This is a classic case of the so-called "swimmer's ear", which is a manifestation of otitis externa.

All that is required for the "long-playing" an infectious disease called "swimmer's ear" is a pair of ears and neprosyhayuschaya humidity. In the ears constantly gets water during swimming, showering, washing with shampoo. When people try to dry them with a cotton swab to remove the top layer of skin along with the protective

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Curly tablet: Pros and Cons

Internet advertising is full of "miraculous" means to almost no effort to get rid of any number of kilograms. But do not rush to book the sacred jars and bottles, warns physician reflexologist, MD , Author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina. Some of the "pills to lose weight" is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

"Switches" appetite

There is a class of drugs that block hunger. In theory, this seems to be a bad thing, but in practice it is still psychotropics central action. They cause euphoria and increased physical activity.

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Erectile dysfunction or impotence, what’s new?

In 1992, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has decided to change, which was considered offensive to many men, the term "impotence" in a sweet and not as flashy term "erectile dysfunction". But, in spite of the fact that the name has changed, the problem remains and has not lost its relevance. It is known that erectile dysfunction occur in more than half of men aged 40 to 70 years. For example, in the U.S., the number of patients is 10 million (?).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) — the inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual

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