Due to its effectiveness, massage has won wide popularity all over the world. Under the influence of massage greatly increases the elasticity of the muscles and joints, improves circulation and relieves fatigue. In addition, massage, most of the water is retained in the tissue is sent to a system of natural water loss from the body.

But note! If after the massage you are not having a sense of vigor, freshness, freedom of movement — change the masseur or, more generally, to give up the time of the massage.

Myths about massage

Massage therapist must have great physical

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Massage the third eye

Massage the third eye. That's what is sometimes called Shirodhara — one of the most unusual and enjoyable Indian health treatments, which was established on the basis of Ayurveda — a traditional Indian therapy with thousands of years of history.

Shiro — The head, dahra — For the flow. The procedure consists in the fact that you are on the third eye on top of the bowl pour the warmed oil to a comfortable temperature. This massage has beneficial effects on the entire body, from the nervous system and ending with the smoothing of wrinkles on the face.

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Mastitis — an inflammation of the mammary gland tissues caused by bacterial infection. In 95% of patients with mastitis caused by S. aureus. Gateway for infection in 50% of cases are cracked nipple, abrasions, eczema, minor wounds.

Distinguish acute and chronic mastitis. Also, depending on the condition of the breast, mastitis is divided intolactational (Postpartum) andnelaktatsionny. Mastitis can also develop on the background lactostasis — stagnation of milk in the breast.

However, in most cases, the disease occurs in women after childbirth (up to 90% of cases), particularly common in nulliparous women. The remaining cases of mastitis are

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Mathematics for the little ones

Can you do the math with a yearling or two year old tot? Watching what! Alas, all the early development has been taken to reduce it to the account of early learning and reading. And this is contraindicated for such crumbs, their brains are physiologically not ready for such manipulation. But there is another mathematician.

When we talk about math for kids, we have in mind, rather, familiarity with the main logic concepts: one and a lot more-less, above-below, the set, etc. It is obvious that these concepts are necessary not only for the development of mathematical thinking. They

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Mathematical beauty

Thick and slender, with long legs and short people — all of them different. And if we add to this the various face shapes, the range of possible figures and faces will be huge. And they all someone seem beauties and handsome.

When advancing war, famine and disease — were considered pyshnotelye beautiful woman came prosperity and relative abundance of food — and men preferred thin women.

As for the men, but now women are more likely to pay attention to the size of the purse or the mind than on his torso and shoulders. A thousand years

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Materials for the manufacture of seals

The seals are of two types — temporary and permanent.

Temporary— Seals designed to remove through some time and replace them with constants. Most often, they are placed in therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Suppose a doctor is not sure hit a nerve or not. To do this, put a temporary filling: if the tooth is ill — so it is necessary to remove the nerve. Therapeutic seals often hide under a variety of medications that need to be deleted after a while. That is, temporary filling — is not one that falls on the 3rd day after visiting

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a food for the larvae — the future of the uterus of the bee family.

Pure royal Milk contains up to 18% of proteins, 10-20 % Carbohydrates, 6% fat andmore 3% of mineral salts. It consists of 22 amino acids detected and vitamins1, In2, In5, In6, PP, in12, N, S.

Has trophic, tonic, antispasmodic and anti-microbial action. Improves eyesight and memory, stimulates metabolism, increases the sexual function.

Due to its properties royal Milk widely used:

in dermatology and cosmetology; for the treatment of neuroses; for the treatment of myxedema (a skin disease usually

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Since ancient times, honey is known to man as an effective preventive and therapeutic agent in the treatment of many diseases. The composition of honey is more than 70 substances that are beneficial to the organism: fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose, mineral salts, many enzymes (invertase, diastase, catalase, oxidase and proteolytic enzymes), vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 , E, K, C and carotene), growth factors, antibiotics, proteins, trace elements (iron, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, nickel, silver, sodium, lithium, phosphorus, sulfur, molybdenum, etc.). Constant use of honey increases immunobiological reactivity, making it resistant to infection.

Useful properties Clinical

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Currently, there are no methods to turn back the development of coronary artery disease, and full recovery from it is impossible. However, in a timely and effective early treatment measures can slow down the progression of the disease, significantly increase the length and quality of life of the patient.

The key to successful treatment of coronary artery disease is the elimination of all risk factors:

lifestyle change lowering blood pressure, healthy eating and sleeping, normalization of blood sugar, cholesterol, smoking cessation, physical activity etc.

More than half of the success can be achieved without resorting

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Medical abortion

Currently, this method is the most progressive and the most gentle method of terminating unwanted pregnancy.

processes taking place in a woman's body are closest to the natural; abortion performed without surgical intervention; practically eliminated the likelihood of skidding infection; there is no risk of damage to the uterus and fallopian tubes adhesions (in the case of if no additional curettage).

This method is used to terminate pregnancy for up to 8 weeks.

Pre-conducted survey tests are taken. Then, if everything is normal and contraindications have been identified, woman gets a modern hormonal drug (mifolain, Mifegin), under the

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