Methods of diagnosis of allergy

There are many ways to diagnose allergies. The correct diagnosis can be made only after a comprehensive survey ever — after a single analysis. Comprehensive survey of allergy starts with a conversation with an allergist. The doctor asks about the complaints about the beginning of the disease, especially the development of the conditions under which an allergic reaction is expressed as, the presence of such diseases with relatives, living and working conditions, etc. Thereafter doctor assigns specific diagnostic methods.

Skin tests

The survey method of injection (skin prick test) or scratches (skarifikatsionnye test) Is performed in order to

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Methods of correction of scars

Please be aware that the appearance of scars future can not be predicted exactly, since it depends not only on the art of plastic surgery, but also on the individual response of the patient to the trauma. All the factors that influence the characteristics of the future of the scar can be divided into general and local.

General the age of the patient — in childhood and young age of the regeneration are active, their intensity decreases in adulthood and is much slower in elderly patients immune status of the patient — the immune cells of macrophages in the

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Treatments for problem skin

Considered problematic skin, which for various reasons has any defects — rashes, spots, scars, scars, vascular blemishes, acne, and other skin problems Since mainly determined by its type, and it is very individual thing, and thentreatment in each particular case. Beautician will help you navigate the variety of existing therapies and select the optimal procedure.

A variety of methods of rejuvenation to slow down the action of the age factor, or the adjustment of traces of their impact. Among them, such as wrinkles or Biogel Botox, as well as method mesotherapy based on the introduction into the mesoderm

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Methods for the treatment of psoriasis: therapeutic bath

At home, you have a wonderful effect on the healing baths on medicinal plants to be taken under medical supervision. The most widespread conifer, sage and bath tubs from flax seeds. For the preparation of such baths require extracts or dried rubbed that are sold in pharmacies.

Pine bath

Pine bath is prepared as follows. In 200 g of water was dissolved 100 ml of liquid natural conifer extract or a preform (50 g) and stirring thoroughly. Using appropriate briquetted pine extract first dissolve it in a small amount of hot water, and then bring the water to the

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The mechanism of development and symptoms

Coronary heart disease (CHD) — a disease that develops when there is insufficient flow of oxygen to the heart muscle by the coronary arteries. The most common reason for this — atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries with plaque formation and narrowing of the lumen. Can occur acutely and chronically (long range). Manifestations of coronary artery disease may be: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death.


In developed countries, ischemic heart disease was the most frequent cause of death and disability — it accounts for about 30 percent mortality rate. It is far ahead

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Bags and dark circles under the eyes

One day you woke up and realized that the bags under my eyes for you — it's not morning problem. Now, they are always with you, I want you to or not. Alas, it's time to violent means to get rid of his loyal companions.

In most cases, the appearance of permanent bruises and bags under the eyes — not your fault.

Possible reasons are:

genetic predisposition; aging; kidney, liver, cardiovascular and urogenital system.

But to accept this is not necessary. Just control methods here need the same serious, as are the cause. It will only help professional

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Migraine: how to live without pain

Acute headache that is worse in the bright light, loud sounds, odors, nausea, depressed … Many familiar symptoms of a migraine attack, remarkably described in Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita." In the novel, Pontius Pilate, being unable to get rid of painful headaches, cowardly dreamed about poison. Fortunately, these days the medicine has progressed — now there are more progressive ways of dealing with migraines.

Mikhail Bulgakov accidental included in his famous novel, a detailed description of the torment that a person experiences during a migraine attack. The fact that from the same disease for many years

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Mycoplasmosis— A chronic infection that most often affects the genitourinary system, which is called mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma — tiny bacteria that live on plants and in animals and humans. The human body can live 16 species of mycoplasmas. Of these six species live in the mucous genital and urinary tract, and the remaining 10 species — in the mouth and throat.

Of the 6 species of mycoplasma that live in the mucous genital and urinary tract of humans:

Mycoplasma primatum, Mycoplasma spermatophilum, Mycoplasma penetrans poorly understood and so far represent only a scientific interest. Ureaplasma urealyticumureaplazmoz causes. Mycoplasma hominis andMycoplasma

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Trace elements: watch dose

About how micronutrients affect on our lives, and why beer in aluminum cans causes aggression, and why Emperor Nero was crazy, talks at the Finnish health centers, physician-microelementology Ramil Nazypov.

— Ramil Mazgutovich how long physicians interested in trace element metabolism?  

— Relatively recently: in the middle of the XX century. But even before the doctor paid attention to the medicinal properties of certain herbs or foods.

That's where Peter I started my day? With anisette! A anise contains a full set of trace elements. The king drank "anise" is not for drinking, but with only one purpose

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Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion)

Mini-abortion orvacuum aspiration— Is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages (up to 5 weeks), by removing the ovum special vacuum suction.

Injected into the uterus a small flexible tube through which the fertilized egg is sucked. The operation is performed under a general intravenous anesthesia or under local anesthesia and takes less than 10 minutes.

After mini-abortion She should minutes 30-40 lie, and through 2-3 hours she can go back to everyday life. After two weeks after operations need to visit a gynecologist and do ultrasound monitoring, as after mini-abortion possible to continue

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