Upon hearing the diagnosis, many women panic: "What a mess! I have a tumor! "Do not panic. Myoma, of course, the nasty little thing, but to the family feared diseases under the name "cancer" has nothing to do.

What is it?

Myoma (Fibroid) — a benign tumor of muscle (muscle and connective) tissue.

Uterine fibroids occur as a result of the fact that cancer cells spontaneously begin to actively share. The reasons for this phenomenon are not fully understood, but we have found that it is stimulated by hormones and is primarily associated with increased secretion of

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Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy

Recently, the frequency of detection of uterine fibroids during pregnancy has increased: first, the average woman in labor "aged" (and hormonal disorders are more common it was after 30 years), and second, the rapidly improving diagnostic methods — in particular, are increasingly used ultrasound .

As fibroids affect pregnancy and childbirth


It should be clarified that any mass in the uterus, of course, leads to an increase in its size.

The uterus increases during pregnancy, and its dimensions that correspond to the week of pregnancy are clearly defined — so increasing the size of the

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The myth of the magnetic storm

Obtaining accurate Every day, sheets of newspapers, Packets without opening, You quietly without reading They throw for a buffet. (Sasha Black, "Diet")

At the end of July 2004 for a week, our planet is in the grip of strong magnetic storms caused by solar flares.

It is said that such violent storms occur no more frequently than once every 10 years. But people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases, that does not help. The number of rings in the "first aid" these days has increased several times. Doctors have distributed a warning about the possibility of massive

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Myths about infertility

Around the problem of infertility, there are many myths and misconceptions that people have spread far from the medicine. The following are the most common rumors that live in spite of all the scientific rebuttals.

Myth: Painful periods can cause infertility

Fact: Painful periods do not affect fertility.

Myth: Rare monthly resultinfertility

Fact: Extra long, but a regular menstrual cycle does not indicate possible problems with conception. Some women have a normal menstrual cycle can last 40 days. The possibility of conception they have only a limited number of such cycles.

Myth: Inotcan

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Myths about vaccination

In recent years, the world develops different attitudes to vaccination. Despite the fact that mass vaccination against certain diseases has led to the almost complete disappearance of them, the ranks of the opponents of mandatory vaccinations are growing. This is facilitated by widespread misconceptions regarding vaccination.

Consider the most common ones.

1. You can not vaccinate allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It is now believed that children with allergies must be inoculated with other children. Vaccinations desirable to do without exacerbation of allergic process. Samu vaccination is recommended that "under the guise of" anti-histamines. Vaccinations are counter only

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Myths about genetically modified (GM) foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods are the same — products derived from transgenic organisms. Which translated into plain language means a body carries a foreign gene or genes.

Actually, the term can refer to both the flora and the fauna. But, it just so happened historically that, speaking to the GM plant is meant. Strangely, no one even does not occur, the yeast, which is put into the dough, for the most part it genomodifitsirovanny product. Anyway, the plants so the plants …


It all comes down to a simple human weakness: I want to work less and

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Myths about hormonal preparations

Appointment of hormonal drugs often scares people. Around the hormone is composed of many myths. But most of them are completely wrong.

Myth 1: Hormonal treatments — a special birth control pills for women.

No. Hormonal drugs — drugs that obtained synthetically. They work like a natural hormone produced in our body. In humans, many organs that secrete hormones: male and female sexual organs, endocrine glands, central nervous system, and others. Accordingly, hormones may be different and designate them with various diseases.

Female hormones (containing female hormones) can both have a contraceptive effect, and did not

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Myths about the diet that interfere with losing weight

Ask a woman what to do to lose weight, and she'll immediately tell you all the details. No matter she ever lost weight or not, whether it needs to lose weight or she is by nature has a great metabolism and it does not have a single extra gram. Among the men, too many would-be experts, however, they are more likely to tell how many squats with a barbell to do in the day and what to drink protein shakes to enjoy super-figure. Most of these tips to losing weight does not have any relation but steadily passed

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Myths about contraception

In the field of contraception, there are many myths, but mostly biases associated with intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptives.

Ignorant people are afraid that the pill supposedly from start to grow a mustache and beard, headache, nausea, increased weight (here, however, is inconsistent legend: not Get Fat by themselves pills, not after the termination of their admission), etc. And despite the fact that hormonal contraception for half a century constantly used by hundreds of millions of women around the world.

Indeed, the first generation contraceptives (inthe fifties and sixties years) were quite strong and rough hormonal agents. None

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Myths about sunscreens

Myth One: The sunscreen is not required, imposed on us marketers

The argument contains considerations that for centuries the inhabitants of southern regions, as well as sailors, farmers were constantly in the sun — and nothing bad happened to them.

The fact that the southern people, as well as representatives of the professions, including the work of "the great outdoors", had a habit of constant year-round sun. They are much smaller burns were darker. But the skin of people who go lie on the beach for two or three weeks a year, does not have time to adapt

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