Is there a cure for migraines?

People with migraine met long before the birth of Christ. Preserved ancient Egyptian papyrus describing migraine headaches and ways to combat this disease.

Ancient people were prepared concoctions of herbs and potions were even tied to a baby crocodile skin sore head. Modern — are spending millions of dollars on the synthesis and production of new drugs Antimigraine. So, several thousand searches. Why are they led?

Causes of Migraines

Only in the 90 years of the twentieth century became clear to the nature of migraine: a hereditary disease. Were discovered several genes responsible for hereditary

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Can I have a sweet child

Most kids — terrible sweet tooth. Sometimes it seems that would be their will — all breakfasts, lunches and dinners would consist solely of cakes, ice cream and chocolates. So how much sugar your child needs, and when you need to limit the amount of sweets?

Sweet tooth lies in the child at the genetic level. The first power in the life of the baby — it's breast milk sweetness which gives milk sugar— Lactose. If bottle-fed with formula milk baby gets lactose and maltose. The introduction of complementary foods expanding the range of sources of carbohydrates —

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Is it possible to forge a call-up analyzes and simulate pregnancy?

So words of the song, which knows practically every Russian medical student. It deals with, you guessed it, on the urine, or urine (urina— Lat.). Since the inception of Medicine is a natural secretion of the body used for the formulation and refinement of the disease. Person produces in a day to a few liters of urine, and almost all of it goes down the drain. Part of it, unfortunately, is deposited on the walls of the elevator car, walls and alleys just on earth, but we are not talking about it.

Thus, the human body is

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Is it possible to lose weight locally?

Life is not always fair. And wanting to lose weight knows it like no other. Efforts are losing weight, but in the end, instead of elegant and seductive figures get something unintelligible. Breasts are "blown away" and hated belly still remained. Or, on the contrary, has left the already impoverished waist, thus underlining the abundance of your hips. Is there a way to control the process of losing weight and manage it? To clarify the situation, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician acupuncturist

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Thrush (candidiasis)

It happens that a woman begins to feel the growing itching and burning vulva, which are accompanied by white, cheesy discharge. Most likely it's thrush or vaginal candidiasis (yeast fungi by name — Candida albicans). These fungi, in the opinion of many experts, may be part of the normal vaginal microflora in low quantities. However, breeding in large numbers on the mucosa of the vagina, these fungi cause the symptoms of thrush. Favorable conditions for the occurrence of yeast infections may begin to decline in the immune system, poor nutrition, hormonal background etc.

Itselfthrush assumes no particular danger,

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Thrush in pregnancy

In pregnancy, a woman is usually concerned about an increase in vaginal discharge. If the discharge white, cheesy consistency, accompanied by burning and itching, most of all, it thrush. It is, incidentally, is a frequent companion of pregnant women. Fungus genus Candida, causing yeast that normally lives on the mucous membranes of the intestines and vagina. By reducing the immune system, which often occurs during pregnancy, these fungi begin to multiply rapidly, which is the cause of thrush.

In case of thrush should always consult a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe a special candle invagina and diet. If

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Thrush: get rid of or put up?

Author:Irina Kuznetsova Vsevolodovna, prof.,Department. Obstetrics and Gynecology, SEI SPE RMAPO Health Minister

Burning and itching of the vulva, white cheesy vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse, pain during urination — about three-quarters of the female population of the planet at least once in their lives experienced the result of uncontrolled breeding of the vagina fungi Candida. It seems to be not so terrible thrush, serious threat to health can not be held to the same, the assurances of commercials, thrush can be very easy to treat — three days and it "is gone!" And a

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Dairy products: composition favorite treats

We all love and often buy sweet curds and yogurt. But their composition for most of us remains a mystery. Unfamiliar ingredients listed on the label, usually leave us indifferent. Still, let's try to figure out why and how to make our favorite treats.

Packaging of dairy desserts, most likely, will tell you the same thing. Cottage cheese is made from skim milk, sugar, cream, milk protein concentrate, cottage cheese starter, rennet or enzyme preparation. The yoghurt is to skim milk, cream and sugar are also added skimmed milk and yoghurt starter. Probably, the general consumer will

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Monologue grown thin girl

How many times have I opened the women's magazines and in the section on weight loss stories read stories of heroines! Never thought I find myself one of them …

The roots go back to my childhood stories. All are well aware of heredity and that fighting it is useless, you can only adjust the weight to one side or another (for example, at least, say many pundits).

So I was a chubby child with a girl, the only beloved child who was raised by my grandmother and my mother's pies great cuisine. The parents followed a "healthy

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Morphology: playing with the parts of speech

Today we'll talk about another section of linguistics — morphology (remember, morphology studies word form).

In math says that the permutation of places sum is not changed. In English? Very much! Remember, at the last session, we rearranged the letters in a variety of verbal chains, changed the letters one to the other, if not cleaned them out of words, and each time new results are obtained. Now, let's not play with the individual letters, and with the integral parts of speech.

These games are quite suitable for toddlers who are just beginning to read, and for

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