Wrinkle — a groove and skin folds occurring on the face, neck, hands and other body parts. They are the result of rupture and damage the connecting elastic fibers of collagen and elastin — the two most important components of human skin.

Wrinkles — the subject of frustration for any woman. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, at some point, she bitterly realizes that that happy period which was called "youth" already behind him, and with a wise attitude to life and the first wrinkles appear.

Age wrinkles — Is the result of natural processes occurring in

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Motivation — The stimulus, thereby ensuring that the rights of purpose and direction. The word "motivation" and "emotion" come from the same Latin root: movere (move). Indeed, motivation — This is what drives us somewhere.

In general, the motivation — it's not a straightforward process on a "hit — and earned." This is a very complex circuit processes, which can be identified elements and relationships between them. And the most important for understanding the motivation — that of communication. A simple example: a student can study hard and get excellent grades for the sake of parents were satisfied

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What is it?

Urinary stone disease — a disease that may affect the formation of stones in the kidney, ureter or bladder.

Urinary stone disease has been known since ancient times. Urinary stones found in Egyptian mummies — the people who died and were buried before our era.

This disease found not less than1-3% Of the population — the young and middle-aged stones are formed in the kidneys and ureters, whereas in children and the elderly — often in the bladder.

Number of stones may be different — from one to several hundred. Their sizes also

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Genitourinary fistula

Genitourinary fistula — a disease which often has to face the practicing urologist. Genitourinary fistula — abnormal communication between the urinary and reproductive system. If the fistulous orifice opens to the outside, and it stands out from the urine, the fistula called the outer, if No — internal.

In whichever bodies between which is formed fistulous opening internal fistula divided into:

cystic fistula: vesico-vaginal, vesico-uterine; ureteral fistula: ureterovaginal, ureterovaginal mother; urethra-vaginal; urethra-vaginovesical; complicated urinary fistula.

Vesico-vaginal fistulas are the most common of all possible fistula genitourinary system.

Why did this happen

Usually urocystic fistulas occur after obstetric and gynecological

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Male contraception

Most men consider care to prevent pregnancy feminine duty. And yet, to take active part in protecting their partners from unintended pregnancy, men can and should be. Here are examples of all currently existing methods of male contraception.

Coitus interruptus — One of the the most unreliable. It is believed that the effectiveness of the method is less than 70%, almost one third act can be dangerous because a small amount of sperm can be released in the beginning of the sexual intercourse. Moreover, such a "protection" may cause sexual dysfunction in both partners.

Artificially prolong the

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Men’s plastic — fashion for a beautiful body

In the world there was a velvet revolution. Velvet because the coup was not visible to the naked eye. But ityet took place: the men claimed their rights to the women's area.

In Europe and America, more and more men are involved in the beauty industry. Today, visitors fitness clubs, tanning and beauty salons are no longer divided by gender: the number of men who watch over their appearance, equal to the number of women. These representatives of the stronger sex does not have anything to do with homosexuals (although it was the first gay beat a path

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Men’s patterns of behavior in a crisis thirtieth

The proposed models of behavior — it is a kind of classification of development options and ways out of the crisis thirties. People are different behaviors, depending on the choices they made in the twenties. It is believed that the behavior of each model has its own set of psychological problems related to how effectively solves the problem of human development. Patterns of behavior of men can be divided into three main groups.

"Unstable". Such men are unwilling or unable to outline a solid reference points at 20 years of age to 30 years and continue experimenting youth.

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Men’s sexual dysfunction

Now for help, turn only about 10% of men who have sexual problems. And absolutely no avail, because doctorwill provide you with the required assistance and contribute to getting rid of the complexes.

By the male sexual disorders include:

Erectile dysfunction (violation of erection and maintain it); impotence — problem, that men are most afraid of (extreme degree of erectile dysfunction); later ejaculation (ejaculation occurs after prolonged stimulation or does not occur, is often associated with aging); Premature Ejaculation (ejaculation occurs before intercourse or immediately after it began, is often associated with age and lack of sexual experience); priapism

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Male menopause: all fixable

Male menopause — hormonal changes the body at the exit of childbearing age — well researched doctors. However, in recent years, doctors are increasingly focused on the male menopause. According to statistics from the American Medical Association, at least 25 million men, from40-45-year-old age, begin to experience these or other discomfort associated with andropause.

That is male menopause and how to deal with it, we had a talk withchief physician of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doktor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist Luxury Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Why now male menopause started to cause such an interest in society?

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We are what we eat

Vegetables and fruits are good and sweet and flour harmful. This simple truth everyone knows. But how to make your diet? What foods should be represented in it without fail, and what you can do without? These questions help us answerMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, say that necessarily must be included in the diet of our food?

Fat, proteins and carbohydrates in a certain ratio. Healthy person with a body weight of 60 to 100 kg should consume 200 — 300 grams of

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