Thinking — this is the purposeful use, development and increase of knowledge, and in a more general sense — the mental process of reflection of reality. The important role played by understanding the thinking (of other people, tools, and objects of their joint activity).

Types of thinking

Visual-thinking — The ability to solve practical problems in terms necessary for this object. Often, this kind of thinking is called the lower, elementary. It is found in the behavior of children or animals. However, studies show that visual-thinking also characteristic of many types of professional activities. With his help solve

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An appointment with the urologist? Come to the office!

Today, with urological problems on the part of the face, alas, too many patients. Some of them do not want to spend time in the hospital, or simply do not want to ask for help in the regular clinic. Therefore, the issue of quality of outpatient treatment is quite acute.

On the other hand, in recent years, many hospitals are not as helpless as it was in the early nineties. Improving the economic situation in the country as a whole had an impact on the "general level" of medicine. "General" in quotes because it is not easy to

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At a reception at the children’s trauma

Oh, it's summer! Everything seems fine: baby all day on the street, the air breathes and home underfoot not loose. Finally, you can do farming and other? Certainly not! Just doing that now and then you run to the window andwhole yard proclaims: "Tolley and and-to! "No, well, really: they are the same in the summer rush like mad: jogging, rollerblading, cycling, jumping over fences, ladders, swings, slides, carousels. And you worry. There is also the roadway at hand! So far, and galloped to the trauma center. In general, in terms of pediatric trauma summer season — the most

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What are checked before pregnancy

Pregnancy planning has now become the norm. But often, the number of tests offered to hand over the woman before proceeding directly to conceive, exceeds all reasonable limits. Are they all necessary?

Some doctors advise before pregnancy to check the contents of trace elements in the blood, while others say that it is possible to limit TORCH-complex recommend others to be tested for all existing genital infections. On what the tests is imperative to take before pregnancy and what to do, says doctor gynecologist, endocrinologist, K. Mr.. Nosacheva Tatiana I., head clinic "VITAMED."


Recently, I began to notice

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A reliable aid to the patient’s throat

Each of us at least once a year, faced with a sore throat. Some of it goes very quickly, while others — develops into a cough, the third — all lost voice. In any case, because of this little trouble any rest will be spoiled, the mood at work is nasty, and in his personal life does not seem all so smooth.

To date, the counter can detect a wide variety of various products. And then there is a reasonable question, as among the entire range to choose an effective and inexpensive means.

At present, many

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Antioxidant found alive!

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer, impaired immunity and metabolism … Most of the "diseases of the XXI century" provoked not so much by pathogens as stress, poor environmental conditions, unhealthy diets, natural unmet needs of vitamins, lack of exercise, and high-frequency ionizing radiation , air and water pollution, etc.

How to maintain your health?

Recently, interest has grown to herbal remedies because they are safer and more physiological to the human body than traditional synthetic drugs.

Herbal preparations are often terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids and bioflavonoids. Today we will focus on the pharmacological propertiesbioflavonoidsand, in particular,

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Find Health in Moscow

Muscovites, hurrying on business or strolling through the center in the middle of still unusually warm November witnessed the unusual spectacle. They were then on the Arbat, then next to the Tretyakov Gallery encountered … Health. Such an unusual way brand "Imunele" decided to draw attention to the need to strengthen the Muscovites your immunity before the winter season. Health dealt with the Muscovites, treat all incredibly delicious novelty "Imunele Wild berries." What is so inspired by this Health "out to the people"? Of course the drink itself "Imunele." That's what about it we were told the very health.

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Hair extension

Some extremely short of hair on the head, but someone grow extra. Service capacity restores the balance: the hair is given to one another. However, as it happens, many are very vague.

How to do it?

Hair extension system is that the "tails" in the 30-70 cm of 100% natural human hair attached to the hair by a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the roots. The longer the hair used, the more expensive it will be the procedure.

Hair that is used in home interiors, sometimes "come" European women, but most of the material for hair extensions come from

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Artificial nails: Advantages and disadvantages

Every woman at least once in life would give up vitamins for strengthening nails and nail to try and build up your nails. Most often prevents it make lack of objective information. Whether it is harmful or not? And is it right?

Tips and forms

All kinds of nails down to two methods of building: onforms andtipsah.

Tips — these are templates of plastic, which with a special adhesive opilennye superimposed on natural nails. Then the boundary between natural and artificial nails equals. Tweezers and nail file nail formed into the desired shape and length, and topped with optional

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Drugs and drug addiction

The term "addiction" is associated with the term "drug" (from the Greek. Narkotikos — soporific). Originally called the drug morphine alkaloids of opium poppy and their synthetic analogues. Now the concept of "drug"Acquired legal sense, means substances included in the list of prohibited substances (List I).

According to the internationally accepted definition, drug addiction — is a violation of the psyche, is the strong desire to take a certain substance (or a substance from a specific group) included in the list of banned substances, to the detriment of other activities and the persistence of the substance use despite harmful

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