Folk remedies in the fight against alcoholism

Russian folk medicine, based more on the traditions and beliefs than on scientific observations and facts in regard to the treatment of alcoholism is based on the ancient principle: simila similibus curantur (like cures like). Thus, to recover from alcoholism, it was necessary … to drink. But not just any vodka, and a special vodka infusion, the recipe handed down from generation to generation and was considered certainly effective, unlike the hundreds of other similar, but inefficient.

The reason is clear — it is impossible to recover from addiction to alcohol, alcohol is the most consuming. Whether it

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Otitis externa

Outer Otitis — inflammatory disease external auditory meatus (external ear department). The disease occurs at any age, but most often in children.


Development otitis externa promote:

skid infection injury with a sharp object (pin, a toothpick) ingress and accumulation of moisture in the external auditory meatus.

Most often, external otitis occurs when regular contact with the ear with water (while swimming), so this form of otitis media is sometimes called "swimmer's ear".

What's going on?

Otitis externaoccurs if the skin enters the ear canal infection. Thus skin blushes, and the slit-like passage narrows due to edema. Often

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Irregularities in the pituitary

Hormones that affect all organs and systems into the blood of the special endocrine glands, which are combined into a single endocrine system. It is the adrenal glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the ovaries (in women), testes, and testes — (for men), pancreas, hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Perhaps, in the body there is no more hierarchical and disciplined system than endocrine.

At the top of the power is pituitary— A small gland, rarely exceeding the size of the nail on the little finger of a child. The pituitary gland located in the brain (in the very center) and

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Visual impairment

Eye — Is a complex optical device. The components of its optical system — the cornea, lens, vitreous and aqueous humor front and back of the eye — allow us to clearly distinguish between objects placed both near and far. From the state of these structures and their interactions, and depends refraction — the refractive power of the optical system of the eye relative to the retina.

Refractive Errors — myopia, hyperopia andastigmatism — The most common cause of visual impairment in both children and adults. May precede the development of myopia cyclospasm, or false myopia, often occurs in

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Menstrual irregularities

The main feature of a normal menstrual cycle are considered regular menses — bleeding from the genital tract. They appear every21-35 days and go for 3-7 days.

How to recognize the disorder?

It is very simple and logical: if normal menstruation — then everything is all right — if not, menstrual cycle broken. The most pronounced form of cycle disturbances — amenorrhea: the complete absence of menstrual periods for over six months. In addition, suspicious considered too scarce or, conversely, too heavy periods, and their irregularity (very frequent or rare). A woman should guard bleeding, reaching only 1-2

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Incorrect posture

What is it?

Incorrect posture — it is a symptom that characterizes the group of diseases that manifest curvature of the spine.

Normally spine has some moderate bends for better shock absorption. This is the so-called physiological curves. These include cervical and lumbar lordosis (bending forward) and thoracic kyphosis (bending backwards).

For each type of incorrect posture characteristic of his position of the spine, shoulders, pelvis and lower extremities. Saving abnormal posture made possible by a certain state of the ligaments and muscles. The deviation of the spine to the side — scoliosis. Inanteroposterior direction — stoop, round back,

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Pigmentation disorders

Pigmentation, or color of our skin depends on the level of coloring pigment — melanin. With increased or decreased production of this substance there are various pigmentation disorders.

The excess melanin is most often seen in the form of freckles, moles (nevi), chloasma (symmetrical brown spots, which are located predominantly on the face). The lack of melanin underlies albinism, and may also cause vitiligo — White, sharply defined spots on the skin.

Freckles — a problem, usually young girls — blondes and redheads. Despite the fact that the female form freckles give a unique charm and charm, many

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Skin pigmentation disorders

Pigmentation, or color of our skin is associated with a particular substance — melanin. It is a dark colored pigment, which is under the influence of sunlight (or rather, UV light) is formed from amino acids, which is a part of most protein — tyrosine. Melanin is synthesized in specific cells — melanocytes by the enzyme — tyrosinase. Increased or, conversely, reducing the production of melanin, as well as in violation of its distribution pigmentation disorders occur.

Excessive formation of melanin is manifested in the form of:

freckles, in a scientific way— Efelidov (which in Greek means "sun

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Violations of sexual development

The normal age for beginning sexual development considered: for girls 8 — 10 years and for boys 10 — 12 years. If start puberty earlier this age, we can talk about premature sexual development. Sometimes it can be a normal variant, sometimes a symptom of certain diseases in a child: it is determined by the doctor.

The same applies to the delay sexual development. If to 15 — 16 years for girls and 16 — 17 years in boys is not relevant changes occur, you should consult a professional to identify the cause of delayed puberty and possibly

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More than 80 percent of people have crooked teeth or malocclusion. And about a third of the cases require specialized orthodontic care. Under the correct bite understand this state of the jaws, in which the upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower. However, correct bite can boast of very few. According to dental statistics, only 10% of the world's population, "bite it right."

Each year, the frequency of Pathology bite is increasing. This is due to the nature of the food consumed by modern man. Because of the fact that the food is not hard, chewing machine does not

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