Speech disorders

Speech disorder known since ancient times. Without a doubt, these diseases there are as old as the human word. It is quite common among children and adults. The Greeks and the Romans, in which a public word played an important social role, and learning graceful speech was part of the range of subjects of general education, have already had the concept of many disorders of speech.

This is reflected in the large number of terms used to refer to them. Even Hippocrates are mentions almost all the known forms of speech disorders: loss of voice, loss of speech,

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Stool disorders in children

When there is a newborn in the family, young parents immediately raises a lot of questions. One of the most popular and widely discussed at parent conferences on the Internet that — baby chair. Newly minted moms are concerned about is whether their bowel movements normal kid, if he has diarrhea or alternatively, Constipation, and whether it is necessary to take a stool sample to thedysbiosis?

Normal stool in children from 0 to a year — a relative term. First, its frequency and nature depend on the type of feeding (breast or artificial) and the availability of complementary foods.

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Sensory disturbances

What is it?

Violation of sensitivity — is the inability to perceive stimuli originating from the environment or from its own tissues and organs.

Why did this happen?

Sensory disturbances have several causes. The main reason — it's structural abnormalities in the central and of peripheral parts of the nervous system. Such violations include tumors, trauma, inadequate blood supply, primary atrophy of nerve fibers, etc. In addition, sensory disturbances may occur in some psychiatric disorders.

Some varieties of sensory disturbances

Analgesia— Loss of pain sensitivity. Characteristic of many diseases and traumatic injuries to the nervous system.

Termoanesteziya— Loss of

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Nasekomoedenie — chitin diet

If you think that the locust eaten only in some countries in Africa and the Middle East, then you are sadly mistaken. In fact, dishes regularly consume insects, and we are. And it's very useful. For several decades in food, medicine, cosmetics and even bandages and surgical thread (suture) is added chitin and its derivatives. Were the first to do it the Japanese, followed by an exotic fashion caught the Europeans and the Americans. Now to the chitin have joined us.

Those who do not truant school biology remembers that chitin — substance, from which the shell is

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Running nose

Running nose — An integral component of the cold season. But even if you overcome the season of colds, this does not mean that you no longer threatened. After all, there is still running nose allergic, vasomotor, runny nose pregnant. And the child has a runny nose! The nose of our children why it reacts to change humidity of the air, and teething, and to others, not in any way associated with the nose of the event. In short, running nose accompanies us through life. It prevents us from living and work effectively deprives the visual appeal and

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Scientific groups for children

With what do you associate the phrase "further education"? Usually it is associated with singing, dancing, drawing, or even how fine art. Meanwhile, additional education can be a very fundamental-scientific. And still be interesting and exciting. We are talking about scientific circles for schoolchildren.

Why do we need scientific circles? Scientific children's sections do allow to significantly expand the scope of the curriculum, not in the dry theory, but in most that neither is a lively practice. Children learn to work with these instruments (microscopes, telescopes, etc.), study plants and animals, ride the exciting expedition. Such activities often determines

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Cap fits

Nature has given us a unique opportunity — to see "the misty outline of bluish mountains … Tucek sunset pink pattern, sea breadth, scope of their native land." And all this thanks to the eye — one of the most unusual, the most delicate and fragile organs of the human body. Sometimes even a small damage it can cause terrible — loss of vision.

As one can traumatize eye?

Unfortunately, it is very simple. Ophthalmologists note the remarkable ability to capture all eyes flying in his direction objects: pieces of metal bottle caps, stones, balls, pieces, pencils. All

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Not all psychologists are equally useful

I urgently need a psychologist! Right now! Find me the best! So that, as Dr. Kurpatov! "Such or similar phrases regularly hear from their friends and acquaintances all people with tags" psychologist ", from either an innocent employee of the personnel department to teaching sports psychology.

When I finally wearied himself with such requests, I came up with a standard answer: "A psychologist may not be needed urgently. Urgently need a surgeon or a toilet. " This is not entirely true. Event of a crisis, when, for example, man is on the verge of suicide, or just experienced severe

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Not a breast, and a fairy tale!

It's time to put the dream of the perfect breast in reality. Buy seductive shape and the desired breast size. One has only to wish for.

Make breast more sexy, increase or decrease its size — to become more attractive can any woman.

Many of the fair sex do not want to put up with unaesthetic features his chest. Women notice how over time the breast under the influence of gravity or after birth sag, lose their original beautiful shape.

Keep youth and eliminate any aesthetic

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Do not let a hangover ruin the New Year!

What is a hangover — no need to explain to anyone. In the words of Mikhail Zadornov, a Russian national holiday is celebrated in the morning. Only this holiday is usually sad — head hurts, body refuses to obey, and the sounds and smells around annoy, oppress and drive in despair.

Struggling with a hangover all differently. According to a survey conducted by the portal Pohmelya.net, 33% of respondents pohmelyalis alcohol, even just sleep off 33%, 5% drink all that is in the home medicine cabinet, 4% have their own secret recipe, 2% brine sealed off and only

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