Alcohol and drugs: who will win, and what happens?

All of us at least once visited the doctor's office — with this statement is hard to argue. Factors that are not the most beneficial effect on the body, every year it becomes more and more: the environment, "bruised" the development of scientific and technological progress, the frantic pace of the big cities in tandem with stress, the mutated form of the virus, which scientists do not have time to quickly pick up a "weapon . "

The list is endless. Treatment regimens surprise with the multi-layered. If earlier the drugs needed to smoothly take weeks, now

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Alcohol and male potency

The fact that alcohol adversely affect the potency, people have known for a long time. Among the physicians of the ancient world was spread the phrase: "The wine excites a desire, but makes it impossible to carry it out." It is well known that alcohol is a poison and destructive to all the organs and systems of the human body. And the man reproductive system — is no exception. Many people think that because of the stronger sex does not have to bear the child, the alcohol has no effect on their intimate health, however, it is a serious

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Alcohol or offspring — will have to make a choice

Alcohol and offspring — two things are hardly compatible. As a poison, ethyl alcohol affects all organs and systems of the human body. Extracts and reproductive sphere.

What happens in the sexual organs under the influence of long-term alcohol abuse? Numerous studies, including those in laboratory animals allowed to answer this question.


Seriously change the structure and function of male gonads (testes). Their mass is reduced by half or more, destroys the integrity of the basal membrane structure of the seminiferous tubules, their diameter is reduced and the number of germ cells. A large number of immature

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Alcohol of any strength — drug

British scientists have found that if the sentence starts with "British scientists have found …", that 80% of people will believe any nonsense that follows it. And yet it was the British scientists last year proved by a comprehensive analysis of the alcohol can be considered much more dangerous drugs that are prohibited by law.

Let's go in order. What does the tricky "method of complex analysis"? This means the British drug experts, sociologists, psychologists and representatives of other professions have analyzed all the major harm of drugs and alcohol on several items:

the degree of addiction

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Alcohol: biology, anatomy

To understand why alcohol manages to enslave so many people need to understand — how it behaves in the body and what consequences this may cause. As in the immediate and distant future. Let's start from the beginning.

Ethyl alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the intestine and enters the bloodstream. Because alcohol is absorbed faster than the cleaved and removed from the body, its concentration in the blood rapidly increased. A small amount of alcohol in the blood is excreted unchanged in the urine, sweat and exhaled air. Oxidation of the alcohol occurs mainly in the liver, creates about

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Alcohol: The Story of a

When it appeared alcohol, hard to say. However, it can be assumed that he is not much younger than humanity itself. The Papuans of New Guinea, still not knowing the fire already had their own ways of getting alcohol. Many ancient tribes used it in numerous rituals: with the help of communicating with the gods and the dead. More recently, there was a ceremony of brotherhood. In the cup of wine dripped blood ritual participants and allowed it around. Perhaps it is a tradition here went to collect guests and certainly put on the table a bottle of wine.

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Alcohol coding

Coding for alcoholism became widespread in the 1980s, when an expert by the name of Dovzhenko first introduced to the general public the problem. Coding were successfully used for the treatment of addiction, and eventually it became clear that this method of treatment, unlike many others was the most effective. Today coding can be called even psychotherapy, often encoding combined with NLP techniques or conditional reflex actions. Currently, there latest methods of treatment of alcoholism, which leads to better results than the preexisting. It is about neyrofizicheskoy blockade.

Neyrofizicheskaya blockade

A relatively new technique that has been

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Allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis— Is an allergic inflammation of the mucosa eye.It may be a manifestation of hay fever, and drug allergies, allergy to animals in response to contact lenses etc.


The cause of allergic conjunctivitis are a variety of allergens, drugs funds, cosmetics, household chemical, physical and chemical factors in the chemical, textile, grain mill products, light energy and ionizing radiation, bacteria, viruses, etc.

When an allergen enters the mucous membrane of the eye in people exposed to such an inadequate reaction of the body may occur allergy. Such conjunctivitis are often combined with diseases such as

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Allergic rhinitis (runny nose)

What is it?

Allergic rhinitis— Is an allergic inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Thus there is a runny nose, sneezing and swelling of the lining of the nose, itching. Allergic rhinitis is most common in children, adolescents and young adults. There are two types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal (hay fever or allergy to pollen) and perennial (reaction to household allergens: house dust, animals, etc.).

Allergic rhinitis occurs in contact with allergens (grass pollen, plants and trees, house dust, etc.) in the eyes and nasal passages sensitive to allergens person.

What's going on?

Seasonal rhinitis symptoms appear only

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What is it?

First term allergy Austrian pediatrician was introduced K.Pirke in 1906, he comes from two Greek words: allos — different and ergon — acting.

Allergies — is inadequate reaction organism to various substances, manifested in direct contact with them. Today, allergic reactions are considered one of the most common diseases. At the same reliable methods of treatment, allowing to get rid of allergies at the moment does not exist.

About allergies say when the action takes the immune system and the body responds violent reaction and exaggerated protection for substances which are themselves quite harmless.

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