Do not allow self-hatred

Life in the big city, hard work, eating on the run, a few daily cups of coffee drunk and smoked cigarettes. This way of life — it is an occasion to check whether a stomach ulcer.

Gastric ulcer— chronic disease, occurring with alternating periods of exacerbation and remission. Manifest form rather deep wounds (ulcers) in the wall of the stomach. Moments exacerbation accompanied by severe pain.

Why is there a stomach ulcer

In a healthy human gastric juice is released in the required amount, and the mucous membrane of the stomach has a normal level of

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Do not allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel

The most "popular" drugs in the autumn and winter — are drugs against symptoms of ARI. Most people do not pay attention to what medicine They are selected because it is assumed that they have approximately the same efficiency. Few pay attention that differ in their drug side effects. For example, some of them cause fatigue and drowsiness, which may be dangerous under certain circumstances.

Almost everyone suffers from seasonal colds and flu. Although doctors recommend when ill to remain in bed, someone is trying to treat yourself without sacrificing performance. Many drugs are available to take the form

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Non-allergic asthma

Called non-allergic asthma, growing without contact withsome allergen. More often than non-allergic asthma occurs on an underlying airway diseases. Patients and their relatives are usually no propensity to allergies.

The causes of non-allergic asthma:

chronic airways infection (chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, etc.). Asthma attacks are the result of acute or acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the respiratory system. Even between attacks in most patients cough persists. Some patients first attack choking occurs after a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, including influenza, and sometimes the disease in such situations becomes very hard for. Neuropsychiatric load.

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What is it?

Neurology — these are diseases of the peripheral nerves, accompanied by bouts of severe pain. Depending on which part of the nervous system causes pain emit various types of neuralgia.

The most common of them — is trigeminal neuralgia, which occurs in 50 out of 10 000 or more frequently seen in women older than 40 years. For the first time in medical history, information about the disease found in the works of the famous Chinese physician Hua So, who lived in the first century AD. In Europe neuralgia trigeminal nerve was first described by the

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The long-awaited pregnancy come, but from the moment of conception to the birth of a child must go through a long nine months. During this period, a woman could pose a serious test, the worst of which — the miscarriage, and as one of its variants — a frozen pregnancy.

The term "miscarriage" obstetricians understand spontaneous abortion for up to 37 weeks. If this happened before 22 weeks, talk about abortion, if later — a premature birth. In the first case, to fight for a child's life is meaningless, in the second — the doctors will try to do

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Miscarriage: Diagnosis and Treatment


A survey of women suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss includes hormonal, microbiological, immunological, ultrasound and other tests.


With the threat of miscarriage treatment carried out in a specialized clinic. If necessary, a woman put on a "conservation." At the hospital, pregnant will be provided as sparing regimen (up to the bed), appointed agents, to eliminate the increased uterine tone, vitamins, etc. depending on the cause of violations.

In some cases, such as when ISTIC-cervical insufficiency, may require surgery (suturing the cervix, etc.).

Pregnant women with recurrent pregnancy loss also admitted "to save" in the pathology of

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Miscarriage: what to do?

Spontaneous abortion desired pregnancy — the tragedy of a woman's life, and if it is repeated not once, not twice, then there is even the strongest man can sink his hands. You should not stay with my problem alone, seek professional help. Miscarriage — a serious problem, but it has a solution.

On the question of violations of pregnancy is responsible Head of the clinic "VITAMED", MD doctor gynecologist, endocrinologistNosacheva Tatiana I..

— What is a miscarriage?

Miscarriage — a spontaneous abortion in the period from conception to 37 weeks. Termination of pregnancy in terms of conception and 22

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Urinary incontinence during menopause

Many people complain of ageincontinence urine. In Russia, this disease affects 15 to 40% of the population — the older the better (and more recently the trend towards younger illness). However, the true prevalence of this very intimate state is difficult to judge, since many patients conceal it.

What are the reasons?

The most common cause of urinary incontinence is a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles that support the organs of the urinary system (in a healthy person the pelvic floor muscles tight to compress the urethra until it is time to release uric bubble). However, any movement

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Urinary incontinence in women

Incontinence urine — is the involuntary leakage of urine, not giving willpower.

Why did this happen?

Urinary incontinence refers to the group of the most common diseases that adversely affects the quality of life of affected women. It is women, as different forms of incontinence most often characterized by the weaker sex among the male population of the disease is much less common. According to the European and U.S. statistics, about 45% of the female population aged 40-60 years reported symptoms of involuntary leakage of urine. According to research conducted in the territory of the Russian Federation, the symptoms

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Urinary incontinence in men

About 6.5% of men younger than 65 years of incontinent. Most often, this condition occurs when the prostate gland adenoma and after the operations associated with the disease. All cases of incontinence can be divided into three main categories, although may occur as cases arising from the combined action of several factors.

First of all, it should be noted stress incontinence, when urination occurs suddenly under the influence of laughing, coughing, sneezing or physical effort. These difficulties arise when the bladder neck, and then there occurs a normal sphincter muscle. Sometimes the normal functioning of muscles is not

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