Premature infant

According to statistics, about one in ten children is born prematurely. By medical standards, are considered preterm infants born at term to 37 weeks with a weight of less than 2500 How do these look like crumbs, hurry to be born, and what relationships and care they require?

The first hours

Natural, physiological birth to premature babies are very hard. So if premature birth is inevitable, doctors often insist on caesarean section. But sometimes it's too late to carry out the operation, and then there are only labor naturally — in this case, try to take the crumbs as

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Gentle Whitening

An innovative approach to the problems of the oral cavity

Have you ever wondered what antibacterial ingredients contained in toothpastes can harm health? Recent studies have shown that not all toothpastes are equally useful. For example, many pastes contain triclosan substance that kills harmful bacteria, not only the mouth, but also the beneficial intestinal bacteria. That is why, despite the huge variety of different brands of toothpaste, it so difficult to choose the single, which will be really useful.

Caring for the health of its customers, the company "Neva cosmetics" has released an innovative toothpaste "New

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Indispensable ultrasound

Ultrasound (U.S.) — one of the most common methods of diagnosis. It is harmless to the human body and detects many diseases of the internal organs. At the heart of his work — echolocation, it is a reflection of ultrasonic waves from the tissue, the reflected signals are recorded with a special sensor and form on-screen image of the investigated organs.

Ultrasound is used for diagnosis of gynecological diseases and their control flow. To conduct the study using transabdominal and vaginal probes. A prerequisite of the transabdominal ultrasound (sensor located on the abdominal wall) is a full

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Unplanned pregnancy: Medical Aspects

Very often, not knowing that the pregnancy has already occurred, the women drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke, make X-rays. In general, are irrelevant to this way of life as the body. Periods do not start. And when making testpregnancy, woman realizes she is pregnant, it immediately begins to remember with horror all the drunk glasses and taken pills. Naturally, the first question to the doctor to be so — "And if it does not hurt my baby?"

The first thing to do — is to reassure pregnant. However, a 100% guarantee that baby will be completely healthy, no doctor

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Unplanned pregnancy: personal aspects

Of course, perfect when everything in life is going according to plan — education, career, marriage, birth of a child … But, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the facts and then make our lives its own changes. And it is likely, such a circumstance may be, andpregnancy, The onset of "suddenly" came on, when nobody was waiting. Whether somewhere miscalculated, or relied on Russian random, and whether contraceptive failure (a rare case, but then it happens). Most likely, you've already made the decision to keep pregnancy, otherwise you are unlikely to be interested in our encyclopedia. Butstill a variety of

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Neuroinfections — a group of infectious diseases affecting nervous system. The agents of these diseases may be many microorganisms: Viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Neuroinfections are:

primary — when microorganisminitially strikes nervous system (This includes most viral inflammation of the brain and its membranes); secondary — when microorganism penetrates the nervous system from another site of infection (most often these lesions are suppurative inflammation of the ear and paranasal sinuses).

Damage to the nervous system may be a complication of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, brucellosis, herpes (can hit Primary CNS), influenza, etc.

Typically, neuroinfection runs hard, cause

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Some products contain calories


Medicines for colds and flu are useful, especially in the fall and winter, but some of them contain unexpectedly large amounts of sugar and caloric energy value is close to the popular carbonated drinks! When choosing a medication is very important to know how much sugar it contains. Now everyone can find a suitable remedy.

Healthy man usually does not think about how much sugar it consumes, but many people need or want to maintain the level of consumption. Currently, more than half the population suffers from overweight and obesity. Women who watch her figure, and the people

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Unscientific diet

Pasta Diet

The most lenient in the gastronomic sense and a very popular option today. Home propagandist technique Sophia Loren says that for many years did not alter the paste to the other meals. In this, in general, can be credited. Not that she looks great in her God knows how many years, only because of the novel with the pasta, and in fact that the pasta one can sit for years, not only in what does denying. Because this diet of Mediterranean origin, it suggests defiantly loose fasting. Allows cheese, meat sauces, lots of fresh herbs, garlic and

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Partial fasting

In addition to total fasting, when, apart from water, the body does not receive anything, there is an incomplete medical starvation with the transition to a liquid diet and a reduced-calorie daily diet (juices, tea, serum, milk, etc.).

The program of juice fasting

For 2-3 days before the start of the juice fasting diet to only raw vegetables and fruits. On the eve of fasting during the day to drink castor oil, and in the evening to do an enema. The next day (And each following) should be the program:

before breakfast — a cup of warm

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A few unknown facts about alcohol

Alcohol — known to everyone. Everyone is familiar with it, if not with child, then certainly from an early age. Most of our knowledge of it is based on personal, subjective experience. It would seem that it may be more accurate and truthful? However, it happens that the conclusions from our experience, we do not quite true. Often our judgment is heavily influenced by tradition, advertising in the media, or the lack of reliable information. For example, you know that alcohol — a drug? This fact is known to all, but few people take it seriously. Meanwhile, depending on

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