Non-traditional birth

According to current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) at birth, every woman has the right to choose any type of service in childbirth, which she prefers. It is understood that the pregnant woman can give birth at any suitable position for her (lying, standing, kneeling, squatting), both in the clinic and at home.

In Soviet times, all gave birth the same way: in public maternity hospitals in the state lying, under the supervision of midwives. Today, the situation with obstetrics in our country has changed markedly: all more are common pets and water delivery, and in hospitals

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What's going on?

Nymphomania — A female hypersexuality, pathological increase sex drive and improve the ability to experience orgasm.

The origin of the term is quite poetic. According to ancient Greek mythology, nymphs lured men into the woods men into the forest to satisfy his lust. We nymphomania, there are more mundane name — "rabies uterus." This designation belongs to Plato, it is assumed that the uterus — is a beast who dwells in the body of a woman and eager to fulfill the reproductive functions. When he was a long time can not conceive, he is enraged

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A new life — with a clean slate

The presence of the disease expectant mother may or may not know, for example, if the disease is in her early stage or has a hidden form, the disease can also occur during the pregnancy, greatly complicating the lives of not only my mother but also the baby.

Child care begins even before the moment of conception. In any case, the child's health. This helps to determine the probability of inheritance of parental diseases and pathologies in development. To avoid dangerous "surprises", the future mother and father before the planned pregnancy should be tested.


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New to the team

Finally! Search jobs safely completed. Interviews are completed, all of the forms are filled … And here you are at a new place. It would seem that you can finally breathe freely. But no, now you have to solve a number of problems under the title "the difficulties of entering into a new team." However, all the newcomers are doing it.

Indeed, such difficulties are absolutely natural. They are comparable to the age crises, which takes place during the life of each of us. Successfully overcoming them, we become more experienced, strong, wise and confident.

For people mature

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New Year’s holidays: how not to grow fat

New Year's impossible to imagine without a feast: hot and cold snacks, including the traditional Russian salad, champagne and mountains of sweets. First we eat plenty in the New Year's Eve, and then another week go by guests — eat up all that's left. And frankly wonder — where did those extra pounds?

How to eat during the holiday season? From what products should refuse, and which will have no impact on the figure? These and other questions are answered MD, by the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

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New test for alcoholism

It's no secret that the long New Year holidays have become a bad dream and a headache for local drug treatment. Unfortunately, too many citizens believe that the "feast = booze." However, not everyone is able to calculate the forces, so the effects of partying on the night of December 31 to January 10 are forced to dig doctors.

Is it possible to somehow quickly determine for itself — there are already problems with alcohol or problems begin only when the alcohol comes to an end? It appears possible. Experts have developed dozens of questionnaires that allow to accurately

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The new word in the treatment of nail fungus

Nail Fungus — a widespread disease. This is not surprising, because the mushrooms — a group of microorganisms, which has almost 70,000 different species, more than 500 of them are pathogenic to humans. Guile fungal infection is that it is not immune to the produced and we get sick as many times as are infected. In addition, mushrooms incredibly "die hard" — their spores can survive for decades.

Despite the fact that we constantly are surrounded by fungal infection fungal infection only occurs when the body can not give her rebuff, that is weakened local immunity can

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Now, nine months of pregnancy safely over — the baby is born. Now the fun begins.

Are you surprised that the baby does not look like the pictures in the glossy magazines? Calm down, this is normal. You do not know how to handle a baby? Are you afraid to do something wrong and hurt him? Do not worry, everything will be fine and you will learn everything. Vnevapno found that donated and purchased for the child odezhki and useful stuff — it's not all that's required. It does not matter two or three call in the Specialty

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New opportunities for women with cervical cancer

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of women who are of childbearing age put a terrible diagnosis — "cervical cancer" — a disease that develops from the cells of the epithelium lining of the cervix. According to statistics, about one-third of patients at this point do not yet have children. Therefore the possibility of preservation of reproductive function after treatment for them is very important.

Disease, requiring partial or complete removal of the reproductive system, in most cases, the woman becomes a sentence, because such an operation leads to early menopause

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New technologies in the treatment of dental caries

Thanks to modern anesthetic and improve dental equipment dental treatment without pain with the help of modern drills have long been a reality. Furthermore, there is currently the most forgiving techniques allowing to treat carieswithout a drill. Modern technology combines the highest technical capability, safety and comfort.

The newest method is Chemical-Mechanical system of treating tooth decay, which allows you to completely painless (and completely silent) to remove infected tissue of a tooth without damaging the healthy areas.

In practice, it looks like this. Initially, the area of caries applied special gel containing three different amino acids, and

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