Do I need to anesthetize labor?

"In the throes of you will give birth to their children," — said it was once Eve expelled from Paradise. The fear of the terrible pain of childbirth is one of the reasons that many women are not in a hurry to have children. However, modern obstetrics has a choice: you can give birth in pain, but you can not. But do not break a pain relief natural processes in organisms mothers or toddler?

It would seem that there is no pain — no problem. However, doctors claim that pain is necessary: that it forces a woman to

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Do I have to undress at the beach?

Nudists believe that the naked swim useful. In their view, nudity helps get rid of excess facilities, as well as microbes that in wet swimming trunks feel "at home". Proponents of swimwear, in turn, are sure to save yourself from skin cancer. Such an argument about the benefits of nudism has been going on for decades, and each of the parties in their own right.


No one disputes that the man was born naked. There is a dispute about whether he should be naked, and then — in the course of his life, or should still cover

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Nurse, governess

If you are planning to go to work or are just tired of "working mother", and there is no help, it makes sense to think about the nurse. Of course, the best — in fact anyone else you do not trust your child.

However, the nurse, excellent in all respects, it is extremely difficult to find. Is almost impossible. Ideal nanny — Is generally a mythical creature. Therefore she should know all the techniques of early development, taken together, be very young (because young irresponsible), not very old (able to run and jump with the child), the average

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Nanny: trust but verify!

Gone are the days when the nurse was only in the families of the new Russian. Now in every tenth Russian family has nanny. This means that every tenth parent thinks about how it feels baby alone with a stranger.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a "second mother"? After all, at stake is not only the safety of property and apartments, but most importantly — the health (physical and psychological) of the most expensive man.

It would seem that agency recruitment of domestic staff — a good way out of this situation. After all, it

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About the dangers and benefits of watermelon

One of the traditional approach to take in Moscow August — the appearance throughout the city large green cells, which are languishing in anticipation of his fate striped favorites Muscovites and all Russians — watermelons. Even spoiled fruit overseas residents of the capital are looking forward to the end of the summer, so the whole family to enjoy the fragrant and succulent giant pounds that way for10-12. But the most impatient instead of the seventh heaven of bliss risk to a certain number of nights on the pot, and then get to the hospital bed.

Most Popular in

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On the dangers of physical activity

Since childhood, all of us were taught that physical education andsport are the best friends of a strong and healthy body. Sometimes equated to physical education and physical work. It is, in the opinion of many, develops muscles and thus makes a person healthy and fit. However, this is not the case. Physical work soon leads to a disproportionate development of certain muscle groups, and health from it only gets worse. And the benefit of playing sports, some researchers have questioned.

Who is working, he is not engaged in charging

Many of those who perform heavy physical work,

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On air conditioners, the Legionnaires and their disease

An international team of scientists, consisting of American, French and Israeli experts decoded the DNA of one of the most mysterious and malevolent bacteria that inhabit our planet — Legionella.

To be precise, it decoded the genome of only one of the Legionella — Legionella pneumophila, which delivered and still delivers a lot of hassle and doctors, and ordinary people, but the significance of this event is not reduced. This bacterium causing human severe pneumonia (Named yet "Legionnaires' disease", legionellosis).

Legionella are widely distributed throughout the world, is part of the natural flora of the many ponds, both

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About Migraines

Remember what disease tormented Pontius Pilate? That's right — migraine. Among the reasons head pain she is one of the leading (almost 20% in adults).

Headache of migraine is usually one-sided, throbbing, worse on motion and tension. Another name for migraine — hemicrania, from the Greek for "half a head." Typically, the migraine pain is localized to the same location, but sometimes it varies from attack to attack and even within the same attack.

Another key symptom is nausea and vomiting that do not bring relief. Migraine can sometimes occur visual disturbances, numbness, tingling and weakness of the limbs,

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On the pedagogy of Maria Montessori

Name Italian Maria Montessori wonderful teacher, psychologist, physicist, doctor seventy years has been forgotten in eastern Europe and was mentioned only in the writings of historians of pedagogy. At the same time, in the West, in America, Asia opened research institutes and academies in which to study and implement life anthropological, didactic, pedagogical ideas of Maria Montessori, and millions of children have successfully studied in its schools.

It is a Montessori school is listed in the Guinness Book as the most numerous. In her studies of more than 22,000 children, and it is in India. It is said

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What are silent men

Men have traditionally been associated with such definitions as "strong", "healthy" and "blossoming." However, there is a group of diseases which men do not like to talk, even though these diseases are unique to them. We are talking about the male genital diseases, diagnosis and treatment of which there is a special science — urology.

No man, even the young are not immune from inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Predispose to their occurrence may be hypothermia, violation of the rules of personal hygiene, microtrauma genitals during sexual contact or wearing uncomfortable clothing, and other factors.

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