What we are warned swelling of the feet?

Evening, you are shooting shoes and notice swelling in the lower legs and ankles. By morning it passes and the alarm disappears. But after a while, everything is repeated. This means that the body is trying to tell you something.

Heaviness, fatigue, buzzing, pain and even leg cramps, it's all so familiar … But early in the morning legs looked so inviting. Every modern woman occasionally faced with similar symptoms, the doctors noticed if before they were typical for women of mature age, older than 40 years old, now overtaken and young women aged 20-25 and older.

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Sagging breasts

Why does my chest?

The mammary gland consists of15-20 glandular lobules, connective "frame" and adipose tissue. During puberty in girls under the influence of hormones is breast growth and development of the lobules. This process ends at approximately 20 years, when chest takes its final shape and size. The mammary gland is modified throughout the cycle, swelling before menstruation and decreasing thereafter. It is influenced by hormones.

The deformation of the breast during the life of the woman is the cause of either laxity or insufficiently strong support breast pectoral muscles. After all, breasts — is primarily iron,

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Pain relief during labor

During labor, all women (with few exceptions) are in pain. Some carry it relatively easily, while others are willing to do anything to her not to feel.

It is clear that at the time of birth the child should somehow leave the womb of the mother. The uterus contracts, and reveal the baby through the cervix and vagina gradually coming out. Pain during labor may occur because of stretching the cervix, vagina, perineum, and squeezing of soft tissue gap. Some mothers are suffering so much that they can be broken heart and respiratory rates. In addition, long-term pain often

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Wrap — this salon treatment, which includes a comprehensive skin care body. Basically, use it to treat cellulite. Typically, the wrapping use, creams, lotions, masks based on seaweed. Active substances — extracts from algae with phytoextracts — stimulate blood circulation, accelerate the withdrawal of toxins, improve skin tone and help it recover quicker return the elasticity and freshness.

Ideal envelopment should be gradual and should include the following procedures:

Stage 1 — clarification

This can be done with lotion or scrub. Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells to open the pores and make way for agents. Massage tough glove completes

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Overview sets for children’s creativity

"And do not let him try to grow a creative person" — told a friend of mine, looking at how her six year old son with huge enthusiasm hammered a nail into a wall of polished sideboard.

However, some of these cold-blooded parents. Although this all understand how important it is to develop creativity in a child — a pledge of non-standard decisions in difficult situations. But can we do less blood, especially as the shelves in stores are inundated with a variety of kits for children's creativity? However, is it possible to truly create, following the instructions and

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Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Alopecia (this term is called baldness) — A pathological prolapse hair and a serious psychological problem for the individual. After the hair has always been considered a symbol of vitality and energy. In many cultures it was customary to shave the hair on his head as a sign of mourning, and Catholic monks as a sign of renunciation of worldly temptations cut out a circle on the head — the tonsure.

In our time, the belief in the magical role of hair is not as strong odnoko hair in prezhdenmu remain a powerful sexual stimulus. Long thick hair

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Lifestyle during pregnancy

In his youth, the majority of women do not think about how a healthy lifestyle they lead. But now comes the pregnancy— And pregnant women, respectively related to his condition, many questions arise.

How to eat? What drinks prefer and which to reject? Dietary habits of pregnant can be quite unusual and often serve as an occasion for jokes. Meanwhile, they were certainly worth a listen: it so the body can "signal" about the deficit any important substances. However, to go to extremes and not worth it. Food should be very diverse, natural, balanced and fulfilling the content

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Circumcision (Circumcision)

Circumcision or, scientifically, circumcision — a procedure excision of the foreskin of the penis. The origin of the procedure itself — it's a long and very interesting history. Currently there are several types circumcision, offered by different surgeons. In general we can distinguish complete and incomplete circumcision, that is, the complete or partial removal prepuce.

At present, a lot of parents go to the doctor to conduct a child circumcision for various reasons. For example, in U.S. circumcision exposed to half of newborns. However, there is also the view that circumcision, like any surgery, requires the consent of the

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Circumcision: pros and cons

Nearly one-sixth of the male population is subjected to the procedure of excision of the prepuce, or circumcision (the medical term "circumcision"). However, experts still can not come to a consensus about how useful and safe procedure that can be considered.

In some countries, circumcision is part of the historical, cultural and religious traditions enshrined centuries-old practice. Thus, the Jews of children circumcised on the eighth day after birth, the Muslims — to 13-year life. Europe in this operation is traditionally treated with skepticism, but in the early 60s in the West suddenly flashed "boom circumcision." He began

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Circumcision: it is necessary to you?

U.S. corn magnate John Harvey Kellogg (the manufacturer Kellogg's Corn Flakes) at the end of XIXveka decided to fight with masturbation. As an influential politician, he has created a society of "antimasturbatsionnuyu hysteria." As written by physicians of the time, enthusiastic ideas Kellogg, "the results of self-satisfaction may be orgaznizma exhaustion, stroke and heart disease. Masturbation makes one lose one's mind, others commit suicide »(Mary R. Melendy, MD, The Ideal Woman — For Maidens, Wives and Mothers, 1903).

Protect boys from the terrible consequences of Kellogg decided to surgically — cutting off the foreskin. "To achieve good results

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