Burns eyes

Burn — one of the most feared and dangerous types of traumatic injuries of the eye. The consequences of these injuries can be very severe.



thermal burns caused by fire, chemical burns, resulting from the effects of acid and alkaline drugs burns from electric welding, burn laser (at discos, etc.).

Most often burn eye occurs as a result of the ingress of a variety of chemical compounds. In the world there are many professions where people have to deal with aggressive fluids. Any violation of the safety instructions can result in an accident. On the production

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Skin burns, scorched by the sun: how to cope with the consequences

Burn can be the result of just one second negligence. Have you touched to red-hot iron, a hot tea splashed on his knees, grabbed the handle, or a hot pan, the result will be very unpleasant — burn … And if you are alone or with your family went to rest on a warm least want to bask in the sun, be careful — sunburn is not such a rarity. In this article we will learn how to properly and quickly provide first help to heal burns occurred more quickly.

First the choices you have to make

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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy— A modern method of treatment and recovery for many diseases. Is used for the treatment of active product of oxygen — ozone. High concentrations of ozone used for disinfection, medium to reduce pain and inflammation and promote wound healing low.

Ozone therapy conducted in specialized clinics and offices. This procedure is absolutely painless and very effective. Ozone can be conducted by use of ozonated water for irrigation or rinsing or drug preparations enriched with ozone, in the form of injections or pellets.

During the course of ozone therapy, depending on the method are:

total rejuvenation

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Amniotic fluid

The first element, which meets your baby,- Water: throughout all nine months of living in my mother's belly baby floats in the amniotic fluid. This habitat is completely tailored to his needs and serves as a carrier of valuable information about his health.

We do not remember what happened to us before birth, but, apparently, we were good.

First, heat: the temperature of amniotic fluid is always kept at around 37 ° C. Secondly, quiet enough: the liquid absorbs shocks well and drowns the noise coming from the outside world. Third, due to tightness in his bladder

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Hair coloring

Polls have shown that every second European woman at least once in their lives radically changed color hair. And once in a luxurious mane of supermodel Cindy Crawford has several golden strands, one of the most popular services in the salons was highlights. Succumbed to the temptation even conservative Hillary Clinton, becoming a light brown-haired woman with glimpses of the blonde.

Highlights — one of the most benign ways to change your natural color. After all, only lightened locks of hair, and the bulk of them remains intact. It is important that the regrowth bleached strand looks natural

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Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of procedures that contribute to the rejuvenation of tissues and the body as a whole. Many of these procedures are successfully used by women in the home. It's all sorts of superficial peels, masks, creams, as well as the impact of contrasting temperatures (steam bath, cool off with ice, contrasting washing). In a beauty salon, all these procedures are performed by professional cosmetologists with the use of modern and effective means. Of procedures that can be used at home, very popular injection (eg, Botox), mesotherapy, implantation of gold threads.


Botox —

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Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes: best practices

Wanting to make an impression on man, we, first of all, pay attention to his eyes. A value of all — the size of the pupils, the incision eye, position of the eyelids and eyebrows, the presence of wrinkles, "Ray", no red streaks on the "whites", the brightness of the color "Iris." Unfortunately, the eyes betray not only our mood, but also age.

From the point of view of a specialist cosmetic problems around the eyes are divided into:

wrinkles around the eyes decreased elasticity of the skin, pigmentation "Bags" under the eyes, swelling nasolacrimal groove Hernia

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The dangers of herpes

Herpes viruses are spread very widely in the world and is easily transmitted from person to person. Initial appearance of herpes in the body in people with strong immune proceeds not pronounced, but at10-20% Of patients have a variety of clinical manifestations. However, some categories of cases simplex virus Herpes can cause serious complications. They are:

Babies and infants; Cancer patients; Patients receiving chemotherapy and immune suppression drugs; AIDS patients.

There are the following clinical forms:

herpetic lesions (localized or widespread); herpetic lesions of oral cavity; Acute respiratory infections; shingles; chicken pox; genital herpes; herpetic defeat

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Risk of starvation

Starvation for healthy andstarvation for not too healthy — two big differences. What starvation often presented as a panacea for all chronic diseases, is not true. The techniques used fasting, for example, in the treatment of obesity, but only in the clinics under the constant supervision of doctors using laboratory and instrumental methods of monitoring the state of the patient and the absence of contraindications.

Even during good health starvation— It is stressful for the body. During fasting, to meet the energy requirements are used reserves — fat stores (which is basically good) and have muscle, which is

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The dangers of female alcoholism

In every country and in every age women drink less than men. In Muslim countries, the fair sex is completely forbidden to use alcohol. And although today lead by number of chronic alcoholics remains of men drinking women every year it becomes more and more. This trend is not unique to Russia, but also in many European countries. In the U.S., drinking girls high school age as much as their peers of the opposite sex.

Regardless of the reasons for this fact remains — today a quarter of Russian women drink. While appearing in this connection, the term "female

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