The dangers of artificial sleep

Although older people are more likely than younger people complain of sleep disorders, studies have shown that sleep time does not increase with age, and total sleep time decreases very slightly, if at all diminished. Insomnia is most often occurs in older people who go to bed early, and, in addition, often sleep during the day. Thus, the experts concluded that the need to give up a nap instead caused them to treat nocturnal insomnia.

At the same time, excessive or erroneous assignment of sleeping pills leads to the fact that about half a million people are taking "sleeping

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Dangers of improper diet

With overweight women do not live very nicely. The store is not the right size clothes you like, praise surrounding the mind, not beauty. And health is increasingly concerned (joints, heart, shortness of breath, pressure) — no joke, so many extra pounds permanently on myself to wear!

And then one day she decides to go on a diet. Lose weight — all the problems will go away, she thinks. And does not know that her problems are just beginning …

What happens in the body when the wrong weight loss? What dangers lie in wait for

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Operation again virgin

Wits say mythical dragons eat virgins and progressive decline of morals at some point in unison died from malnutrition. Joking aside, in our Palestine, perhaps, a million in a lottery to win easier than finding a girl who before the wedding, no, no.

However, there are times when this is the long-lost innocence (or rather its physical evidence in the form of screams and blood-stained sheet) someone needs desperately. To help in this case, for a fee, are taken doctors who conduct simple operation called "hymen reconstruction surgery." About her popularity among female students pyatikursnitsa with exotic names

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Shingles lichen (Herpes zoster) — a viral infection that causes pain and skin rash. Occurs more frequently in autumn and winter, especially in the elderly.

The disease is caused by the same herpes virus (herpes zoster), which is the causative agent of varicella (chickenpox). After chickenpox passes virus does not disappear from the body, and the "dormant" cells in the nervous system. As long as the body is healthy, virus does not manifest itself, but sometimes many years later, he re-enters the bloodstream, causing the symptoms of shingles.

The causes of "awakening" of the virus:

Administration of drugs

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Blood type and Rh factor

Blood (AB0) Rhesus-factor (Rh-factor) — Laboratory studies that allow us to determine the blood group system by AB0 and Rh-evaluate the man belongs.

What are the different blood groups?

The differences between people on blood groups — is the difference in composition of certain antigens and antibodies. Summary system Classification of blood — the system AB0 (read — a, b, nil). Kpovi group designated by the presence or absence of a certain type of "glue" factor (agglutinogen)

0 (I) — Group 1 blood

A (II) — 2nd group blood

In (III) — the

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Determination of ovulation

Ovulation — This is the time of release of the egg from the follicle (ovary in women's education, which stores and mature egg). Determine the start of ovulation in several ways.

Measuring the basal body temperature throughout the cycle or multiple cycles. Using ovulation test on the urine. It responds to a specific number of luteinizing hormone (LH), which is sometimes called the hormone of fertility. Tests are disposable and reusable. Using ovulation test on saliva. It consists of a mini-microscope, estimating fertility by painting the crystallization of saliva.

Distort the results of the determination of ovulation can certain

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Optimal protection for the eyes

It is difficult and scary to imagine life without being able to see. Only with age, people are beginning to feel what is increasingly under pressure eyes every day. Older people often have symptoms of visual impairment: difficulty reading when the letters become blurred, pain and a feeling of sand in the eyes, discomfort. If vision much worse, everyday life is becoming more complex and, at times, need help in the simplest of situations. At present, even young people are often found with the inconvenience and problems associated with deterioration of vision.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) —

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Tumors the male reproductive system may profit benign or malignant. The risk of these diseases increases with age, especially for conditions such asadenoma (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) and prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer, for example, often found in men over 65 years. The share of patients with the disease before the age of 64 years falls only 1% of all cases.

BPH can also be called age-related diseases. Only 10% of men over 80 years of avoiding this disease.

At the same time, testicular cancer (a rare tumor) Usually affects men between the ages of 20 and 40. Predisposing factor in

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Skin tumors

Skin tumors as well as tumors of other organs, may be benign or malignant. Most often there are three types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma (basal cell carcinoma), squamous cell carcinoma and the most dangerous — melanoma.

Melanoma develops from the pigment of the skin cells — melanocytes. Inmostly It occurs on the place of the usual moles. The growth of the tumor can cause prolonged exposure to the sun, chemical and thermal burns, and permanent injury moles. That is why the danger is, "flies", located on the shoulder, under the hair on the head, on the bottom,

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Adrenal Tumors

Tumors of the adrenal gland — a focal proliferation of cells of adrenal glands. Most of these tumors are benign, and they occur infrequently.


The causes of adrenal tumors are unknown. Presumably, a role played by heredity.

What's going on?

The adrenal glands produce hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure, as well as the male and female sex hormones. The main clinical manifestations of adrenal tumors depend on what kind of hormone it produces in excess.

With tumors of the adrenal gland are the following symptoms:

1. Increased blood pressure. It is noted for:


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