Tumors of the urinary system

Tumors urinary organs System as tumors of other organs, may be benign or malignant.

The most common benign tumors found in adenoma (hyperplasia) of the prostate. This disease affects a lot of men, and with age the frequency of its development increases many times.

For malignant tumors include various forms of cancer of the kidney (in most cases and adenocarcinoma of kidney renal cell carcinoma), ureter, bladder, prostate, and metastatic tumors of other organs. Cancer of the urethra as a distinct disease — are extremely rare.

Men are prone to malignant neoplasms urinary organs system more than women. Perhaps

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The tumors of the digestive system

The most common malignant tumor of the digestive system — gastric cancer. In the structure of cancer incidence and mortality in Russia gastric cancer is second only to lung cancer. And no wonder — because there are many risk factors which, if unfavorable circumstances it may provoke serious disease. This unfavorable heredity, and feeding habits (passion smoked, spicy, salty and canned food), and exposure to the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (the main cause of gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum), and smoking.

Improper diet — lack of fiber, eating refined foods, and excessive love of sausages and meat

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Ptosis and loss of sexual organs

What is it?

Testes women have sufficient mobility. Therefore possible that such anomalies of the uterus and vagina, as ptosis and prolapse of the uterus.

Distinguish prolapse of the uterus, complete and incomplete prolapse uterus. With the omission of the uterus moves down, but not out of thesexual gap. With a partial loss straining shows the cervix, and with the full roll of all uterus is outside. The omission of sexual organs leads to a deterioration of their blood supply, which is accompanied by trophic changes. The mucous membranes are dry, atrophic, with ulcers.

The main cause of ptosis

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Parrot disease

Parrot disease (Psittacosis) — a contagious disease, which is caused by bacteria from the family of Chlamydophila psittaci Chlamydia ("Chlamydia parrots").Parrot diseaserefers to zooantroponozam — diseases common to humans and animals. Man infected them from birds: pigeons, chickens, canaries, parrots, etc. Most often, psittacosis — an occupational disease poultry workers and pet stores. Infection occurs by inhalation of particulate pen or feces of infected birds, and (rarely) if the patient bird injures a person beak.

Symptoms and signs of psittacosis

Through 1-3 weeks after being hit by a pathogen in the human body there is a cough,

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Orthodontics, or why it is necessary to correct the bite

Orthodontics— Is the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of violations of the teeth and malocclusion.

The frequency of abnormal occlusion of the Russian population ranges from 50 to 80%. Moreover, up to 37% of cases require special orthodontic care.

To correct an incorrect position of teeth or not — a questionwhich not always possible to give a definite answer. It happens that this defect affects only thing that spoils a smile. No functional impairment, testimony that would dictate the need for treatment, as it does, say, with purulent appendicitis or heart diseases, such

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Ortoreksiya and how to avoid it

Obsession with healthy eating — is also a disorder that is called ortoreksiey. Most sufferers of this disease — women 30 years and older, active and apparently quite wealthy. Ortoreksiya not just a source of constant concern and dissatisfaction with themselves, it is fraught with a variety of diseases.

And all because of a desire to look better, we undersupplies body with essential vitamins and minerals to it.

And here come to the aid of multivitamin complexes. They remove a lot of problems and allow to eat as much as you seem right, do not worry that you limit

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Autumn in the city: why and how to treat acute respiratory infections and colds

In autumn, city residents are powerful "attack" colds. The risk of the larger, the higher the density of the population of the city (the more people, the faster spread of infection) and difficult environmental conditions. Increases the likelihood of ill weak immune system, lack of regular physical activity and other factors that reduce the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria.

The most common seasonal colds — ARI and ARI.

The difference between them is the causative agents of the disease. SARS (Respiratornyevirusnye acute infection) caused by viruses (over 200 species), ARI (acute respiratory disease) — as

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Complications of abortion

The risk of abortion complications is dependent on:

gestational age (the longer the duration, the more likely complications); the professionalism of the medical officer; from the initial condition of the patient; on careful examination before this manipulation; the number of previous abortions; sometimes, from the banal to the case, etc.

There are two types of complications: early, that develop intime or immediately after surgery, andLater, that may occur after a time, even after 2-3 year.

Early complications: Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, such as endometritis, an inflammation of the appendages, and others. Often they arise because ofinflammation

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Complications of sore throat

In most cases angina uncomplicated, but they are possible, particularly if the agent of the disease was streptococcus.

Possible complications of streptococcal sore throat:

Scarlet fever — caused by the same hemolytic streptococcus as the angina. Occurs most often in children of 4 — 8 years, which do not have antibodies against streptococcus. Rheumatic fever — before the invention of antibiotics complicate the 3% of cases of streptococcal sore throats and hit the valves of the heart. The characteristic time of the appearance — in 2 — 3 weeks after suffering a sore throat. Today, thanks to

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Complications of pregnancy

Pregnancy uncomplicated — when woman feels great all nine months — unfortunately uncommon. One of the most common pathologies in varying degrees in most developing expectant mothers — an early toxemia. Nausea, vomiting, salivation occur in the earliest stages of pregnancy, and can seriously affect the health and mood of a woman. Fortunately, these effects are short, and usually go to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Relieve the symptoms of toxicity by following simple guidelines. If abate the toxicity does not work, be sure to tell a watching you obstetrician-gynecologist. No need to suffer — because your condition has a

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