Complications of vaccination

Adverse reactions during scheduled vaccinations are now quite rare. Distinguish between general and local complications.

Local complications include reactions at the injection site — redness, suppuration, lymphadenitis; Common complications, allergic reactions, fever, symptoms of infectious disease. The most common causes of complications: Failure to comply with contraindications; Violation rules and techniques of vaccination; Poor quality of the vaccine; Violation transport and storage vaccine; Individual reactions due to vaccination.

Complications associated with non-compliance of contraindications. This is the most serious complication, because they may threaten the life of the child. For example, congenital immunodeficiency, the child may die from

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Complications of labor

Unfortunately, not always having a baby goes smoothly. At any stage of labor may arise certain complications.

Do not be afraid of them — at the present level of development of medicine childbirth became safe enough for the woman and child. Careful evaluation and monitoring of the woman and fetus duringtime pregnancy and during labor can advance to identify and prevent possible adverse factors.

In many ways, the safe course and outcome of labor depend on the experience, professionalism and careful attention to the doctor and midwife, but do not underestimate the role of the most expectant mother.

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Complications of cirrhosis

Complications of cirrhosis of the liver is a major threat of life. The most common are the following complications: bleedingvaricose veins of the esophagus, infection joining and development of peritonitis, hepatic coma, development liver cancer.

Bleeding fromvaricose esophageal varices

As a result of compression of the blood vessels of the liver by scar tissue, blood flow is redistributed, leading to an overload of the veins of the esophagus. They expand and become tortuous, the vein walls become thinner. An increase in blood pressure, vomiting, excessive exercise or dieting disorders walls of the veins burst, develops bleeding.


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Complications of endometriosis

Even when you are away from the uterus, the endometrium retains its properties — during every period of endometrial lesions began to trickle blood. Blood accumulates andhearth gradually turns into a cavity with a biodegradable content. With each menstruation its size increases, which causes severe pain.

Inflammation around the endometrial lesions leads to adhesions in the pelvic area, and even the abdomen, which can disrupt the function of internal organs and also cause pain.

Very often endometrium grows into the muscle layer of the uterus — the myometrium. Such embodiment Endometriosis called adenomyosis. In the myometrium of

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Complications of peptic ulcer disease

Complications of peptic ulcer disease are life-threatening and require immediate surgical intervention.

Perforation (perforation) ulcers

Rupture (Perforation) ulcers — forming a through hole in the wall of the stomach or duodenum. However, their contents into the abdominal cavity, and is inflammation of the peritoneum — peritonitis.

Rupture accompanied by a sudden intense ("dagger"), pain in the abdomen. The patient can not get out of bed — is quiet and motionless on his side with his feet drawn towards the stomach (posture "embryo"), perspiration on his forehead. Increased body temperature. Language becomes dry, stomach— "Doskoobraznym" (tight, flat). With

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Complications, side effects and contraindications for breast augmentation surgery

Contraindication to breast augmentation surgery are: Tumor neoplasms, both benign and malignant. Some kinds of specific abnormalities of the breast. Diabetes. Tuberculosis. Severe cardiac pathology. Infectious diseases. Acute or chronic inflammation in the body.

Many surgeons believe contraindication absence of children in young women is not breast-feed.

Possible side effects

The early postoperative period:

discomfort or pain during movement; reducing the sensitivity of certain areas of the skin; swelling of tissues and related asymmetrical breasts.

Most of these events are rapidly.

However, all may remain:

postoperative scarring; change in nipple sensation. Complications Plastic surgery: The most common complication, which

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Features an allergy to alcohol and help with her

From the conversation of two friends: "Look, I've been thinking … Perhaps I, too, suffer from allergies? I also covered with spots (the champagne stronger the wine too, the vodka is almost none). "

Joking aside, allergy to alkogolvstrechaetsya increasingly every year. And not the fact that this is due to the fact that they drink more. Although it is also affected. Rather, it is necessary to conduct a rapid spread of the phenomenon of allergy in principle. She often speaks about the problems in the body, particularly immune.

I must clarify, I mean it was

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Peculiarities of the National stomatofobii

I once accidentally meet with the statement of an American dentist who came to practice to us — or to practice on us? The latter, apparently, rather, for his statement (after the examination of the current patient), translated into Russian was: "Oh my God, I did the Eskimos had ever seen!".

Andfact something fact, the laughter through tears. It is quite unreasonable to be proud that we are probably the most damaged teeth around the globe (well, except for the animals, and even then not all of them). Many of us still do not understand how in the foreign

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Features of non-verbal communication

Many gestures are not fixed consciousness, but to fully convey the mood and thoughts of the person. If you wish to become attentive and interesting to talk to, it makes sense to understand the gestures and facial expressions. Thus,

— fingers clasped. There are three options: crossed fingers raised to the level of a person lying on the table, lying on her lap. This gesture is a disappointment and a desire to hide his interlocutor's negative attitude;

— protection of the mouth by hand (It can be just a few fingers or cam). This gesture indicates that

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Feature of the national power

The ancients said: Edimus, ut vivamus; NON vivimus, ut edamus— "We eat to live, not live to eat." However, nutrition— One of the most important factors that determine how the health of the individual, and the nation as a whole. If low-quality foods, the wrong diet, unbalanced diet — and then to close diseases.

At the moment, we can say that the citizens of our country are malnourished. More precisely, they are fed unbalanced — fat and sweet in excess, but the vitamins and minerals lacking.

How to feed our children

Particularly negative defective nutrition impact on

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