Particularly dangerous infection

Go to extra dangerous (quarantine) is considered highly contagious infection (spread rapidly, causing an epidemic), severe and likely death in a short time from infection.

The World Health Organization declared quarantine infections diseases of international importance 4: plague, cholera, smallpox (with 1980. Considered eradicated in the world) and yellow fever (and similar to her Ebola and Marburg).

In our country, the relevant epidemiological rules also apply to anthrax and tularemia.

A stopped heart

Interior of a modern operating today is unimaginable without cardiopulmonary bypass — AIC. Appearing at the end of 50th years, it has become firmly established in the practice of cardiac surgery. On those few hours that lasts operation, the heart and lungs of a patient given the power of this clever machine.

Congenital and acquired heart diseases today are more and more often. Therapeutic treatments often powerless to help, so the palm belongs to the surgery.

What is a heart defect? Summarizing, we can reply that this disturbance of heart structure, which leads to a change in

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Osteoarthritis: Causes and Treatment

As we age, many of us begin joint problems. Their mobility is hampered, and the movements are accompanied by pain. All these are signs of osteoarthritis, a chronic disease that affects the joints and often forcing completely change the way of life.

What happens in osteoarthritis? To understand this, we must become more closely acquainted with the structure of the joint.

Joint formed by two bony surfaces between which the cartilage. It is the presence of cartilage provides free movement joint movements at different plays the role of shock absorber, reducing the pressure on the bone.

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Currently, under the title "osteomyelitis" combined inflammation of bone parts: the actual bone (osteitis) and bone marrow (myelitis), and periosteum (periostitis).


Osteomyelitis most often lead to the following bacteria: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and E. coli. Less commonly, inflammation of the bone can occur as a complication of tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy and other diseases. In order to get to the bone, in bacteria, there are only two ways: internal and external. In the first case, the infection is carried along with the blood of distant disease-outbreak (hematogenous osteomyelitis). This can happen at caries, sinusitis, sore throat, intestinal fistula, etc.

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The name of the disease comes from two Greek words: osteon — bone and poros — hole. Thus, osteoporosis— A special disease that affects the bone cloth, wherein there are formed voids, and pores.From the bones of our skeletons are extremely fragile and can break even at light loads.

Suppose a man stumbled out of the blue, unsuccessfully opened the heavy door and dropped to the feet of a heavy book. It would seem a small thing. And for a patient with osteoporosis can result in a broken case. According to statistics, as of today osteoporosis is the

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What is it?

Although that "Hondros" in Greek means "cartilage", under osteochondrosis often do not realize all the damage to the cartilage, and the only problem with the cartilage spine. Osteochondrosis structure is broken, and therefore the function of the intervertebral discs — special cartilaginous structures that ensure our flexibility and mobility of the spine. As the disease progresses, irreversible changes occur in the vertebrae themselves.


Causes osteochondrosis are internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous).

Endogenous causes include intrauterine violation of the spine, and a family history of age-related cartilage.

The main exogenouscause degenerative disc disease — Incorrect load

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Carefully Supplements

Supplements call panacea is clearly premature. The pros and cons so far heard, perhaps, equally loud. Professionals working with Badami tracking or general laws of their impact on health care a number of important issues.

Highlighted some negative aspects arising from prolonged and uncontrolled use BUD.

1. Insufficient knowledge of their actions, and, therefore, the existence of BUD with unconfirmed efficiency. Example — antioxidants. It seemed that the future belonged to them in the prevention of cancer and coronary heart disease. However, these hopes had come true. Large-scale studies have shown that supplementation with beta-carotene not only

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Caution: delirium tremens

Holidays — they are only for ordinary people holidays, and for physicians, especially for drug treatment — it's tough working life. You should have heard how sweet and good wishes expressed by the doctor who came up with ten-January holidays … And why? Because sizeable part of the population for the 10 days goes into a real holiday binge.

There is even a certain pattern — first there are acute poisoning when people drank almost the whole year suddenly break away from the coils and play the chief sanitary doctor, destroying all the alcohol within reach. Somewhere there are

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Caution: AAH!

Human papillomavirus infection (PVI) of the genitalia refers to diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. It occurs often enough: according to the World Health Organization for the past ten years the number of cases has increased more than ten-fold, and 23.5% of the population of the earth.

How does HPV infection? How dangerous is it and how is it treated? For clarification, we turned to the obstetrician-gynecologist medical center "of the world" Alexander V. Azarov.

— Alexander V., so what this virus is dangerous, and what might be the consequences of infection?

— Human papilloma virus can cause

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Acute pain

On the door of every dental office has an inscription: "Patients with acute pain are taken out of the lineup." And it's not a simple altruism. Anyone who has ever gone through in my life like hell knows what's worse acute dental Pain can only needles under fingernails.

Acute pain in the teeth gives a lot of anxiety. Does it hurt when you smile or frown, eat or drink when compressed or decompressed jaw, turn your head. Sometimes it hurts, even when you breathe, because the cold air rushes into the mouth and passes over the sensitive tooth.

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