Acute back pain

In back pain has many causes. It can be a variety of injuries in weight lifting, falls, blows. The cause of back pain can be a muscle spasm caused by the cold — in such cases we say "chilled back." But do not treat the pain lightly, as it can be a harbinger of serious violations occurring in the body — chronic diseases, inflammation, and even tumors.

The most common causes of acute back pain — is a muscular spasm or compression of the spinal cord nerves herniated intervertebral disc, or spines. Traction or stretching of the

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Acute adrenal insufficiency

Acute adrenal failure (addisonichesky crisis) — An acute serious condition that occurs as a result of a sharp reduction or elimination of the production of hormones by the adrenal cortex.


Acute failure adrenocortical most often occurs in patients with chronic adrenal insufficiency. For example, if they stop taking hormones, corticosteroids, making up for the lack of their own. The same thing can happen on a background of injury, surgery, acute infectious diseases, climate change, heavy physical exertion, severe emotional stress.

In addition, addisonichesky crisis happens:

in acute adrenal hemorrhage or developing them infarction (tissue necrosis); meningitis,

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Acute renal failure

Acute renal failure (AKI) — it's quick, sharp termination of the kidney due to a heavy defeat most of the renal tissue.

Why did this happen

There are three groups of causes of acute renal failure:

Prerenal: heart failure,shock, collapse, severe arrhythmias, a significant decrease in blood volume (eg, hemorrhage). Renal: more often — acute necrosis (death of) the renal tubules exposed to toxins, heavy metals, surrogate alcohol, drugs, or as a result of lack of blood supply to the kidney, at least — sharp glomerulonephritis, sharp tubulointerstitial nephritis, etc. Post-renal: acute bilateral ureteral obstruction due to urolithiasis. What's

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Acute respiratory infections

If you have a sore throat and drips from the nose, aching bones and fever, is clear — you have a cold or in a scientific way Viral respiratory infections (ARI).

What is it?

SARS — a group of diseases combined with four common features.

All of them are infectious. Viruses cause them. Germs enter the body airborne way — through the respiratory system. The first step in SARS affects the respiratory system. Not for nothing disease called respiratory, that is "relevant to the breath." All SARS develop rapidly and continue for long.

Pathogens transmitted by contact

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Acute Bronchitis

Sharp bronchitis— An acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. The main symptom is a cough. Predispose to disease hypothermia, upper respiratory tract infection, smoking, low immunity.

Acute Bronchitis caused by viruses, bacteria, at least — fungi, sometimes it develops under the influence of chemical factors (lacquers, paints, etc.).

The disease usually starts in the background of the common cold. There are unpleasant sensations in the chest, dry cough, feeling of weakness, fatigue, fever. In severe temperatures can be high, greater a general malaise, shortness of breath. Eventually cough becomes wet, begins to depart muco-purulent or purulent sputum.


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Acute gastritis

Gastritis— Inflammation of the lining (inside) of the stomach. Distinguish between acute and chronic gastritis.

Sharp gastritis — an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which occurs when short term exposure of strong stimuli. Acute gastritis occur suddenly and be severe, often accompanied by the formation of so-called erosions (small defects in the mucosa) of the stomach and the development of bleeding. Fromacute gastritis should be distinguished exacerbation of chronic (existing gastritis).

The causes of acute gastritis Excessive alcohol intake; The use of (accidentally or intentionally) acids, alkalis and other toxic substances; The use of certain

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Acute abdomen


cold hunger peace speedy transportation to the doctor

A very dangerous condition! May require major surgery.

Signs and symptoms

severe abdominal pain (this may be an ulcer, appendicitis, colic, etc.) intense stomach pose of "embryo" weakness, chills

What NOT to do

not warm belly not to drink or eat do not give pill "pain in the abdomen" not tolerate and hope "that will soon pass"

What to do next

Immediately deliver the patient to the doctor. If you can not move on their own — call "fast".


This material is part of the School of first

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Acute prostatitis

Prostatitis— An inflammation prostate (Prostate).


Among the causes of prostatitis, isolated infectious and non-infectious. The source of infection that causes prostatitis, can not always be determined. For example, the cause of acute prostatitis may be bacterial infection, penetrating into the prostate gland of the urinary tract. However, the reason prostatitis may be fungal, and viral infections.

Noncommunicable — congestive (congestive) prostatitis develop as a result of fluid retention (secret) of the prostate gland and blood in the veins of the body. Venous congestion may occur when an irregular sexual life, long-term sedentary work in a sitting position, wearing

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Coryza: Diagnosis and Treatment


For the diagnosis sharp rhinitis usually enough inspection, and anamnesis (to identify the cause of the disease).

In the case of infectious rhinitis is important to establish the causative agent of an infectious disease, so it may be a symptom of serious diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, and the children of the first days of life — gonorrhea. Coryza under certain infectious diseases has distinctive features depending on their pathogens. If the cause of influenza viruses are frequently observed hemorrhage, up to the nosebleeds, and peeling of the epithelium nasal cavity. For diphtheria characterized by

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Coryza: causes and manifestations

Acute rhinitis — an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose band is caused by a variety of reasons. The most common form of infectious rhinitis, popularly called a cold. The disease is widespread in both children and adults. Coryza with unfavorable circumstances can become chronic, which has a more prolonged course.

Infectious rhinitis

Infectious agents can act viruses (adenovirus, rhinovirus, coronavirus, etc.), at least — bacteria and fungi. Typically, a bacterial infection is said about the transition to chronic rhinitis.

Of great importance for the occurrence of acute rhinitis has a general or local

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