Acute cholecystitis

Sharp cholecystitis — Acute (rapidly evolved, rapid) inflammation gallbladder. Most often occurs in patients with cholelithiasis in contact with the stone in the cystic duct and blockage. Bile stasis and infection joining (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, streptococci, staphylococci and clostridia) leads to swelling of the gallbladder wall and the development of inflammation.

Acalculous cholecystitis is extremely rare and may occur in salmonellosis, sepsis, trauma, burns, severe multiple organ diseases. The immediate cause of its occurrence is a bacterial infection.

What are the symptoms?

For acute cholecystitis is characterized by:

persistent pain in the right upper abdomen (right upper quadrant),

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From 0 to 6: sensitive periods in child development

Beautiful word "the sensitive" in Latin means only "sensitive." It turns out the child in different periods of life is particularly "sensitive", is susceptible to a particular type of activity.

Affect the timing and duration of these periods can not but be aware of them are very useful, not to go against nature. Furthermore, knowing how sensitive period to go to your kid, you can better prepare for it and pass it to maximum advantage. Education, as we know, is 90% of forethought.

Sensitive period fully and in detail the famous educator Maria Montessori and her followers. In

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Implantation of a prosthetic

Today, about dental implants thinks more people. This is an optimal solution in any situation: if one or more missing teeth, and even in the case where all the teeth missing and a person is forced to use denture.

Types of orthopedic implant restorations

Typically, the implant is determined by the number of missing teeth. That is, in place of one of the missing tooth placed one implant, in the absence of two teeth — two implants, etc. Therefore, the implants can replace defective dentition of any length.

But the situation may be different, and not always

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What determines the quality of the sperm?

A healthy man at each ejaculation is about three milliliters of semen emitted from 120 to 600 million sperm. But it is important not so much the number as quality. Sperm are very vulnerable. There are dozens of factors that can hurt them, well-known and completely unexpected.

Tobacco and alcohol. Most dramatically reduced sperm in men who smoke heavily and abusing alcohol. So choose: the happiness of fatherhood or cigarette after another glass.

Anabolic steroid, as well as antibiotics and antibacterial agents. These funds adversely affect the "male seed". Take them only under medical supervision.


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Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is divided into two types — office, that is, in the dentist's chair, and home. If we draw bleach correctly, it is necessary to take both of these steps. There are two types of office bleaching: in the first case the reaction starts by mixing the two chemicals in the second — is triggered by the action of special lamps or lasers.

Office bleaching. In procedures commonly used office bleaching solutions of 30% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide without warming and etched enamel surface. These procedures are performed in the dental chair using cofferdams (the rubber

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Teeth Whitening — benefit or harm?

On the professional teeth whitening methods tells head of the department of dentistry of the International Medical Centre ON CLINIC, dentist, therapist, a doctor of the highest category — Natalia Anisimova.


— Natalia how safe modern methods of professional teeth whitening?

— Careful and numerous studies conducted clinical trials prove that modern methods of teeth whitening dentists are assessed to be safe for patients.

The medical center ON CLINIC dentists for a long time to successfully carry out this procedure to patients in accordance with international standards.

— Please tell us

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Whitening toothpastes

The first toothpastes were made in ancient Egypt and consisted of a mixture of vinegar and pumice. And although modern whitening toothpastes have a complex composition and include many different components, all toothpastes, whitening as well as a simple, include a number of similar elements:

Abrasives (From the Latin "Abrasio" — scraping, scraping) can vary and can include dicalcium phosphate, silica or aluminum oxide. Fillers stabilize the tooth paste and make it thick. Often used natural substances such as extract of seaweed. For the formation of various colors of toothpaste used natural and artificial Dyes. Foaming agents help to

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Rest all-inclusive — how not to grow fat

Vacationing on the system all inclusive («all inclusive") is very beneficial. First of all, paying for food in bulk, you can greatly save. Secondly, the probability of poisoning substandard products, eating street food in a foreign country is reduced to zero. Third, do not need to worry about the food, everything is thought out organized recreation.

The only disadvantage of all inclusive — 3-5 extra pounds in two weeks.

Dangerous than a sharp increase in weight? Can it be avoided by eating an "all inclusive"? And how quickly back into shape after "too nutritious" rest? These

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Holidays with children

In some families decided that the parents went on vacation to a resort, and the children were staying with her grandmother, and in the best case in the country, in the village, at worst — in a city apartment. Of course, parents the same people and have the right to recreation, who would argue. But consider this: Is it worth the sacrifice fashionable resort? Parting with the parents for the children is always stressful, and if it was not yet three years old, this stress is particularly strong. It's too strong emotional bond with her mother crumbs, he literally

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Always cheerful baby suddenly starts for no apparent reason shrill cry … He wants to eat, but the attempt to swallow your favorite cereal is crying again? He can not sleep, trying to get comfortable on the pillow, but it's not impossible? Perhaps your child has an earache.

The most common problems with the ears in children occur because of Acute otitis media — an inflammatory disease of the middle ear. The main thing in this situation — do not lose my temper, and as soon as possible to call home pediatrician or, even better, ENT doctor. Only Throat

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