Where are the new drugs?

Quite often in the news, we learn that "in the underground laboratory of the University of the H-synthesized a new drug." It is reported that these substances have never met the policemen are thousands of times stronger than heroin, and in general, are very dangerous, so soon all unfamiliar to them drug addicts die of overdoses …

Laboratory work

Separate (naive) applicants chemical universities think that after a few years of study will be able to organize a small factory for the production of drugs. In order not to fall under the criminal liability, they will create new substance,

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Cancel the flight flu!

If you ask the first counter person, which, in his opinion, infection kill the most people, the answers are very different. You will surely be called tuberculosis, HIV infection, dysentery, fans of the exotic can remember malaria or dengue fever … and they will all be wrong. And the correct answer is extremely simple: the main killer disease — is flu together with other viral respiratory infections (ARI).

And no wonder — try to remember at least one winter without a flu epidemic. Every year on the planet there are two such epidemics — during the cold season in

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Otoacoustic emission

Otoacoustic emission is by far the most accurate, safe, and painless test for the detection of defects of perception sound information. Otoacoustic issue is the main method of diagnosis of hearing loss in newborns. Simplicity and lack of discomfort during the operation valued by doctors around the world.

The essence of the method

Otoacoustic issue represents an acoustic response which reflects the normal functioning of the auditory receptor. This is an extremely weak sound waves generated by the cochlea, which may be registered in the external ear canal using a high sensitivity microphone.

These fluctuations are the

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Leave without problems

Get out of town, we all strive to take the children on nature. But the joy of summer cottages can greatly overshadowed by a cloud of pesky "neighbors." Just one bite can cause a disaster if your baby is allergic to insects.

So what do you do if Child bitten by a bee

Quickly remove the sting, along with a bag containing the poison. The bite treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and, if possible, apply ice or a hot water bottle with cold water. This will slow down the absorption of bee venom. In strengthening

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Iodine from radiation poisoning does not save

Shortly after the beginning of November 2004 was an accident at the Balakovo NPP, the locals began to massively buy iodine — in the form of an alcoholic solution, tablets, iodized salt or seaweed. Although the people were assured that no dangerous emissions were not, they continue to use iodine hoping to protect themselves from radiation. Only in reality, this "therapy" does not help, but only causes serious poisoning — were hospitalized residents of Saratov, Samara, Penza and Saransk.

Almost all of the regions of the Volga were reports that such a "prevention" is over for the locals poisoning

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Bran: the decision five problems

It's no secret that the products are divided into useful and not so. For example, fruits and vegetables are much healthier cakes and sweets, bread and bran usual. But if fruits and vegetables all clear, then what is the use of bran notorious for many remains a mystery. Try to understand.

Bran said that usually goes to waste when grinding the grain into flour. If you do not go too far in botany, is all that is around the core of starchy grains. Bran too nutritious, but are beneficial to the organism contain substances: cellulose, vitamins and minerals.

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Why is the soul burns?

The pain and burning sensation in the chest caused by acid reflux, whistleblower in the digestive system. And instead of having to go to the doctor and find out what it is, people often choke heartburn pills.

What is heartburn

This feeling of discomfort, tightness, burning sensation behind the breastbone, extending along the esophagus, up from the pit area. These unpleasant symptoms occur as a result of abandonment of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus, as well as motility disorders (physical activity) of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.

Often accompanied by heartburn and regurgitation increases the

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Why do people get fat

According to WHO statistics, half of the population is overweight. Thus most of the fat people think they are eating in moderation, and in the appearance of extra pounds is guilty constitution and slow metabolism. Say, how can lose weight? Since nature can not argue.

In fact, nature — minor matters. Main reason why we get fat — the wrong food habits. About them we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist candidate of medical sciences and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.

— Is it true that

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Cleansing the Body: details

Headaches, sallow complexion, digestive problems, reduced performance and it is unclear where the undertaken allergies — all of these symptoms may indicate not only the accumulated fatigue or a hidden disease, but a banal "pollution" of the body by various toxins.

Usually when we start to feel unwell swallow medicines and vitamins, hoping for a speedy recovery. But like any beautician knows that it is useless to put even the best skin cream for crude, and in most cases no longer makes sense to stuff the body with vitamins already disturbed metabolism. He simply can not grasp it falling

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Errors of Plastic Surgeons

When it comes to plastic surgery failed, I remember an anecdote. The patient comes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, is it true that health can not buy at any price?" — "Who told you such nonsense?"

Go under the surgeon's knife today easy, would purse full. Find the same hands that grow from where it is necessary to grow to be much more difficult. At least, so say those who have suffered from unfortunate surgeons.

So, the hit parade of the most common plastic "blunders"


The victims of plastic surgery

Michael Jackson: the surgeon after many of

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