Fingers, ears, and other victims of Beauty

Modifiers of the human body — it is a profession. Piercings or tattoos for them are almost empty phrase. Whether it amputated fingers, cuts on the ears or metal implant under the skin. Artists modifiers claim that they can do it all in a sterile environment, and if necessary, will explain how to work independently on their imperfect body. And the demand for such services is surprisingly large.

Outset that we do not recommend that you check with modifiers because of their activities, to put it mildly, is detrimental to health. The human imagination is truly limitless, and a

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Memory — Is securing, maintaining and further reproduction of a man of his experience. Memory is the basis for the acquisition of knowledge and skills and creates the opportunity for training and development of the mind.

Memory Structure

Sensory memory — The most primitive process carried out at the receptor level. The information in it is not delayed by more than a quarter of a second: for it is solved the question of whether it will attract the attention of the higher parts of the brain. If it does not, then less than a second, and erased the

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Pancreatitis: Diagnosis and Treatment


To diagnose chronic pancreatitis not easy, especially in the early stages. In this Gastroenterologist help laboratory and instrumental methods.

Overall CBC — conducted to detect signs of inflammation (increasing the number of leukocytes and the increase in ESR, etc.). Biochemical analysis of blood — the identification of elevated levels of the enzymes amylase, lipase, trypsin confirm the presence of the disease (often in acute pancreatitis). Blood sugar may show glucose levels rise. Analysis Urine — Determination of amylase in urine also indicates pancreatitis (mainly acute pancreatitis). Ultrasonography of the abdomen reveals the changes of the pancreas and

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Pancreatitis: causes and manifestations

Ancient Greek physicians called the pancreas "pancreas" — «all of the meat." Its role in the body extremely high: it provides digestion involved in the regulation of energy metabolism and other important processes.

For example, enzymes pancreas help the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the intestine. A pancreatic hormones (insulin and others) — regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Pancreatitis — An inflammation pancreas. The disease can occur in acute (rapidly and violently) or chronic (long and sluggish) form.


Alcohol and gallbladder disease (especially cholelithiasis) in95-98% Of cases are the causes of pancreatitis.

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Papa and Baby: when to start to talk?

What a man feels when he finds out about the pregnancy of his wife? In a beautiful film Happy Father fills up the mother-million scarlet roses and thrilled at the hands circling the room. In fact, as a rule, a man, of course, pleased and proud, but a little confused. He understands that there will be big changes in their lives measured and streamlined, but there is not quite what to expect.

Often the wife's pregnancy is perceived as a disease. By the way, our society has actively supported the idea. It is no accident in the antenatal

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Papilloma: treatment time

If five years ago the most "fashionable" was diagnosed with chlamydia, but now his confidence has pressed HPV infection. She is more common and more difficult to be cured, but also can cause malignant transformation of tissues.

Just how dangerous this disease and how to treat it, says MD, gynecologist Luxury Marina O. Lazebnaya (Medical Center "VITAMED").

— Marina O., as transmitted human papilloma virus?

To date, the human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common and important sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The virus infected the majority of the sexually active population. Infection (infection) occurs through

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What is it?

Abscess — is a purulent inflammation of the tissues surrounding the rectum. Allocate sharp (First emerged), and chronic abscess (developed as a result of undertreated acute paraproctitis).

Why did this happen?

The causes of acute paraproctitis can become non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, traumatic manipulation of the anal canal, the presence of diseases of the anus (anal fissures, hemorrhoids). In some cases, paraproctitis there is no apparent reason.

What's going on?

Through the ducts of glands located in the anus, infection of the lumen of the rectum penetrates into the surrounding

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Parodont— A complex of tissues that surround tooth and ensure its fixation in the jaw bone. This complex includes the gums, periodontal ligament that connects the root of the tooth to the bone recess, alveolar bone and cement the root of the tooth. Periodontitis— Is an inflammatory process that involves all of periodontal structures. It is characterized by the destruction of the periodontal connection and progressive destruction of alveolar jaw bone.

Periodontitis is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults.


Most periodontal disease occurs when a bad mouth hygiene (irregular or incorrect

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Passive smoking

In recent years, there is growing evidence that the so-called passive smoking (Inhalation of air with tobacco smoke) Smoking contributes to the development of diseases peculiar to smokers.

A lit cigarette is the source of the side stream smoke (apart from the main stream, enjoyed smokers) which effect on others.

Passive smoker, being in a room with smoking continuously for one hour inhales a dose of some gaseous constituents of tobacco smoke, which is equivalent to half of cigarettes smoked. However, the dose of respirable particles of solids, including resin and somewhat less than 0.1 corresponds to

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Second-hand smoke from the point of view of the WHO

On the eve of World No Tobacco Day World Health Organization (WHO) considers it necessary to clarify the understanding of the harm caused by passive smoking.

Myth 1. Tobacco smoke is safe for the environment.

In fact. Tobacco smoke is equally dangerous for both the smoker and for the people around him. Paradoxically, — the smoke even less harmful to the smoker because his lungs he gets mostly filtered. Numerous references to the alleged scientific evidence harmless smoke prove to either appeal to a much outdated studies, or it appears that the sponsors of such works were the

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