Seals and materials

The main method of treatment of caries is the installation of the seal. Seal used to restore the anatomical and functional integrity of the tooth and dental manufactured directly in the mouth.

Seals are used for the manufacture of a variety of materials. Currently time the most popular are the composite curing and svetokompozity, hardening under the influence of blue light that emits a special lamp. Light curing fillings are beautiful, durable, and can reproduce the color and transparency of almost all the layers of the tooth.

For large defects of the teeth dentists recommend the use

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Ideally foot man consists of internal arches and curved surfaces. However, many people or birth or with time vault Foot drop — it becomes flat. This is called a flat-footed.


The most common reason — lack or excess stress on your feet. This may be caused, for example, improper shoes. Approximately 3% of people get flat "inherited" from parents. A lot of it is developing as a result of diseases: rickets, polio, diabetes. Women suffer from flat feet to four times more often than men. Risk factors include: uncomfortable shoes and walking in high heels, standing on

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Tight attachment or placenta accreta

Within 30 minutes after the birth of a child should be born last. If not, doctors may suspect a dense attachment or placenta accreta.

More dangerous is the increment of the placenta, which is extremely rare: 1 in 24,000 births, and occurs almost exclusively in multiparous.

Causes structural changes in the uterus due to surgeries, abortion and inflammatory diseases; pathology location of the placenta (placenta previa or low position of the placenta); violation of the enzymatic balance in system hyaluronic acid-hyaluronidase between the chorionic villi and decidua (mucosa) endometrium. What's going on?

In the process of placental chorionic

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Pros of Pediatric Dentistry

About his work in pediatric dentistry, says chief medical officer and a leading orthodontist children's dental clinic "Martinka" Nathan R. Nuvahov.

When opened, "Martinka"?

The idea to create a clinic appeared simultaneously at the head of the main network, and for me, since I'm flying mostly children. We opened in 2005 and has since been working for 5 years. During this time the clinic has worked well.

What distinguishes the "adult" from the children's dental clinic?

In pediatric dentistry there are some difficulties. Our main problem is that the kids can be a negative experience with

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Pros and cons of tanning

Harmful or beneficial sunlight? The unequivocal answer is no. You might as well ask: is harmful or beneficial fishing? Watching someone and looking for something. Likewise also the case with a tan.

"The sun's rays are useful — some say — Because contribute to the formation of vitamin D and serotonin." Others objected to them: "It used to be the sun's rays were useful, while over our heads did not start to grow the ozone hole. Now, it is better to get all the vitamins artificial means. " Again, the response argument: "The ozone hole is increased, but

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Pros and Cons of Hair Removal

Epilation— Method of getting rid of the hair and, and on the hair follicles. Unfortunately, there is no method that guarantees complete freedom from unwanted hair for life. However, choosing the right kind of treatment and procedures, it is possible to achieve a good and lasting results.

On today nabiolee three common types of procedures: electro-, photo-and laser hair removal. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


Electrolysis is used much longer than other methods. The bottom line is that with the help of special needles inhair electrical charge is applied. He comes to the

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Pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs)

Concept pneumoniaintegrates the whole group of diseases which occur in pulmonary inflammation. This process causes the microbes (pneumococci, staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Legionella, and others), viruses (influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus), fungi, protozoa. It is also possible the development of inflammation by inhalation of toxic substances, gases, and other hazardous chemicals.

Most often, the development of pneumonia due to the weakening of the body's defenses. This may be due to hypothermia, a viral disease, taking drugs that lower the immune system.

Greater risk of developing pneumonia are:

the elderly; people with comorbid conditions: chronic lung disease, diabetes, Parkinson's

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In the wake of smiles

Anger, joy, grief, stress … The result is obvious, and it's called wrinkles.

To date, funds for skin care is more than enough. But all of them provide only a cosmetic effect: cleanse the skin, moisturize it, give a little elasticity. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics are powerless. Miraculous anti-wrinkle cream does not happen. Even if you pay attention to each of commercials that guarantees "by 25% to smooth out the wrinkles", think about what the other 75% will remain in the same place. This means that in order to combat facial wrinkles need a more serious tools.

The well-known

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Repeated pregnancy

It would seem that a woman who has become a mother knows about childbirth and pregnancy all. Anyway, he knows what to expect from his own body in this challenging and exciting period. However, the reality is that the second pregnancy can take place at all differently.


Of course, not everything in life is verified by the scheme, but important events such as births, yet it is better to plan ahead. It is desirable that the time interval between pregnancies was no less a half to two years. This is exactly the time period in which the body

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High blood pressure: Myths and Realities

Increased pressure— A common complaint, which we call a physician. But that's associated with it a lot of myths.

Myth: hypertension transmitted only by inheritance

Indeed, it often occurs in people with a genetic predisposition to the disease. If your immediate family suffered from high blood pressure before age 50 years, and you risk to get this diagnosis. However, 90% of patients doctors can not determine the exact cause of hypertension and call it the primary one. Chances to acquire hypertension increased with age, people who are overweight, heavy drinkers, smokers. It also threatens salty food lovers and

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