The border states of mind

Borderline mental disorders are at the boundaries between health and disease states. This is a — non-specific ill effects. Neurotic disorders, which define the border states, part of the structure of various diseases — mental, physical, neurological, and are expressed in the whole complex disorders neurotic level. It may be irritability, fatigue, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autonomic dysfunction.

Among the apparent causes of the disease include a person experienced a variety of psychological conflict — whether domestic or with the environment. Often there are deeper reasons — biological predugotovlennost, genetically predetermined character traits. Some time ago, in Russia there was

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What is it?

Gout (Gouty arthritis) — a disease of the joints, which is caused by the deposition of salts in them uric acid (urate). It affects all the joints: fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees. Gout most often affects the joints of the toes.

Gout affects about one person in a thousand. Men suffer 20 times more often than women. The disease usually develops after 40 years in men and post-menopausal women.

Why did this happen?

In the development of gout is the role of heredity. Predisposing factors: excess food, monotonous meat diet, alcohol (especially beer and wines),

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Gift for first birthday

Coming anniversary. First! It does not matter whether it is your own treasure or a child beloved friend, a nephew or granddaughter. Date, to be sure, serious. And you want on this occasion to give something extraordinary, memorable and useful. But what? The store in the abundance of goods dazzled and overwhelmed by heavy doubts.

And so we decided to talk about what you can please-year-old hero of the day and his parents. Choose to taste and financial possibilities!

What is life? Game!

Without toys, of course, can not do. What is love-year-olds?

At this age, there are

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Preparations for the research of the intestine

The better will be cleaned intestines, the more information can get in the study. Three days before the planned study of the exclusive supply fruit and vegetables, flour, foods that cause excessive flatulence. The basis of the power to make meat in small quantities. On the evening before the study from the dinner should be abandoned, the day of the study — do not eat breakfast, only allowed to drink water.

Clear intestines There are two ways:

With special preparation based on polyethylene glycol 4000 — macrogol.

Medium was dissolved in a large volume of water (4-6 liters) and

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Preparing for school

"Today at school first class of an institution" — sung in the famous song. In any case, moms and dads, these institutions produce about the same thrill and excitement. Of course, any parent would like, that precious child has learned in a nice, prestigious school, and they put all this effort.

But, alas, too often school preparation is limited to the intellectual "coaching." Young talents from early childhood learning to read and count, operate a double-digit numbers, recite Pushkin and Lermontov. And in this case are not ready for school life! Oddly enough, but academic success — not the

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Fakes in medicine: the fraudsters coffin of our health

Everyone knows, theft and "piracy" — a crime. But here's the paradox: many of our fellow citizens think differently. A few years ago, sociologists conducted a public opinion poll which showed that 38% of Russians do not just tolerate falsification of goods, but also regularly and knowingly buying fakes. All because of a banal greed. Some are even willing to show off their "thrift": say, the company store Swiss watches are expensive, and I bought in the market such as China is ten times cheaper.

When it comes to fake watches, cell phones or jeans, the buyer's risk

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Crafts from summer trophies

Perhaps no other time of the year does not give us many opportunities to commune with nature, as the summer. How do you want to keep in mind the noise of the surf and feel the round pebbles beneath her bare feet, the rustle of the trees in the forest and the smell of pine needles … Nature — the best therapist, because after talking with her, we and our children come home refreshed and peaceful. And after each session with a "natural therapist" remain mountain of treasures — interestingly shaped stones, shells of all sizes, dried flowers in

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No wonder they say that adolescence — one big crisis. It is not by chance, for the adolescent crisis there is just three reasons. First, it is the rapid physical growth and sexual maturation ("physiological revolution") and secondly the concern that "the way I look in the eyes of others," "I'm a present", in the third, the need to find his professional calling.

In these really severe tests the child tries to build on those previously passed the critical moments of development. And if he is sure of its safety, confident in his ability to control themselves and

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Teenage crisis

When it starts and when it ends a teenage crisis?

On average (for the climatic zones of Europe and NorthNorthwest Russian): 11-16 years — and the girls12-18 years — in boys. But in practice it is very individual. As a spice: teenager from Dostoyevsky's novel of the same name — twenty-one years. Not weak, is said by teens, is not it?

In general, the girls teenage crisis occurs in a milder form, occurs earlier and ends faster than boys. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the requirements for self-determination of young men and women in our

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Candlesticks hands — getting ready for the New Year

Perhaps the New Year like no other holiday reminds us of childhood. As a child, is still waiting for miracles and believe that desire, thought New Year's Eve, will certainly come true. As a child, fascinated freezes in front of shop windows with every New Year's beauty — shiny balls, tinsel, wonderful Christmas decorations. And somewhere deep within the living memory of the way with his mother and older sister once we were making toys for the Christmas tree and the table was littered with scraps of colored paper, and a lamp with a light brown shade covered all

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