Allow yourself to smile!

Today aesthetics became a defining event in our culture. Graceful silhouettes clothes, elegant accessories, subtle aromas expensive perfume — the enduring fashion phenomenon of all time. All these components are involved in the modeling of the image, in which the surrounding judge you. But the determining factor is still an appearance. Services of cosmetologist, stylist, make-up artist are becoming more popular, as is rightly considered that the true beauty can only create specialists. The paradox is that, understanding the importance charming toothy smile for the formation of a decent image, many believe that caring for your teeth you can

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Later ejaculation

Later Ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation— A sexual dysfunction, wherein erection occurs and is maintained, however ejaculation for a long time does not occur or does not occur at all, despite the additional stimulation of the penis.


Later ejaculation quite rare. First of all, it can be associated with age, as older than man, the steps become longer intercourse.

Quite a significant risk factor is alcohol intake. First, it acts a stimulant, but then the spinal reflexes are inhibited, which can lead not only to delay ejaculation, but also the complete absence of erection.

Ejaculation disorder may also cause

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Late pregnancy

With end 1970 s began the rapid growth in the number of women giving birth at the age of forty, and even forties. For a quarter century, the number of births among women 35-39 years has increased by 90%. And by 87% in the number of young mothers who 40 or more.

Whereas fifteen years ago, "starodyaschimi" called25-year-olds girls, but today the term is used to refer to mothers older than 35 years, and is quite rare. There has been a significant shift age limit women capable of getting pregnant and giving birth.

Unplanned pregnancy

To begin

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Late loss of virginity

Some people believe that today's young people very early (around 14-15 years) becomes the first sexy experience, and so is well versed in sex. This is not entirely true. As for the girls, then at such an early age begin sexual life of a few: only 15-18% of women living in big cities, and even then only in order to "try". Actually it's not so much sex as an experiment that offers no sensual pleasure. The first experience of young girls want to make sure: they are able to please, to awaken desire. Then they settle down for a

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Educational games in the country

In the summer of parents of young pochemuchek to particularly difficult. After all, the number of questions is growing exponentially, why the leaves on the trees are green, as they drink plants as volcanoes erupt, and so on to infinity. Reply to help them basic experiments that do not require special equipment: the material for them always at hand (and sometimes — and by foot).

Our summer experiments are so simple that even preschoolers are available and will be able to diversify the usual country life and give food for thought. After all, when comprehend the laws of

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The search for inner peace

Spring — a time difficult and painful restructuring of the body, preparing it for the new warm season. We wake up, like houseplants that have come out of winter hibernation state, and now stretch to the sun, sprout and gain strength for flowering. This is a very difficult time for our psyche — not by chance, most exacerbations of mental illness occurs most often in spring and autumn — in the moments when the invisible forces pushing nature to the powerful changes. And it is for us now is not out of place in the form of medication

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Indicators of blood during pregnancy

Get your hands on a blood test, a pregnant woman sometimes horrified by comparing their results and the results of the "norm." However, nothing wrong with that: the fact is that during pregnancy has its own "rules." Meanwhile, blood tests abound scary and confusing names, and not to be afraid of uncertainty, it makes sense to understand the terms.

Complete blood

Pregnancy affects the results of a general analysis of blood. Such indicators as hemoglobin andhematocrit may decline in the second half of pregnancy, andleucocytes, on the contrary, may be increased.


Coagulation — a measure of blood clotting.

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Buy drugs without leaving your home

To buy a tablet, we all used to go to the pharmacy and no one thinks that the medication ordered for home delivery easier and more convenient. Why to book by phone drugs better than going to the pharmacy?

First,necessary to go to the pharmacy, and if you are sick, it is not so nice, especially when the window minus ten and icy conditions. Dial the number and order the medicine is clearly easier.

Secondly,it is not necessary that in the nearest pharmacy to the house you will find the necessary means, despite the rather large

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Shopping for children from 0 to year

Long before the baby mums start to think about what to cook for him. Indeed, the purchase should not be delayed "for later", as envisaged necessary a lot.

For the first six months

The first thing to think about the structure of bed for the baby.

The canopy for the crib looks very pretty, but its functionality is highly questionable. When the baby is a little older and start to climb on all fours, and then get up — will have to remove the canopy of the child was not knocked over. But soft "side", bindable perimeter

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Shopping for mother and baby

During pregnancy, a woman's figure varies considerably: increasing chest and growing every month tummy. Therefore willy-nilly have to think about changing clothes. In addition to the free clothes, the expectant mother will need special clothes made of natural fabrics (bra and panties), tights and protect against varicose veins, and a bandage.

In the hospital my mother protrebuyutsya special hygiene products (pads — conventional and chest, disposable panties, cream for cracked nipples), and the baby — diapers and diaper rash cream.

Young parents often difficult to determine the order, which must be newborn layette. How not to buy too

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