Shopping for a first grader

Gather in the newly created school first grader — it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Of course, this pleasant chores, but even they need to think and calculate. What is most important in this difficult process?


In all departments of children's stationery stores and bookstores usually in the summer, a list of items included in the "set of first-graders." Inexperienced parents take it on board, honestly buy everything on this list, and in September, it appears that the school be sure to bring a wooden ruler, Spanish clay or some mysterious thing called

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Shopping for baby

It's in the Soviet era children's products sold exclusively in the "Children's World". And there were two types accessible (for help from the hospital), five types of plastic PUPS, stuffed animals from the series "Who is not hidden — I'm not guilty," and another pinwheel and wooden blocks. Maybe the situation described is a bit exaggerated, but it is on every order is different from that diversity, which offer manufacturers of children's products today.

Therefore, today's moms are more concerned about not question "Where to get it?" And question "What to choose? '.

By what criteria, for example, to

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The polyps of the colon: the enemy never sleeps


A polyp is difficult to find — it does not hurt! But the disease progresses and the risk to health is growing. As far as polyps are dangerous if they can develop into cancer?

Polyp — a benign tumor on the leg, hanging from the walls of the hollow body into the lumen may be located in any part of the digestive tract.

Polyps are classified into types depending on the structure, shape, quantity and level of potential onkoriska.

The most difficult time to diagnose and detect polyps due to a possible lack

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The polyps of the colon: diagnosis and treatment


The problems involved in polyps gastroenterologist. Timely diagnosis and treatment of polyps prevents colon cancer.

The main method of diagnosis of polyps colonoscopy — examination section of the intestine of one meter using a special endoscope is introduced into the anus. The endoscope is passed through the bends of the intestine, through all its restrictions. This procedure must undergo every person over 50. If a family has, cancers of the colon, colonoscopy should then take place on a regular basis, starting with a younger age.

Before the colonoscopy doctor may order:

fecal occult blood; irrigoscopy

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Colon polyps: causes and manifestations

Polyp — It outgrowth mucosa of the intestinal wall. Polyps colon may be single or multiple, arranged on the leg or on a broad basis ("chairs"). Depending on the shape and structural features distinguish the different types of polyps. In particular, distinguish inflammatory polyps (appearing on the site of inflammation), hyperplastic (the result of excessive proliferation of normal tissue) and neoplastic (overgrowth of atypical (abnormal) cells). The latter may be either benign or malignant.

By polyps colon Coloproctologists attracted the attention of the world as bowel cancer in the vast majority of cases develop from benign polyps (adenomas). The

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Sexual Life

Sexuality is Estestenno and indispensable part of human nature. Sex — it's not just a way to continue their family, leave descendants, but also a means of pleasure, relieve psychological stress. Furthermore, they argue that sex has a positive effect on mental activity.

One of the characteristics of human sexuality is that feelings associated with sexual satisfaction requirements segregated from its initial biological targets — procreation. With this basic sexual inclination has been able to turn into love and emotional intimacy.

For a harmonious life together people who love to achieve three levels of compatibility:

— Compatibility

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Genital infection — lurking threat!

Is it safe to say that the holiday was a success? What can considerably impair the life, both men and women after a romantic vacation?

Well-being after a holiday may be just an illusion. In most cases, neither the non-committal relationship does not have consequences either for men or for women.

The most common problem vacationers — the "disease of love" or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Pleasure without consequences?

This is only possible in the movies. In life, things are different. The perfect state of health after a vacation can be deceptive and hide the

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Genital infection — the invisible threat

On the nose — summer! A favorite holiday season and holiday novels! But often, in addition to pleasant memories and sweet souvenirs from holidays bring unpleasant health problems in the form of genital infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

STDs — is the symbol of a broad range of infectious diseases transmitted mainly through sexual contact.

However, they may be transmitted in other ways. Therefore, infection can occur not only as a result of random romantic adventures, but also in public places: a swimming pool, sauna, etc. In other words, at risk, especially in the summer,

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Sex education in schools

In the Soviet Union there was no sex. At least, that was announced at the infamous teleconference with the U.S.. And more specifically, the sex education in Soviet schools was completely ignored: there was no mention of sex, or of Contraception, nor about diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Taught in Soviet schools?

For example, in the textbook A.M.Tsuzmera 1984 edition, in which all Soviet schoolchildren studied, there was a section on the structure of male and female sexual organs. It all started with the gametes and fertilization. And here is how the sperm got to the egg on a

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Sex education of children

In recent years, views on sexuality education became even more controversial. All agree on the need to develop in children the right attitude to sexual matters, but opinions as to what should be taught and who should do it, strongly disagree.

Studies have shown that only a few parents are willing and able to engage in sexual education of their children. Survey data show that teens that basic information about sex they do not come from the family and from their peers.

Some parents categorically deny the need for sex education. Practically, this means the worst case scenario:

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