Puberty for men and for women — is the ability to procreate. A man has normal sexual maturation starts10-13 years. Testes begin to grow, grow pubic hair. Tides special hormone (GnRH), which leads to the appearance of an erection to occur on the first night, then cease to depend on the time of day. Changes occur not only in the urogenital system, but also in the whole body: the boy becomes a man.

Violations of sexual development lies in the fact that the boy changes occur too early or too late.

Early sexual development: When a child is not

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Coitus (Coitus, copulation, copulation, copulatory act of sexual intercourse, intercourse) — genital contact between two individuals for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, as well as for procreation. Distinguish between heterosexual coitus — between the sexes and homosexual — between members of the same sex.

Under intercourse has traditionally been understood act of vaginal sex. It may be accompanied by other forms of sexual activity partners — petting, oral or manual stimulation of the erogenous zones, masturbation in the presence of a partner, etc. In vaginal sex, and other forms of sexual activity is possible orgasm in one or

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Genital infections

Genital infections (sexually transmitted diseases, STDs) — a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. They are united by the possibility of transmission by sexual contact. In this case, may be affected as genitourinary system and other tissues and organs, or even the entire body.

Due to the specific modes of transmission, the risk of infection depends on human sexual behavior (number of sexual partners, condom use, etc.). Unfortunately, too many people are promiscuous and neglected means of protection — this is eloquent testimony to the history of the epidemic HIV. The first reports on

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Genital infections in men: no one is safe

When the question of who is suffering sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and how widely they are distributed, most people will tell you that these diseases — the lot of prostitutes, homosexuals, in general, "persons with promiscuity," and such a small minority. And they will be wrong.

Of course, a large number of sexual partners increases the risk of infection, but fully insure against sexually transmitted infections (STDs) May be the only one who has never had sexual intercourse. And that is conditional — some of STIs can be transmitted in other ways.

The number of sexual

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The cross-flat

For many women suffering doom themselves for the sake of beauty. But patience, as we know, is coming to an end. What is really there and heelspumps, if the "pit" ugly bulges, making the foot wider and, in the truest sense of the word, does not take a single step. The reason for such a deformity — a cross- flatfoot.

What's going on?

Our foot is composed of many bones, joints joints, ligaments and tendons. Ideally, the metatarsal bones (which are attached to the phalanges of the toes) should be parallel, and keep them open chords. In practice,

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Frequently asked questions about the method of Golden Earring ® (FAQ)

"Golden NeedleEarring Magic …… Dr. Mukhina … "Girls who dream to lose weight, pronounce these words like a mantra. And no wonder: the weight-loss method, developed by a physician acupuncturist, PhD Mariyat Mukhina, physiological, virtually no contraindications, and guarantees results.

For those who decide to get rid of extra pounds with the help of the Golden Needle ®, we have selected the nine most popular questions about the procedure and asked them to its author — Mariyat Mukhina.

Question 1. By what method to lose weight Fly?

Weight reduction is due to the growing process of lipolysis and

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Heart defects

What is it?

The normal heart — is a powerful, constantly working the muscle pump. The size of it is a little more human fist.

The heart has four chambers: two atria are called the upper and lower two — ventricles. Blood series comes from the atria to the ventricles, and then into the main artery through the four heart valves. Valves open and close the blood flowing in one direction only.

Heart defects — it is congenital or acquired changes in the structures of the heart (valves, partitions, walls, waste receptacles) violating the blood flow inside

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After the birth

She feels women after birth of a child depends on the flow of labor: if they were natural or cesarean section was performed, whether there were complications (perineal tear, cervix, etc.), or everything went smoothly.

After births female body undergoes major restructuring: the uterus returns to its original size in the breasts begins to produce milk, much hormonal changes. Childbirth also affect the psychological state — many young mothers postpartum depression begins. During this period, it is important to care for the child not to forget about their health. In the case of lower abdominal pain, change in

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After birth: issues to the gynecologist

When restored a normal menstrual cycle?

Recovery times of the menstrual cycle for each woman unique. In many ways, it depends on lactation. After birth, the female body produces the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production and also inhibits the formation of hormones in the ovaries, thus preventing ovulation.

The longest menstruation does not occur in women who are breast-fed "on demand." Most often in such cases, the normal cycle is restored by reducing the number of feedings after early introduction of complementary foods. When mixed feeding or breast-feeding "on the clock" menstrual cycle, in most cases, restored after

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Last summer preschool

As to his future first-graders and their parents? Being parents of future students is not easy. First, it is difficult to realize the fact that the child is already quite mature, and secondly, plunged into a panic thinking about the future of life change.

Behind were interviewing and testing. And, of course, has long been bought trendy satchel, and along with it — pencil cases, pencils, notebooks and other school attributes. But how to spend the last months of the school? Arrange a "brainstorming" on a brand new textbooks for the first grade? Or, on the contrary, to

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