Postoperative hernia

Postoperative hernia (also known as ventral hernia, hernia scar) — a condition in which the abdominal organs (intestines, caul) are outside the abdominal wall in the region of the scar formed after surgery.

Postoperative abdominal hernia protrusion appears in the scar, which is reduced or eliminated in a horizontal position.

Engaged in the treatment of postoperative hernia surgeon. Advisable to consult a doctor at the first sign of discomfort.


• painful bulging of the scar; • abdominal pain, especially when straining and abrupt movements; • nausea and sometimes vomiting.

Methods of diagnosis examination by a

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Postpartum Depression

So, you become a mother. Otshumeli enthusiasm relatives have long wilted flowers with which the happy dad met you out of the hospital. Began severe everyday life, filled to the last child crying, washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking.

You spin around all day like a squirrel in a wheel, and it still does not have time. Do you bad, everything goes wrong, you will not understand, and have the patience to the limit. What's going on? It looks like you have postpartum depression.

Symptoms of depression Your eyes are constantly on the wet spot — are you crying

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Postpartum recovery figures using VelaShape

Pregnancy — a real miracle, because of two microscopic cells is connected together there is a new man. It's the most wonderful time for every woman.

Unfortunately, our appearance during pregnancy is severely tested (blame the hormones) appear excess fat deposits where they have never been, the skin becomes less elastic, enhanced the appearance of cellulite. But, do not get upset — after the birth of a child over time to normal. However, the recovery process can be sped up: just 5 treatments on the unit VelaShape significantly improve the state of the skin, reduce the appearance of

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Postpartum hemorrhage

Unfortunately, only 14% of births take place without complications. The most common symptom is abnormal postnatal period — bleeding.

Causes The delay in the uterus of the next (share a placenta or membranes); Atonia and hypotonia of the uterus; Soft tissue injury of the birth canal; Violation of blood coagulation (coagulopathy). Diagnosis and treatment

Massive bleeding from the uterus may occur early (within 2 hours) or late (after 2 hours or more after birth) postnatal period. In hypo-and atony uterus big, relaxed, with outdoor massage may decrease slightly, and then relaxes again, andbleeding resumes.

Hypotonic treatment of

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Post-natal problems

Almost every woman after childbirth "opens" his body again. Breast changes in size (becoming either more or less), sag, stretch marks appear on it. Extra pounds on the thighs, cellulite. The abdomen becomes flabby. This picture is pretty depressing.

So what do? Of course, the ideal way — take care of yourself and your muscles before pregnancy, and do a special set of exercises during it. Indeed, in this case, post-natal problems will not be as pronounced. But if time has been lost, but watching her figure to start in about 2 months after birth, gradually increasing the

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The man knows how to adapt to different circumstances, with the change of our lives are changing and we are. Changes taking place in helping us survive, no matter what conditions we might have got. However, some of the events, especially stretched in time, can cause serious mental disorder known as "Post-traumatic syndrome" (PTS).

Speaking of PTSD, we mean that a person has experienced one or more traumatic events that profoundly affected his psyche. These events are so very different from all previous experience, or caused such severe suffering that people have responded to violent backlash. Sanity in such

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Hangovers: who is friend and who is foe?

Abstinence syndrome — how much of this sound! Headache and dizziness, chills and cramps, nausea, and stomach cramps, general depression … It is in such a state can meet the morning after a harmless and noisy party.

The next day, after a thorough intake of alcohol comes the reckoning. And that it is not only as hangover. In the moments when each breath in and out given the exorbitant efforts, we are ready for a few minutes to climb Mount Everest … If we were told that there waiting for the world's most effective remedy for a hangover!


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Losing weight for the Golden Needle: how does it work?

Despite the fact that the technology to reduce the weight of the Golden Needle Doctor ® Fly there for more than ten years, many people still refer to it as a miracle. Pierced ear — and lost weight, really possible? But what about the low-calorie diet and exercise for the "fat-burning"? How can you live without them?

How does the Golden Needle ® and how does it work? Solve the mystery of this popular technology to reduce weight we asked the author — MD, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.

— What is the secret of your technology?

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Lose weight like a man

A good man should be plenty. Rather, it came up with the saying men prefer to buy clothes one size larger if acquired overweight, and not take care of her figure and, therefore, health. Why diet — it's not just women, but male occupation, explains the doctor-reflexologist, MD, author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Vulnerable floor

Nature has endowed man with physical force but deeply layered defenses went to women. A strong half of humanity, in fact, sick more often, longer and harder. As for this, and obesity, which is on

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Lose weight from 50 to size 44

Sitting on a diet, I suddenly noticed a monstrous injustice everywhere with stupefying coffee cake, and I have the first — carrots, in the second — two peas and dill. Well, there were two weeks of unbearable suffering … month … And what is the result? Thinner wrist — well. Slightly sagging cheeks — it's worse. Went deep wrinkles on the face, skin sag has on the body — yuck. On the sides there folds away which was beyond the power of even the best cream of the French laboratory. But the hip … thighs were so, what were.

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