Why are natural laxatives sold fewer chemicals?

The situation looks quite simple: pharmacy is interested in sales, customers — to solve their sensitive issues, and manufacturers — in the sales of its funds. For the perfect knowledge and understanding of the market by the client (that, you happen to be very, very rare), this situation does not fail. However, in case the customer in any way "floats" in the situation, the adoption of the decision is, in fact, for a pharmacy.

What pharmacy offer of laxatives? In-First, of course, cheap and popular chemical funds, which differ in the presence of colorants, flavors, sugars, gluten

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Why can not I remove the adenoids

For most of us dart nose has long been synonymous with a full childhood. Every parent knows how difficult it is to protect your baby from the sodden feet, drafts, colds — it is easier to buy a drop "for all occasions", which will help cure a cold in seven days. We also know that, if left untreated, it will be held this week … no joke. Unfair joke. After all, if time does not keep track of it, one can run into another "childhood illness", which treatment (other than operational), modern medicine does not know — adenoids.

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Why addiction to alcohol leads to divorce?


Alcohol is one of the most common causes of family disintegration. Why many are not willing to put up with fatal predilection spouse — read here!

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Despite the fact that all talk about the dangers of alcohol, many still continue to drink. Very often this leads not only to the disintegration of the human personality, but also the disintegration of his family.

In most cases, people start drink just out of boredom, monotony

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Renal colic

Renal colic— Is an acute attack of pain in the lumbar region, driven by sharp violation of the outflow of urine from the kidneys and the blood circulation in it. The pain is caused by hyperextension of the renal pelvis at a pressure of flowing urine.

Why did this happen and how to manifest

Meets this condition with urolithiasis (blockage of the ureter stone), deletion of the kidneys (ureters inflection) and other pathological conditions (trauma, tumors, tuberculosis).

To renal colic characterized by the sudden, cramping growth pains in the lumbar region with frequent radiating to the groin, genitals, legs.

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Renal failure

Renal failure— Is a condition in which the kidneys as a result of any disease no longer do their job in a sufficient amount for the body. This leads to disruption constant throughout the internal environment, which leads to malfunction of organs and tissues.

Renal failure may be acute or chronic.

In acute renal failure (ARF), the kidneys quickly disrupted due to heavy volume and destruction of renal tissue. The reasons for such lesions can be both in the kidney (cell death under the influence of poisons, alcohol substitutes, drugs, acute inflammation, or lack of blood supply), and outside

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Renal profile

Renal profile — a set of specific blood tests, which allows you to get a wealth of information about the functional state of the kidneys.

What are the indications for renal profile?

diagnosis of the kidneys; gout; urolithiasis.

What do the indicators of renal profile?

1) Creatinine — a substance that plays an important role in the energy metabolism of muscle and other tissues. Creatinine is completely eliminated by the kidneys, therefore, the determination of its concentration in the blood has the greatest clinical relevance for the diagnosis of kidney disease.

The normal creatinine values:

Men —

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The Truth About Dandruff

Each person in the course of life faced with dandruff, which manifests enhanced exfoliation of cells from the surface of the scalp. While some signs of dandruff may not be immediately apparent accumulation of dry skin flakes make it visible to others. By "invisible" signs of dandruff include itching and a feeling of tightening of the skin.

Dandruff usually appears during puberty and accompanies us throughout adulthood. Factors predisposing to its occurrence, is excessive formation of sebum due to functional activity of the sebaceous glands, hormonal changes or diet. Increased sebum production increases microbial colonies feeding fatty acids. These

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Terms Sun

On the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin known, probably, everyone: they accelerate the aging process of the skin, and the abuse of the sun leads to the depletion of its defense mechanisms. Skin coarsens, becomes dense, dry, covered with wrinkles. In case of severe burns, broken thermal regulation, which, in turn, leads to sunstroke.

However, when it next summer, all the arguments of reason into the background in front of a desire to give the skin golden chocolate shade evenly distributed throughout the body. This desire led to the craze tan topless. At the same

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Terms of measuring blood pressure

An important element of diagnosis of hypertension and its adequate control — self- measurement his patient Blood Pressure (BP). In order to measure as accurate as possible, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

How to prepare for the measurement of blood pressure?

Before measuring a pressure of about 15 minutes did not change the position of the body. Try to relax completely. The cuff should be approximately at the level of the heart. Lower the air out of it try to slow. Fluctuations arrows and audio tones to be guided which is often not the

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Terms of intimate safety

Following the example of the French physician J. Betancourt the name of the mythological goddess of love Venus named some diseases, infectious disease transmitted mainly during vaginal or anal intercourse. The most common include gonorrhea, chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, and syphilis, history of struggle which goes back almost to the beginning of our era. In the twentieth century, there was AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, the rate of spread and the consequences of which became the basis for an informal but well-aimed epithet of the disease — "the plague of the twentieth century."

Paradoxically, but most people prefer to

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