Terms of medication

Opening the packaging of pills, do we always pay attention to the little sack with recommendations on receiving the drug? Meanwhile, only a scrupulous adherence to the instructions annotations can achieve the expected effect of the drug.


Inside are drugs in the form of solutions, powders, tablets, capsules and pills. These funds are used to produce the effect within gastrointestinal path (e.g., anthelmintic drugs, laxatives), or for inducing systemic exposure to the drug by sucking blood. The powders and tablets are now rarely used — such dosage forms recede into the past.

To prevent irritant effect of some

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Terms of separate food

Seven food rules

Rule number 1. Eat acid and starch at different times.

This means: Carbohydrate foods (bread, potatoes, peas, beans, bananas, dates, etc.) can not be eaten with lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple and other acidic fruits, as well as tomatoes.

Rule number 2. Eat protein and carbohydrates at different times.

It means: cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta, you can not eat with the meat, eggs, cheese, nuts.

Rule number three. Eat only one concentrated protein foods at one time.

It means: in one meal should not include nuts, meat, or eggs, and meat or cheese and meat, or cheese

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Legal aspects of abortion

Abortion — Operations on abortion — in Russia is regulated by Article 36 of the Federal Law "On protection of public health", adopted in 1993 According to the article, a woman may decide to abortion.

At will. Interrupt for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in the direction of women's clinic with your passport and insurance policy in the institution operating under the compulsory health insurance program — free of charge. For social reasons. Interruption made for up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Allocate 13 reasons for abortion for social reasons, including the death of her husband and the

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Feast of disobedience, or a crisis one year

What's going on? Your year-old kid if substituted. More recently, he was so obedient, affectionate, sweet, and now — it's just a small typhoon, rushing his way and does not want to listen to your exhortations. In the street he comes out of your hands and runs into the deepest puddle or, on the contrary, all the while asking for pens and from the height of his mother's wishes to the growth of the whole to consider a walk-on in the district of the birds. Home he will certainly need all to open, disassemble, break down, flip and spill

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Festive cocktails — Safe?

Behind the New Year's holiday. Make it a beautiful and memorable sought each. And not the last role in this played a selection of dishes and drinks. First of all we are talking about New Year's cocktails. Beautiful multi-colored glasses, bright, sparkling ornaments on the legs of glasses, and drink themselves of all colors of the rainbow — it is always a lucky find for the holiday table decoration. And every year the recipes are becoming more original and unexpected.

Cocktails are a pleasure to hold in their hands, they complement any image, refined and suitable for any

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Festive booze: there is a solution

Long New Year holidays — holidays from the harsh working everyday … and drinking bouts. According to the committee, at risk is one in ten adult Russians. However, the chance to stop alcohol marathon yet is the main thing — to use it.

New year, more than any other holiday, provokes alcohol abuse. First, corporate parties and drinking champagne "symbolically" in the company of colleagues. On the night of December 31 to January 1 — the family or friendly feast. Wake up, eat up anything that is not eaten, and drink up all that is not consumed. 2 and

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Harbingers of cancer: beware

Under the guise of harmless symptoms and ailments may be hiding a life-threatening disease, such as cancer. Evolving rapidly and aggressively, destroying hopes and plans, it can invade our lives at any moment.

Is it possible to protect yourself and your family from dangerous diseases of the gastrointestinal tract? What are the underlying causes of cancer?

Simple symptoms of dreaded diseases

Frequent abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating, belching, nausea, impaired chairs — all symptoms of the disease gastrointestinal. But only symptomatic determine whether disease life-threatening certainly possible.

And in any case, can not tolerate

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Harbingers of birth

With the approaching date of birth can appear some signs that indicate that the pregnancy will come to an end.

Signs of impending birth

"Omission" belly

A woman may notice that the stomach is displaced downward. "Omission" is due to abdominal and lower insertion of the presenting part of the fetus into the entrance of the pelvis and uterus forward bias due to a reduction in tone abdominals. In nulliparous is observed for 2-4 weeks before delivery. Multifarious — before birth.

Breathing becomes easier

As a result, downward movement of the child is removed from the diaphragm pressure

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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome is often referred to as mood swings in women before menstruation. It serves as a constant excuse for men's jokes on the ladies, whose behavior they consider to be inadequate. However, for some women, premenstrual syndrome is the real problem, which is not always the cause of discomfort is changeable mood.

What's going on

The periodic occurrence of headaches, insomnia, depression, and discomfort in the heart, breathlessness, fever may be taken as the beginning of a serious illness. However, if these symptoms occur just before menstruation and with its origin are declining, most likely — are

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Premature rupture of membranes

Normally, the rupture of membranes should be at full or nearly full disclosure of the cervix (the end of the first stage of labor).

The outpouring of water is considered to be:

early, if it occurs in the I stage of labor to complete or nearly complete (7-8 cm) disclosure premature, if fetal bladder revealed until regular contractions, tardy, if full disclosure of the uterine mouth fetal bubble remains some the whole time. Causes

The exact causes of early or premature rupture of waters is not known. However, those women who were training for childbirth, such cases

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