The causes of constipation and control

British believe that gastric emptying in normal may be three times a day to three times a week. Domestic proctology believe that the rate may be only a daily colon cleansing, a deviation from this rule — is constipation. Ideally chair should to be every day in the morning, once.

That predispose to constipation?

The absence in the diet of fruits and vegetables, especially raw, crude fiber, which contain black bread and cereals, deprives the human pathogen natural peristalsis. The diet of modern man has too "soft", easily digestible ingredients: white bread, a simple sugar, broth. Animal fats

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The causes of impotence

The most common failure in a man's life — the so called impotence known psychotherapist Sigmund Freud. Since that time, medicine has achieved much in every detail worked out technology of diagnosis and treatment of impotence. But now, with potency problems — the strongest blow to the male ego.

The notion that impotence starts with the head and it is incorrect to blame for the emotional, long possessed minds. Now the weakness of the stronger sex more often due to all sorts of malfunctions and failures in the operation of the internal organs, as the mechanism of erection

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The causes of pregnancy loss (miscarriage)

The long-awaited pregnancy come, but from the moment of conception to the birth of a child must go through a long nine months. During this period, a woman could pose a serious test, the worst of which — the miscarriage, and as one of its variants — a frozen pregnancy.

The term "miscarriage" obstetricians understand spontaneous abortion for up to 37 weeks. If this has happened to 22 weeks, talk about abortion if later — about prematurity. In the first case, to fight for a child's life is meaningless, in the second — the doctors will try to do

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Causes of prostate cancer

For the period from the late 70's to early 90's rate of prostate cancer has nearly doubled. Prostate cancer (PCa) is currently the second leading cause of death from cancer of men. In the U.S., it is diagnosed every three minutes, every 15 minutes someone dies from it.

Such a wide spread of prostate cancer puts him among the most important social issues of our time. I suppose, in our country the situation is no better, although such statistics do not threaten. This is most likely due to the lack of early diagnosis and health education. The bulk

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The reasons for adultery

Researchers believe that adultery has 7 major reasons. They are:

1. A new love. The reason is characteristic of marriages, where love is negligible or non-existent (rationality, rational or forced marriages, based on the benefit, fear of loneliness).

2. Retribution — the desire to avenge the infidelity of his partner.

3. Reviled love — lack of reciprocity unrequited feelings. Looking for love in another partnership where possible reciprocity. Sometimes he does not like changing a new partner, but responds to his feelings.

4. Searching for a new love experience, usually characteristic of marriage "with experience", or for families

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The reasons for bedwetting (enuresis) in children

Enuresis — this is a problem faced by 10-15% Of children aged 5 to 12 years. Incontinence urinenight time, during sleep, difficult psychological and social adaptation of children in the family and children's groups, and persistent involuntary urination at night in adolescents often leads to complex health and social conflicts.

If baby at the age of three years, has not yet learned to control night urination, it is not necessary that he enuresis. Studies have shown that holding back urine at night, it turns out: to three years — almost 70% of children, to four years — from

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Is it time for a new anti-alcohol campaign?

A quarter-century after Gorbachev's "struggle with alcoholism," the Russian authorities to re looking for ways to solve the traditional problems of our country. The need to reduce the consumption of alcohol say the first person in the country, anti-alcohol propaganda returns to state television, the fight against alcoholism population joined the Public Chamber and the ROC.

Are the Russians began to drink more than the pre-perestroika eighties and nineties of racket? Which countries can be compared to the situation in Russia? Any changes in the preferences of the Russian alcoholic? How much alcohol can be consumed in a healthy

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About the health of the gums

Every other1 Russians concerned about bleeding gums, attesting to their inflammation. If you do not pay attention to the inflammation and bleeding gums, which may result in tooth loss. To avoid this, take great care of the gums. Take care of the need to protect them, while still with them all right, providing comprehensive oral health care to date.

From gingivitis to periodontitis

When brushing your teeth appear blood? Gums are in danger! They are constantly under attack bacteria — a major cause of gum disease. Being exposed to bacterial plaque, the gums redden, swell and

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The problem of halyazion? There is a solution!

Sometimes, you wake up with a feeling of discomfort when you blink. A glance in the mirror and notice: a site-century red and swelled. Perhaps barley? — You think and do nothing. It is known that barley brings anxiety for a few days and then usually goes away without consequences. But the swelling does not go away — eventually in the thickness of the century produced a rounded nodule, like a hailstone. Pain while gradually taper off as a cosmetic defect remains. "What is it?" — You ask a question ophthalmologist. Rather, a diagnosis that will deliver specialist: "halyazion."

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The problem of easy chairs

"Office" way of life, not full meals, stress, constipation, weight gain — all predispose to the development of hemorrhoids. Consequence — the discomfort, pain, and bleeding. We are looking for a solution!

The problem of hemorrhoidal disease can be safely ranked as one of the most controversial and mysterious, judging by the number of myths that exist around it. While the level of scrutiny of this problem in the practice of medicine is one of the highest. But this is only one of the contradictions.

And here are a few myths:

"Hemorrhoids affect only older people";

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