The problem of aggression in children: a bully or a victim?

The problem of aggression is quite acute in today's world. And we adults do not always know how to peacefully resolve their disputes, and as it does in young? They're studying, looking at you — the parents.

Aggression — the normal reaction of any living organism, it is necessary for survival and achieve their goals. Without aggression we would not have built the cities, not to make scientific discoveries and inventions. Psychologists treat aggression as a force with which the person seeks to implement his plans, and it is certainly a valuable asset. But sometimes aggression out of

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The problem of the season — pliers, a doctor’s advice

With the arrival of spring, many are beginning to go to nature. The main problem, which will face — mites, which can be in last year's grass and bush, and open natural areas. What you need to do and what steps to take if you still tick bites you? These are questions we asked a leading dermatologist clinics "MedCenterService", PhD — Vorotnikova Irina V..

Irina V., explain what the tick-borne encephalitis?

Tick-borne encephalitis — a viral disease of man, characterized by fever, intoxication and frequent lesion of the central nervous system.

Who is encephalitis?

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Problem Skin

Troubled skin called that for a number of reasons have any defects — rashes, spots, scars, scars, vascular blemishes, acne, etc. This problem does not spare anyone. You can have perfect skin, but when it comes time to hormonal changes, or you are experiencing stress at work, or there are more some issues — and you already are not happy in the mirror.

Skin problems can be temporary or may become obsessive nightmare. It depends on how old you are, what your health, what your skin type and many other factors. Most problematic skin types — it's dry sensitive

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Skin? Physical therapy can help

What do you mean by "problem skin"? The presence of pimples? The tendency to redness and irritation of the skin, any action? Or maybe you have always irritated, scratched themselves, tormented dandruff scalp? Doctors concepts "problem" skin no. But if you begin to deal with all these joyless states that doctors are called different diagnoses, and people — "problem skin", you can find a very simple common symptoms. At the heart of all — a violation of the so-called "skin barrier." Actually, skin — A powerful protective body, almost mythical chain mail, with many ways to meet the

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Problem areas — not a problem

In life we are faced only with the problems Bernard Werber, "Empire of Angels"

How effectively do away with the bulge, cellulite and other problems figure? —These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

About problem areas they know everything — that's why they are problematic. This area on the body, are more difficult to reduce the total volume. They are called "dietrezistentnye zone" because fat does not go out even in the most

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The problems of first-graders

How quickly time flies! It would seem that, until recently your child has learned to take the first steps, swaying on unsteady legs. Yesterday you proudly told her husband what wonderful mud pies out of the sand blinded your pipsqueak or, perhaps, what a tall tower out of blocks, she managed to build.

Left behind infant booties, cutting teeth, morning kindergarten. And now, your baby is on his first school lineup. Tremble, as if a flock of giant butterflies, weightless white bows, colorful bouquets flash rustling wrappers, and this is the first school bell rung for the beginning

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Problems with foreskin

Extreme flesh— A skin, which covers glans of the penis. With this skin may be linked to certain diseases.

For example, phimosis (narrowing prepuce), Which can lead to inflammation of the head and most prepuce. During erection extreme flesh can peredavit head of the penis and disrupt blood circulation in it (including necrosis), if not at the time to see a doctor.

The best treatment of phimosis — circumcision (Or circumcision — truncation prepuce). But this simple operation is performed not only for medicinal purposes. For example, Jews and Muslims is a religious rite which are all boys. In

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Problems with almonds

The existence of "tonsils" and "adenoids," many of us know from childhood. Speaking of them, usually mean, respectively, the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils (and their increase).

Tonsils are organs of the immune system. They first encounter pathogens, to the mouth or nose of the inhaled air, and provides (at least try) protection against contamination. However, as a result, the tonsils themselves often suffer from infections — inflamed (angina, adenoids, tonsillitis) and increase in size (adenoids I, II, III degree).

Adenoids, or more correctly — adenoid vegetation — razraschenie lymphoid tissue that forms the basis of pharyngeal tonsils. Most often

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Digestive problems? One day and there is a solution

Often concerned about pain in the abdomen? Plagued by heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating? How often we do not pay attention to such signals poor health, wasting valuable time, taking away our health.

One of the most common causes of death in Russia is a cancer of the stomach. What could cause this disease and why is it so common?

The key problem — the reluctance to seek medical advice promptly when the first symptoms of illness. Besides cancer can develop in almost no symptoms, diagnosis and death — to catch people

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Problems with ejaculation

Any problem with male ejaculation often seems a tragedy.

Sometimes things are not as bad as it seems at first glance — the cause abnormal ejaculation may be purely psychological. In other cases, such violations are rooted physiological changes (disease). However, in most such situations problem it is solvable.

Common physical causes of delayed ejaculation:

Reception liquor, some drugs. Age (the older man, the longer he has all the stages of sexual intercourse).

Common physical causes of premature ejaculation:

Excessive sensitivity of the glans penis. Vesicles (inflammation of the seminal vesicles), which is usually accompanied by prostatitis.

If you

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