Erection problems

The statistics do not give an accurate answer about the number of men who have erection problems, first of all, because the concept of "erection problems" is too general. If rather, we should talk about erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Why did this happen?

Even a perfectly healthy man does not guarantee 100% success in this psihozavisimom process as sexual intercourse. Occasionally erection problems can occur in any person. And the reason there may be very different, for example, physiological — an excess of alcohol, the side effects of drugs, etc., or psychological — self-doubt, anger or stress.


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Check for varicose veins: the experiment on himself

By phlebologist I was going for a long time, but slowly. Suspected causes small vascular mesh, marked on the inside of the lower leg. From a beautician on this occasion I heard: "We'll simply remove it by laser." But before you start the procedure, it was interesting what he would say on that score phlebologist. Just for comparison.

First, as usual, had to fill out a questionnaire, indicating a fair amount of information about themselves. These included: information about the drugs you are taking, including hormonal contraceptives, about fractures, flat feet, pregnancy (former, current or planned), the age,

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The Cardio-risk: the heart to beat regularly

Heart ailments and problems with blood vessels today is not confined to a very old man, but also very young people. Coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart attacks become much younger in the last few decades. The reason for that — continuous stress and a bad environment. And yet, to protect yourself from heart problems can be. It is important to only take care of yourself — take regular surveys on the special program "Cardio-risk."

Who needs a diagnostic program "Cardio-risk"?

Such a program is recommended once a year to pass all healthy people over age 35, especially

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Walking with baby


In the summer, the newborn can be taken for a walk almost immediately after discharge from the hospital (if it weighs more than 2500 grams) — first as20-40 minutes a day, gradually increasing time to6-8 hours per day in the month of age.

Sleep in the open air has a positive effect on the growing child, being not only tempering factor, but also strengthens the nervous system. In the summer baby can constantly sleeping on the street, but it is necessary to shield from direct sunlight and strong wind. Ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on the

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The origin of the AIDS virus

Where there was virus Human immunodeficiency is still not completely clear, although the history of the epidemic has been studied quite well. It is known that the disease came from somewhere in the African jungle, but until recently stayed in the wilds of Africa, all of the studies. At this, the initial, phase concentrated efforts of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Beatrice Hahn and George Shaw.

At first there were monkeys … and not only do they

The generally accepted view is that AIDS originated among the chimpanzees. A few decades ago, the disease spread

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Mitral valve prolapse

What's this

Prolapse Mitral valve (PMK) — is bulging, protrusion of one or both of the mitral valve of the heart (which separates the left atrium from the left ventricle) in the cavity of the left atrium during contraction of the left ventricle. It is a fairly common disease — common in15-25 percent of the people. The women in the9-10 times more often than men. Usually detected at a young age (15-30 years).

Currently distinguish primary and secondary PMC. The causes of primary prolapse of the mitral valve is a congenital or hereditary diseases of connective tissue.

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Propolis is a resinous substance produced by the workers. It is also called bee glue, as in natural conditions, it is smearing honey bees to the hive walls and caulking.Propolishas a pleasant aroma and a slightly bitter taste. When heated, it quickly becomes soft, and when cooling becomes fragile greenish-brown mass resembling rosin.

In 65% of its complex chemical substances resins, balsams, essential oils and aromatic compounds. Also, wax contained in propolis, pollen, cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic acid, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and natural antibiotics. This composition of propolis makes it a valuable therapeutic agent, which has antibacterial,

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Tooth formation in the child begins in the womb. And the first milk teeth usually appear in6-8 months. Only in very rare cases, children are born with teeth have erupted.

Usually order of eruption the teeth are. First, there are the lower central incisors (usually the first tooth appears when the child is six months). They are located in the center of the lower jaw. Then there are central upper incisors, which are also located in the center of dentition. After them come the upper lateral incisors, which are located next to the central. Then there are the

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Prostatitis — an inflammatory disease prostate. Is the most common inflammatory disease of the sexual organs of men of working age. Prostatitis may be acute, chronic, and in a separate group of isolated chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Sharp prostatitis has all the signs of acute inflammation: pain, fever, chills. These symptoms are accompanied by varying degrees of violation of urination.

Chronic prostatitis may be asymptomatic or unexpressed implications (not intensive aching pain in the perineum, recurrent urinary disorders). Insidiousness of the disease is that over time it can lead to serious trouble, as the reduction in potency and sterility.

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Prostatitis: sex does not offer

According to statistics of chronic prostatitis is not less than 30% of men older than 25 years. In this case, up to 40% of urological patients suffering prostatitis and working in the most socially active age (20-40 years), which is of great social importance. The disease no one has died, but the life it can greatly damage. Especially personal.

That is prostatitis, how to recognize it and how to cure we talked to Urologist Medical Center "Doctor Ozone" Tatiana Alexandrovna Filatova.

— Tatiana, chronic prostatitis — a disease of the elderly or young?

The main cause of this disease —

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