Prostatitis: Treatment with comfort

In these days when it comes to health problems, more often referred to prostatitis. He devoted many publications in scientific, popular periodicals, and even entertainment, its study and treatment, practically all public and private hospitals offering services in the field of urology, constantly developing new medicines and non-drug methods. Is this problem is so great?

This question is difficult to answer in the affirmative. According to the large-scale epidemiological studies conducted in different countries, a chronic inflammation of the prostate (prostate) affects approximately 5-9% of all men (in their childbearing years, their share is much larger). And

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Prostate specific antigen (PSA)

PSA, or prostate specific antigen — a marker for prostate cancer, which allows to identify the disease in its earliest stages. First Naga PSA was found in 1979 in the seminal fluid, and a 1987 study of PSA is widespread in the diagnosis and establish the stage of prostate cancer. And as for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.

PSA is a chemical substance produced by the prostate epithelium to liquefy semen. Some of this substance penetratesblood. Normally the amount of PSA in the blood is not more than 4 ng / ml, and by some reports up

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Simple and effective prevention of colds and flu for the whole family

Autumn and early winter, with the onset of cold weather, we all — both children and adults — lurks a cold or SARS.

All sick with colds, but some less and some more. On average, the person has a cold three times, especially dangerous seasons — spring and autumn. Symptoms of the disease in all patients with very similar — "flows" from the nose, sore throat, lost voice and a cough, a fever.

How to prevent a cold?

When the first symptoms of the disease should stay home, carry cold "feet" is very dangerous —

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The common cold, acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza — how they differ

Children are much more adults suffer from colds. This fact is known to many. Since the beginning of the cold season, the majority of parents are faced with a problem — the child is unwell, have a fever, runny nose, cough … The cause of these symptoms may be cold, acute respiratory disease, SARS or influenza, but what's different about these diseases? How to know exactly what your child is sick? How to protect it from viral infections? For clarification, we turned to the pediatrician with 33 years experience, specialist in the treatment of infectious diseases in children,

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Dental Prosthesis

The average human life expectancy has been steadily increasing, but the quality may deteriorate significantly because of tooth loss. Save your own teeth to a very old age is not easy, so sooner or later the person may be required prosthetics.

Distinguish between fixed and removable dentures. There are many types of dentures — complete and partial, temporary and permanent, plastic plate and clasp. The latter is considered the most reliable and convenient, but at the same time the most complex and costly construction of removable partial dentures. The well-known consumer crowns and bridges are fixed dentures.


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Contraindications to vaccination

Vaccination should be effective and safe. To ensure that these conditions have been met, you need to adhere strictly to the list of contraindications to vaccination.

The massive use of vaccines allowed in practice only under the condition that for them there is a small number of contraindications, ie states dramatically increase the risk of reactions and complications.

Contraindications are absolute (permanent) and relative (temporary).

Absolute contraindications

Absolute contraindications to vaccination are established in the case of high risk for life-threatening conditions. By absolute contraindications to the administration of the vaccine include:

severe reaction previously arisen

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Contraindications and possible side effects

Typically, with proper initial installation and training to the period of fasting complications and side effects do not occur. However, in some cases, the first two days may show signs of asthenic syndrome: a feeling of physical weakness and shallow sleep. These adverse reactions are easily eliminated auto-training and meditative relaxation.

On the third or fourth day in the morning, after waking up, with a sharp change in body position from horizontal to vertical can arise dizziness with vanishing of sight. Sometimes, in the period of fasting in the morning there is heartburn, regurgitation, mild nausea, discomfort in

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Professional replacement

This problem is familiar to many. Even those who successfully hide behind a restrained smile absence of a tooth, for example, the 4th or 5th of the top (the most common "loss"). "If it is not visible, then there is no problem" — they say. And wrong: the integrity of the dentition is reflected not only in the aesthetic appeal, but also on health.

If it so happens that tooth could not be saved, you must immediately consult a professional dentist-surgeon and establish a quality dental implant.

Dental implants— Modern

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Prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums

There is an opinion, not necessarily that healthy teeth cleaned every day. This is not true. In fact, as early as 2 hours after a meal on the teeth begins to form soft plaque. If it is not removed within 12 hours, in situ plaque begins to form dental stone— Lime deposits. Dental stonecan lead to inflammation of the gums, increased tooth mobility, and bad breath. Moreover, it contributes to the development of caries.

The easiest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout life — do not be lazy on a regular basis (2 times a

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Prevention of hemorrhoids

Note diet

Normal, balanced daily ration of the main components of a person must necessarily include a sufficient quantity of liquid (1,5 — 2 liters) and fibers of vegetable origin food (vegetables, bran, etc.). At the same time, and do not forget to watch for so that in the diet did not have the excess flour and dairy products. This is an essential prerequisite for optimal consistency of stool and normal evacuation of the bowels. As a result, significantly reduced mechanical stress on the rectum. Try not to abuse alcohol, and overly sharp and spicy dishes: regular excess of

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