Prevention and treatment of tartar

Since dental plaque begins to form on the teeth after a few hours of cleaning, it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day. After 12:00 its ordinary clear dental brush is already problematic, andif on the teeth already there are some persistent form dental plaque, it will only increase in size.

If the tooth is formed pigmented (brownish) spots you can try to brush your teeth toothpaste, powdered soda. You can also smash the tip of a wooden toothpick, dip the brush formed in baking soda and gently rub the pigment spot on the tooth.

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Prevention of dental caries in children

Today, the most common dental caries is a disease of man. Caring parents should help their child to keep teeth healthy and save him from a toothache. For this it is necessary to pay much attention to the prevention of dental caries.

Let's try to adopt the results of the latest research in this area to at least reach the European index — an average of less than two seals to12-year-old age.

1. Start taking care of the prevention of dental caries in children can have during the mother's pregnancy and breast-feeding. Taking special tablets containing only 1

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Prevention of mastitis — give birth and breastfeed!

The diagnosis of "breast cancer" risks heard in the course of his life, every eighth woman. Thus, if the diagnosis is put on time, 94% of patients recover completely. But many people simply do not know what it means "time." 42% of women with breast cancer seek treatment only at the last stage of the disease when life is hanging by a thread.

This reporter spoke with the chief mammologist Moscow Health Committee, honored doctorRussia, the candidate of medical sciencesEvsey Grigorevichem Pinhosevichem.

— Evsej G., recently about breast cancer too much noise. What is this, some Epidemic?

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Prevention of impairment while working on computer

The recommendations of the majority of physicians were mainly to limit computer time, the correct location of the monitor and mandatory breaks during work. Also important is the "right" monitor.

Here's what requirements must comply with the "right" monitor:

monitor should not be less than 17 inches; refresh rate of at least 85 Hz; grain size does notshould greater than 0.28 mm. The smaller the grain of the monitor, the sharper the image and is easier on the eyes; to exclude the presence of various reflections on the screen. To check the availability of anti-reflective coatings for buying,

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Prevention of visual impairment in children

Newborn eyesight is almost 25 times weaker than that of adults, but it is enough to observe native individuals at close range. At three months babies are able to keep track of toys, and to see the six subjects at different distances almost as well as adults.

Unfortunately, healthy eyes and good vision are not always. In Russia, according to the Ministry of Health, more than a million children are suffering from various diseases eye and visual impairment: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia ("lazy eye") and strabismus. Every year the number of such children is growing. Therefore, experts attach

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Prevention of rickets

Prophylaxis rickets should be comprehensive and must start before birth. Mom-to-be spend a lot of time in the fresh air, to a regime of work and rest, follow the nature of the food (take more fruits, vegetables, protein). In recent 3-4 months of pregnancy are advised to take a multivitamin preparations (daily requirement for vitamin pregnant D — 400 IU).

The best prevention of rickets for a new baby is breastfeeding. Should be a daily walk with your child, take out a stroller in the sun. Be sure to make your baby a massage, gymnastics is quenched it.


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The process of giving birth

Childbirth — one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life. Pregnant women who are well aware of all the stages of a generic process and psychologically prepared for the upcoming event, give birth much easier.

The process of labor is divided into three periods:

Frequency of disclosure.As a result of regular contractions (involuntary muscle contractions of the uterus) is disclosure cervix. The period of the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus. Attempts to join the fray — arbitrary (that is controlled by the woman in labor) to reduce abdominal muscles. Babymoves through the birth canal and

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Allergy — Is disease, at which our body reacts inappropriately to the different, often quite harmless substances are called allergens. Show allergy may be in the form of skin rashes and irritation, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, digestive disorders, etc. up to anaphylactic shock — a rapidly developing state of threatening the life of man.

Some of these reactions can be caused by almost any allergens (eg, skin rash), and some are not (eg, anaphylactic shock usually occurs due to insect bites, food or drugs).

In cases of suspected allergic disease please refer to the allergist, which conduct a comprehensive

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The manifestations of autism in children

Children with autism, from the first months of life, characterized by certain features of development. First, a baby early to avoid all kinds of interactions with adults: it is not pressed against the mother when she picks him up, not stretching his arms and reaches for it, as it makes a healthy baby, does not look in the eyes, avoiding direct gaze. He often prevails peripheral vision (better perceive the space around a fixed point than the point itself), or it can not respond to sounds in his name, which often leads one to suspect these children have hearing

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Mental disorders in old age

Having good mental health throughout life does not provide immunity to mental disorders in elderly and senile age. Older people suffer from mental disorders were significantly more likely than younger and middle-aged people. Thus, according to the World Health Organization among the elderly 236 of 100 000 of the population suffer from mental illness while in the age group of 45 to 64 years old — only 93.

However, do not think that old age is inextricably linked to poor health, including mental. Many diseases of old age can be treated. It is important to be attentive to

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