Psychoanalysis — The direction of psychology, founded in the late XIX century by the Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Sigmund Freud.

Originally psychoanalysis emerged as a method of study and treatment of hysterical neurosis. The results of the practice of psychotherapy, as well as analysis of the various phenomena of normal mental life — dreams, mistakes, to wit — were interpreted by Freud as the result of the general psychological mechanisms.

The basic premise of psychoanalysis is a division of the psyche into the conscious and the unconscious. Behavior and thinking of the person determine unconscious desire, rooted

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Psychodrama — a method of group therapy, which uses a form of theatrical action and dramaturgical vocabulary. Psychodrama was developed by Moreno, a physician with a special interest in the emotional sphere and the social relations of their patients.

1921 is the year of birth of psychodrama: it was then Moreno has created a project called "Theatre of Spontaneity" and began to use dramatic action as a psychotherapeutic method.

Moreno himself believed psychodrama techniques that are able to live life situations and goes far beyond the scope of psychotherapy. In this method, he singled out five key elements:Protagonist —

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Psychological preparation for school

Psychological readiness for school — it's like a snowman. All have heard about it. Everyone knows that this is something important thing, which is checked by psychologists some tricky tests. About her and then say in the coolest schools and high schools, but what is it, really no one is.

But with all the arithmetic or reading much easier — to read and write are now taken straight from the cradle. And if for some ridiculous accident to five or six years baby have not learned, over the front of the school year he was easily teach it

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Psychological and sexual problems in diabetes

The fact that diabetes— A disease that is characterized by a high content of sugar in the blood, they know almost everything. As that diabetes treatment involved Endocrinologists, and the treatment itself comprises assays for glucose (blood glucose) and the control of this parameter with diets tablets reducing sugar and, finally, injection of insulin.

However, modern doctors believe that substantial aid diabetics can have and others — in particular, psychologists and andrology. As for themselves endokrinogolov-diabetologists, they can significantly improve the results of their work, if they establish with patients more friendly relations.

Psychological problems

If the overall depressive

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Psychological differences between boys and girls

How much of our language words for the little man — baby, baby, baby, crumb, baby. And all of them in fact — is neuter. And when the manuals in pediatrics and psychology write about the child to a certain age should be able to so and so, dear textbook writers again have in mind a kind of asexual creature. Meanwhile, the boys and girls grow and develop in different ways.

1. Girls are more docile than boys

In early childhood, girls really are more obedient. It is programmed by nature. Women are better adapted to the environment than

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Psychological problems of alcoholics

It's no secret that alcohol abuse is not only a medical and social but also psychological effects. And often they turn out to be a stumbling block on the way to getting rid of addiction. Not for nothing, and the Western and domestic school Addiction pays so much attention to psychological component of treatment for each patient. Just briefly on the basic psychological "ambush."

1. Preoccupation with alcohol

Alcohol predominates in the minds alcoholic. He thinks about drinking from morning to evening, remembers schedule of all the nearby shops, knows exactly where you can buy alcohol at night

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Psychology of personality

Psychology of personality (Also known as differential or psychology of individual differences) is studying the personal and intellectual characteristics of the people. Character, thinking, memory, attention, self-esteem, temperament, ability and talent, and more — that were examined by means of experiments, tests, observation and introspection. The results of research in the field of differential psychology are important in practice for education and training, career guidance and determine fitness for psychotherapeutic work.

Psychology of professional activity

Before each of us regularly get up not only the issues of professional development, but also what might be called the human factor at work. How to deal with a particularly contentious employee (or, God forbid head)? What to do with the daily stress? On which species are divided conflicts in organizations? How to avoid the manipulation of the negotiations?

A separate set of problems associated with the search and change of job — interviewing or "lapping" to the new team. Intractable problems associated with professional work, very little. The main thing — to find the right approach

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Psychology of family life.

Family psychology deals with the study of human development in a family environment, characteristics of family relationships, structure and development of the family.

For any family is characterized by integrity, repetitive patterns of relationships life and development according to its own logic.

The term "dysfunctional family" is commonly used in a broad context to the family system, which is a source of non-adaptive behavior of one or more of its members, does not provide the necessary conditions for their personal growth. According to the modern family and psychological research, dysfunctional families have the following characteristics: the existence

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Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Before a person who thinks seek psychological help, the first thing faces two major problems that seem insurmountable to him. The first — is the abundance of different names and designations of schools specialists. What is the difference psychologist from a therapist, a psychiatrist from a psychologist and psychoanalyst who among them? How to understand the various psychotherapeutic directions?

Let's start with the most important.

Psychologist — A specialist without a medical education that no one heals, and is engaged in studying of the functioning and development of the human psyche. The confusion stems from the fact

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