Symptoms: Itching, rash, peeling

Who to contact: Dermatologist

Tests and examinations: Skin biopsy

Methods of treatment: cryotherapy, PUVA therapy, plasmapheresis

Psoriasis — a chronic non-infectious disease that is most often seen in the form of rashes and flaking of the skin.

From Psoriasis affects about 4% of the world population. It can develop at any age from birth to old age, but most of all psoriasis "loves" the young. This is evidenced by the fact that 70% of patients who become ill with psoriasis at the age of 20 years.

If the skin rash appeared, resembling psoriasis

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Psoriasis — a sentence or a diagnosis?

Your doctor has diagnosed you psoriasis. In this case, you are logged in 2% of people who suffer from the disease, which although "dormant" for a special treatment, but it can never go completely.

What do patients with psoriasis? To hope for? Whether to believe the promises of those who guarantee a full recovery? This is what we talked with the chief doctor health-spa "Urban Resort", a medical doctor, Sergei Vinogradov.

— Sergey, what is psoriasis and how it occurs?

This is a difficult question even for experts. It can be said that the psoriasis — not just a

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Psoriasis and Pregnancy

To identify the relationship between hormonal changes and course of psoriasis have been several studies. However, many women and so point out that pregnancy makes their disease and menopause — worse. According to experts, the changes of the flow of psoriasis at different stages of their reproductive years, women due to hormonal fluctuations, but we can not exclude the actions of other, yet unknown, factors.

Psoriasis — a chronic skin disease caused by genetic, immunological and environmental factors. External factors that can trigger the disease include stress, use of certain drugs, and infectious diseases. Hormonal fluctuations in women

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Psoriasis controlled

Psoriasis — a skin disease in which its cells mature and die much faster than usual. In healthy people, a complete upgrade of the skin occurs approximately every 24-28 days. In patients with psoriasis, this process is 6-7 times faster. As a result, the skin formed towering areas that cause itch, turn red, and then turn white from the flakes. Gradually merged into larger rash plaques, often prokryvayuschie the scalp, knees and elbows.

The causes of psoriasis are still uncertain, and theories on this account, there are quite a few. In any case, the psoriasis patients experience severe suffering,

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Psoriasis in children

In children psoriasis treatment should be started as early as possible and strictly adhere to it. The same should be strictly abide by the doctor's advice on skin care products.

It is very important to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle to help the immune system to cope with psoriasis.

The plaques on the skin can be a serious problem for a child, so it should be taught to take care of the affected skin and treat it.

In 15% of cases of psoriasis starts in childhood and in 30% of cases, up to 20 years. It

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Psoriasis: treatment possible

Psoriasis — a chronic disease. Therefore, the main task of doctors — to translate it into "sleep mode" remission. And one of the most successful methods to do this — phototherapy.

About the features of the treatment of psoriasis with phototherapy and apparatus Excilite we talked todermatologist Diversified Medical Center "Delta Clinic" Anna Jurevna Pantry.

Kladova Anna Yu, MD, Ph.D., of the department of skin and venereal diseases MMA. Setchenov

— Tell me more about psoriasis.

Psoriasis — a disease of complex and multi-faceted. Do not think that this is just dead skin itchy reddish patches

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Psoriasis: Tips for Patients

How can rarely take a bath — give preference to the soul, he mensche dry skin. If you do decide to take a bath, do not linger in it. Water should not be hot. Intime washing, do not injure or stretch the skin — use a soft sponge or cotton cloth. Avoid the use of harsh scouring pads. Use a pH-neutral soap or shower gel (fragrance free). Do not touch the hard soap on the skin. Dehumidifies the skin gently with a towel, gently blot. Do not remove the dead skin flakes alone. After a shower, put on a

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Psoriatic arthritis

What is it?

Psoriatic arthritis — an inflammatory disease of the joints in patients with psoriasis. Such arthritis develops in5-7 percent of patients with psoriasis. The appearance of skin lesions usually precedes the development of joint damage, but approximately 15% of patients developing arthritis to skin lesions.

Why did this happen?

The cause of psoriatic arthritis is unknown. Arthritis is more common and occurs when a distinct lesion of the skin, but a clear link between the degree and course of cutaneous and articular manifestations not. Aggravating factors in the development of psoriatic arthritis are often trauma-and infectious diseases.

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Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia — a condition in which the internal organs (intestines, caul) beyond the abdominal wall through a hole localized in the navel (umbilical ring).  An umbilical hernia is the protrusion appears in the navel, which disappears or is reduced in size in the horizontal position.

Treatment of umbilical hernia surgeon involved. Advisable to consult a doctor at the first sign of discomfort.

Symptoms of an umbilical hernia: bulging in the umbilicus, which is reduced in size or eliminated in a supine position; abdominal pain that occurs when physical ¬ cal load and coughing; expansion of umbilical

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Travel During Pregnancy

Is it possible to travel back intime pregnancy? That stipulate what to look for? We selected the seven most important questions that need to be addressed when planning a vacation during pregnancy.

At what period you can go?

The best time for a holiday "in position" — the second trimester, 14-26 week. Already left behind the first trimester morning sickness, and along with it — the morning sickness and nausea, the response to odors and stuffiness. However, the stomach is not so great and so far does not prevent you move, you feel quite easily and confidently. Doctors insist

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