The way to slim waist

The hardest thing to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen and waist. This problem concerns all the way to a harmonious and graceful figure.

A neat little tummy may be related to the female physique and rather gives the figure more feminine.

But the situation changes dramatically if the fat in the belly and waist begin to destroy the harmony of proportions of the figure and the overall silhouette.

This also applies to men, for whom taut, flat stomach — a true symbol of masculinity.

If the goal — to make the

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PCR diagnosis of infections hypersensitive

PCR — a method of laboratory diagnosis, aimed at identifying the causative agents of infectious diseases. The three-letter option — it is an abbreviation of the name "polymerase chain reaction". Actually, this title and captures the essence of the method, but in order to understand, will have to thoroughly think high-school biology.

But first — a little history. PCR method was developed in 1983 by Cary Myullisom, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Initially, the method was used mainly for scientific purposes, but then making out his promise and effectiveness of the method are to advance in

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PCR diagnosis of infections

Perhaps the most common method STD diagnosis PCR is diagnostic. PCR — polymerase chain reaction, and PCR diagnostics — is method Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases, in particular, the method is widely used for STD diagnosis — Diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Analysis of the PCR method is based on the finding in the study material of a small fragment of DNA of the pathogen infection that the doctor suspects. In "MedCenterService" a large number of PCR panels, in order to understand what exactly you need, you should consult with a specialist.

Material for PCR

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Apian Poison is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of honey and bitter pungent taste. In its composition, which is close to the snake, contains proteins, lipids from the group of sterols, acids and alkalis. Like all poisons, bee has a general and local toxic effects, causing the destruction of red blood cells, reducing blood clotting by blocking the transfer of momentum in the ganglia, stimulating the function of the pituitary and adrenal glands.

The preparation of bee venom — apitoxin — can be used at any time of the year, inpatient and outpatient, as well as in

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Five myths about the most famous nanny

So, you're thinking about the nurse. Needless to say, not easy to find a good nanny. Today "My Fair Nanny" as a mythical personage surrounded by a halo of myths and mysteries. For example, such:

1. Nanny required to have teacher education.

Not necessarily. Unfortunately, the teacher's college in the background does not guarantee that the love of children. A nursery school teachers have a professional habit of "build" children. Think about this idea fits in your concept of education. Sometimes gracious and savvy in the "everyday psychology," she better be able to find an approach to the child

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Working during pregnancy

Child's health depends largely on how the leaked pregnancy his mom. Been subjected to stress? She worked there in hazardous work? She was walking to the night shift?

Naturally, the stress and night shifts benefit the unborn child will not do. However, if work gives a woman pleasure, non-severe and favorite, then leave it is not much use.

During pregnancy, a woman is not contraindicated in Normal day. However, early, inconvenience in transportation (even with his own car), exhaust fumes, the rush, stress at work — all of which can have harmful effects on the expectant mother and the

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Be equaled, still!

Malocclusion may cause not only psychological problems — feelings of unease, discomfort, but also trigger the development of certain diseases. However, the situation with malocclusion, no matter how difficult it may be, remedied, and, at any age.

In order to correct malocclusion, align the "curves" teeth, consult your dentist, orthodontist, who will select the best method of correction.

Dentist Orthodontist— doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dentofacial deformities. "Orthodontics" in Latin literally means "straight teeth."

Modern orthodontic techniques and devices allow you to fix any malocclusion.

To apply the braces

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Sciatica — an inflammation of the spine of one of the spinal nerves.

Sudden onset sciatica. It would seem that there were no signs of trouble, and suddenly: awkward movement — and dramatically "to come" in the back. So much so that the tears from his eyes, and not to bend or straighten impossible. Those who at least once in your life is experienced, to explain what radiculitis, is not necessary.

If you believe the statistics, suffering from sciatica every eighth person in the world over forty years. But, unfortunately, over the past few decades, the disease greatly rejuvenated.

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Educational games

Smart parents and educators have realized that for a child's intellectual development, with all its undoubted importance, yet not as important as the development of creative business. That it teaches to take the unusual decision to seek ways out of difficult situations. But one can whether to develop creativity?

It turns out one can! The main thing — do not put the child in a rigid framework does not give too much advice and guidance, and only open to the possibility of it, to show how one can act with familiar objects not the usual way.

Young children —

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Development centers for the smallest

Early development of the now fashionable. It does not make sense to discuss — good or bad — will accept this as a given. And around every popular idea here is there are numerous commercial projects. And if ten years ago, early development was the lot of only a few enthusiasts in the home, but now this very development of your offspring are ready to tackle the numerous venues with enticing names like "Umka", "Znayka", "genius baby", "Children's Academy" and etc. Who does not want his child to be a genius?

But that promise and the reality of

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