Child development

Any mother is always concerned about issues: whether progress is being madebaby, not whether he has problems in the future — when he goes to school, it is time to seek the advice of a specialist?

In the first year life the baby is growing rapidly and gaining weight. During this time he manages to grow by about 25 cm and triple their weight. His teeth begin to erupt — a year in a child usually grows 8 teeth, and a complete (20 teeth) appear to 2.5 years. Of a helpless creature, unable to hold his own head,

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Development of the child in the womb

1st day. The sperm joins with an egg. The result is a "large" (smaller than pellet salt) cell, which contains 46 chromosomes inherited from the parents (23 chromosomes of each). The fertilized egg has all the genetic information about the future of the man: his field, color of eyes, skin and hair, facial features.

3-9th days. The fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus. The embryo attaches to the wall, and it soon begins to get the necessary materials for the food and oxygen for breathing with maternal blood, which comes to him through the

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Development of the child in the first year of life

The most rapidly growing people in the first year of life. During the first month baby is gaining weight 600-1000grams and the growth — 2-3 cm. In addition, each month the average child will add 500-900grams and grow on2-3 cm.

In the second half of the year the child is not growing as fast, on average, it adds 400-500gram and the growth is increased by1-2centimeters inmonth. It is estimated that half a year to a child's weight has doubled, and by the year — triple.

Of course, these rates averaged. Much depends on the weight of the original, inheritance,

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The development of a child’s speech from 0 to year

Your baby is still very tiny. At first glance, it seems that the development of speech too early to speak. What it meant, you say, if it can be heard only a resounding "y-a!"And in moments of calm and benevolent mood -" aga "yes" yeah ", not counting the other vague and unconvincing sounds. Many parents believe that before their child utters the first words (and usually it happens at the age of about a year) is useless to talk to him as he, they say, still does not understand anything, and yet can not learn.

However, the

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The development of a child’s speech from 1 to 2 years

Your kid has just celebrated its first birthday. A new stage in his, and in your life. In the literature on psychology and pedagogy usually gives details about the first year of life, because that's when there are the most significant changes in child development, and then — about three years old, it was in three years is a famous psychological crisis. But the period from one year to two years is not as important in the development of the individual.

The kid has a lot can understand, but for now it is very difficult to express in

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Entertain children in the country

In the use of cottage holiday today no one doubts. Then you and the air is crisp and fresh milk, and pickles straight from the garden. Just why is summer spent at the cottage, and my mother and the child remembers sometimes as "rustic link"?

After all, dacha gives us a unique opportunity to live in constant intimacy with nature, to feel her breath, heat and power. It remains only to take advantage of the full. And for this it is necessary to think, what to do at the cottage to the child and mother.

In the

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Different points of view on the cleansing of the body

Galina Klimenko, doctor-proctologist, a specialist in colon hydrotherapy, Center for Health of the Government of Moscow, MD:

Colon hydrotherapy stimulates the immune system, improves mood, restores tone. All of our bodies are associated with different parts of the large intestine. And as the walls of the intestine are cleared, stop the possible starvation of an organ.

After a series of procedures intestine gets normal in size, so the stomach is flat and taut, and the figure — a more harmonious. Normal metabolism and water balance. Clean Water flushes toxins and well absorbed into, and thus, the liquid rapidly excreted

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Perineal tears

Perineal tears are one of the most frequent complications of childbirth, they occur in about 35% of pregnant women, and in nulliparous2-3 times more likely than multiparous.

Causes nulliparous older age (after 30 years) decreases the elasticity of the soft tissues; scar-modified perineum after previous birth; rapid and accelerated labor; extensor insertion of the fetal head (head not inserting the smallest size); breech presentation; large fruit; improper provide obstetrical care (methods of protection of the perineum, and the shoulder of the launch, etc.) surgical interventions in childbirth — forceps, vacuum extraction fruit, extracting the fetus pelvic end, manual

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Cervical laceration

Cervical laceration occur in 6% of women in labor, and at first birth is 4 times more often than in repeated births.


Gaps can occur for various reasons, in most cases it is a combination of some of them:

older first-time mothers (first birth after age 30) is reduced elasticity of the tissues; other causes of loss of tissue elasticity (scarring, inflammation as a result of diseases and abortions carried over); anomalies of labor (broken disclosure process cervix); rapid and accelerated labor; large size of the head (large fruit, extensor insertion); improper provide obstetrical care; operative birth —

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Cancer — a disease and not a death sentence

Breast cancer in Russia is in first place in cancer pathology in women. For the latest medical advances in the fight against the disease said corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor I. Poddubnaya.

Irina, a record of the disease has set in Russia? And what about the incidence of breast cancer in other countries?

In all developed countries of the world pattern is about the same. Here in the third world — it is different, there's women's cancer diseases leading cervical cancer.

And why not? Because women in these countries, many giving birth? Or because they

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