Breast cancer — the most common cancer in women

Many women more than any other disease apprehend breast cancer. Indeed, today it is indeed the most common type of cancer in women. According to the American Cancer Society are diagnosed worldwide each year 1.3 million new cases of breast cancer, and about five hundred thousand women die. However, over the last decade, mortality from breast cancer has decreased since significantly improve the quality of care, which in turn has led to earlier diagnosis of the disease in stages, when it can still be cured.

The basis of early detection of breast cancer — a regular survey (either alone

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Stomach cancer

Cancer stomach — a malignant tumor growing from the epithelial cells of the mucous (inside) of the stomach. Swelling can occur in various parts of the stomach: the top, where it connects with the esophagus, in the main part (body) of the stomach or in the bottom where stomach connected to the intestines.

The risk of stomach cancer is increased in both men and women after 50 years, but in the stronger sex, the probability is two times higher. As for the geographical distribution of gastric cancer — a disease in Russia is second in frequency of occurrence

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Lung Cancer

Cancer light — a group of malignant tumors of the lung tissue arising from the cells lining the bronchi or lungs. For these tumors characterized by rapid growth and early metastasis (tumor formation remote nodes).

Men suffering with lung cancer is 7-10 times more often than women, and the incidence increases in proportion to age. The men in 60 —69, the incidence is 60 times higher than the 30-39 —summer.

In Russia lung cancer — the most common of all cancers. However, up to the first place we were so far away. Today, the highest death rate

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Mammary cancer

Cancer breast— Malignant tumor, which occurs when the normal regeneration cancerous breast cells.

Today the disease is suffering at least one in ten woman The world. Men are more fortunate have cancer breast found 100 times less. Only in the United States from breast cancer kills nearly 45,000 women. And, if before the disease develops mostly in women older than 50 years, but now it is much "younger" — cases of the disease in their forties, thirties, and even twenty years is not uncommon.


The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown. However, scientists have identified

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Breast Cancer: you need to know about it

Breast cancer — a growing problem in Russia. Every year in our country registered more than 50,000 new cases of the disease, and in the future this number will increase. In the arsenal of modern medicine is an effective means to deal with malignant tumors of the breast, but they must be applied in a timely manner. On how the modern approach to this problem can save women's lives and reduce the number of FGM, told MedNovostyam corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science, Professor, Director of the Cancer Research Institute. NN Petrova Vladimir Fedorovich

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Esophageal carcinoma

Esophageal cancer — a malignant tumor of the esophagus. Among all human cancers it is the sixth most common. Esophageal cancer develops most of its epithelial cells of the mucosa (carcinoma), squamous cell carcinoma rarely seen, rarely — adenocarcinoma, rarely — other types of malignancies. Areas of the highest risk in the world are in Asia, "esophageal cancer belt" stretching from Iran through northern republics of Central Asia to the central and northern regions of China and Japan, which includes Siberia. Geography of cancer of the esophagus is largely due to the peculiarities of power in these regions.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate or prostate gland— Internal organ male reproductive system, which covers a wide bracelet initial parts of the urethra. The main function of the prostate is the production of seminal fluid (up to 30% of the total) and participation in the act of ejaculation. Prostate also has a direct bearing on the ability of men to hold urine.

Cancer prostate — a malignant tumor, developing, usually from the tissue of prostate gland. As with other cancers, prostate cancer tends to metastasize (spread throughout the body).

Statistics relentless: Prostate cancer occurs in one in seven men over 50

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Prostate Cancer: Who is at risk?

Prostate tumor can be either benign (adenoma) or malignant (cancer). Adenoma or cancer of the prostate? How to distinguish?

Modern man once ill, his plans are planned for several days ahead, he energetic, enterprising, energetic and full of vigor.

But everything changes dramatically when his plans violates frightening diagnosis of "cancer of the prostate."

Who is at risk?

Today, prostate cancer is one of the first places among the causes of death from malignant diseases.

At risk are all men, especially pereshagnuvshie threshold of maturity, ie after 40-45 years.

The older

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Cancer of the rectum

Colon cancer — a malignant tumor, the source of which are the cells lining the colon. The tumor can grow the bowel wall or act in its lumen.

Over the past 20 years, the incidence of colorectal cancer has increased several times. And, the more civilized country, the greater the patients. The leaders in the list of the United States, Canada, Israel and Australia, but India, China, Latin America and Central Asia lagging behind. The only exception is Japan, where, despite the development of capitalism, it is extremely rare cancer diseases.

Rectal cancer — the lot

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Colon Cancer

Thick intestines— This is the end of the digestive tract in 1,5-2 meter. It consists of the cecum with the appendix, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon gut, sigmoid and straight gut.

Colon cancer — a malignant tumor that grows from the mucous membrane that lines the wall of the colon. In most cases the tumor is located in the sigmoid colon, rectum, or blind.

Bowel cancer is most common in the elderly. And every year these patients is becoming more and more, especially in developed countries with a high standard of living.


Occurrence of

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