Cancer of the cervix

Cancer cervix— A malignant tumor that according to medical statistics of cancer arising from the fair sex, ranked fourth (after cancer of the stomach, skin and mammary glands).

The source of cervical cancer are normal cells covering the cervix. Each year, the tumor detected in more than 600,000 patients. Although cervical cancer usually occurs before the age 40-60 years, but, unfortunately, the last time he strongly rejuvenated.


As with other cancer patients, risk factors for the appearance of cervical cancer are older age, the effects of radiation and chemical carcinogens.

In addition, scientists have proven

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Over the last twenty years it has become fashionable in Russia early development. "Advanced" moms and dads learn techniques Doman, Montessori, Zaitseva — in order to have their miracle child as much as possible before beginning to read, count, to play the violin and conquer the peaks of sports. Needless to say, the prospects are attractive. But so popular today early in development, there are some pitfalls.

The biggest mistake that often allows ardent enthusiasts of early development — it is a substitution of notions of "development" and "training." All forces are spent on intense stimulation of intelligence. The

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Early toxemia of pregnancy

The most important period of the I trimester of pregnancy is when there is a tab and the formation of all organs and systems of the child. But this pregnancy is often complicated by early toxicosis. According to statistics, every second expectant mother suffers from this disease. Many people mistakenly believe his norm, but it is not: toxemia — pathology.

Usually the word "early morning sickness" is meant only nausea, vomiting and drooling. Medical understanding of the word is somewhat different from the ordinary: a textbook on midwifery toxicosis are all the pathological changes in a woman's body,

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Goodbye forever thrush

All heard about how annoying to "acquaintance" with thrush, but not everyone knows what happens when you do not fight with it, and why you need to treat candidiasis under the guidance of qualified professionals.

"Thrush" is called candidiasis — inflammation of the mucous membranes of the disease vulva. Called Candida fungi Candida, which is present in the body is healthy at birth.

Candida belongs to the so-called "opportunistic flora." An explosion of activity and uncontrolled proliferation of this fungus causes discomfort in the vulva in women and in men (much less likely).


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Movement disorders (dyskinesias)

Any meaningful physical activity leads cortex. This is where the call to action that comes along nerve fibers to the spinal cord, from which impulses are sent to the muscles. Maintain the center of gravity of the body and coordinate movement, not really thinking, we can through the cerebellum. And for muscle tone, rhythm and fluidity of movement are responsible subcortical brain. Thanks to them, we are capable of a wide variety of activities: running, jumping, dance steps. The richness of emotional reactions (crying, laughing, facial expressions) is also scope subcortical nuclei.

Malfunctions of this complex system manifested by

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Stretch marks

Happiness of motherhood is often overshadowed by the change in the appearance of the woman. Young mom really wants to be beautiful, youthful, the most-most. And then stretch (on the scientific — striae). He appears on the thighs, stomach, chest, and there are white, reddish or violet color.


Stretch marks— Is the result of stretching of the skin due to hormonal changes. In the thinning of the skin can cause internal tears that are replaced by connective tissue. In fact, it is scar tissue. Sometimes stretch marks are not a witness after pregnancies. They occur in adolescents,

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Rickets: causes and manifestations

Rickets— A disease bystpopastuschih young children associated with metabolic disorders and a lack of vitamin D, and mentioning in pe.pvyy ocheped bone and nepvno system.

Rickets was known in ancient times. In the second century BC Soran Effessky and Galen described the rachitic changes in the skeletal system. By aboutXV-XVI Ages rickets was quite common disease among young children, especially of the large (at the time) in the cities of Europe. No coincidence that many well-known Dutch, Flemish, German and Danish artists of the time often portrayed in their works of children with typical signs of rickets (overhanging eyebrows,

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Rehabilitation after stroke

Rehabilitation— A set of measures (medical, psychological, social, legal) to restore lost due to illness or injury functions.

The basic principles of rehabilitation in stroke:

Early initiation of rehabilitation activities that are carried out from the first day of stroke (if the general condition of the patient) and help to speed up and make more complete restoration of disturbed functions, to prevent the development of secondary complications (congestive pneumonia, thrombophlebitis, contractures, pressure ulcers, muscular dystrophy). Rehabilitation should begin as early as the neurology department and continue the rehabilitation department of a hospital or in a rehabilitation center (spa).

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Rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system

"Terme Catez Spa" —the largest Slovenian resort, whose work is based on the healing properties of the thermal waters, has a long tradition of treating various diseases. In collaboration with the National Institute of Health of the Republic of Slovenia (ZZZS) and various hospitals and clinics in Slovenia, Terme Catez specializes in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases and injuries, and conditions after surgical treatment of breast cancer. Our knowledge and experience are the result of long-term cooperation with leading professionals and clinics in Slovenia and abroad.

One of

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A child in kindergarten

Parents need to know how to behave baby in a group, whether plays with other children, how easy is it converges with peers, is able to fulfill the basic requirements? What a child needs help to correct that at home? In most cases, teachers are always willing to share this information with parents. Only by the parents is not always fun … It's too bad. After all, the most successful final formation of the personality with the help of kindergarten is only when and to the group, and family demands are the same.

For example, if governess Teach

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