The child became ill, What you can not do

The child became ill. It is always stressful for parents. Moms tend to alleviate the suffering of the child in every way possible, aided by the universal availability of drugs. This often leads to disastrous consequences.


At high temperatures,:

Not worth wiping baby vinegar, alcohol or obkladyvat cold water bottles. Alcohol is very well absorbed through the skin and can cause poisoning the child's body. Do not let the temperature rise above 38°With a child with a history of febrile convulsions with severe birth trauma, epilepsy, increased intracranial pressure. Before the arrival of the doctor necessarily reduce the

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Child and career choices

My four year old daughter to the question of who she wants to be when he grows up, modestly: "Princess." Good profession, the main thing is rare. But what if the prince does not get us? It is desirable to have left even some profession. Well, just in case.

The problem of choosing a profession sooner or later confronts every. And this choice — one of the most important in life.

Knowledge — force

In order to choose, you need to know to choose from. Well, if the child is aware of the existence of a wide variety

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Child and Music

Even if you do not set a goal to raise a second Mozart, agree that every child is not bad to develop musical skills. Found that children who engage in music, often ahead of their peers in the intellectual, social and psychomotor development. These children are more receptive to information and concentrated attention.

Music organically woven into our lives, both in the form of growing old "classics" and unpretentious songs that we humming under his breath, doing the dishes. We are surrounded by the world's most diverse sounds and the baby absorbs it even before birth — he begins

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The child does not want to kindergarten

"I do not want children in the self-and-a-d! I will not go-oo-oo-oo! ". These heart-rending cries you hear now every morning. Sometimes the plaintive cries cries added on to the fact that the precious chadushka tummy ache, headache and general vomits from the garden. In the literal and figurative sense of the word. In more severe cases, the child is indeed a fever, aching stomach and worsen chronic diseases.

What do you do in this situation? To begin to understand why your baby for any price does not agree to join a group of children. A reason for

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Child 0 years

First of all, congratulations! If you're on this page, it means that in your family or your loved ones in the family happened to one of the most beautiful events — it appeared baby.

But with unlimited happiness you is a sense of anxiety — what to do with your treasure?

Especially if you've just returned from the hospital, and every little squeak of a stranger makes you panic. My head is spinning frantically thousand and one question.

How to protect your baby from illness? How to feed him? When, finally, to him it will be possible to

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A child from one year to three years

Baby increasing each day pleases you with new developments. But there are also new challenges. During this period, it is actively developed, and your task — to help the crumbs rather "talk". Your treasure every day is showing more stubbornness — how many papers, for example, is to put him to sleep. Especially if you have followed the recommendations of psychologists, and still he slept with you. It's time to teach the crumbs to their own crib!

And his moods and tantrums are able to bring anyone to distraction. Do not panic! This is a natural stage of

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A child of five to seven years

Age Five to seven years is called pre-school senior. And really — how grown up your little one! He himself feels it and constantly requires you to get you recognized his abilities and capacities, asserting itself by inventing this whole new ways.

However, in psychological terms, this age considered to be more or less calm this time of gradual and orderly development. Perhaps this is why, when the child turns five to seven years, the parents begin to miss the gentle and touching the baby and thinking about the second Chad.

It seems, there is not now such

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Children from three to five years

Came the famous age "Why Why". A curious child does not give you no rest day nor night — why flowers grow from what makes the book as called out that contraption on the crane — and so on to infinity.

Humble yourselves! For your young ranger you — the main source of information about the world. And to knowledge that was fun for both of you to help special games and activities. You can do, such as classification. At first glance, classification — It's pretty boring. And why is it so just like kindergarten teachers and psychologists

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The baby is not sleeping

As the results of scientific research, the baby almost constantly dreaming in the womb with25-30 week of pregnancy. It is still not clear why there are these dreams and what is their role in the development of the child.

According to one theory, the dreams of children — it is their genetic memory, which is viewed as in a movie theater and can keep your brain the necessary information, as well as develops feelings and thinking. Poor sleep can impair physical and mental development of the child.

Typically, children are not born with adjusted circadian rhythms. First

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The baby had a cold: advice for parents

Baby cold? For it to be quickly recovered, you need to carefully carry out medical purposes, give his bitter medicine and perform many procedures, sometimes not very pleasant. Hopefully, these tips will fall by the way you, dear parents.

Measure the temperature of the

Children of all ages put armpit thermometer, so you can measure the temperature reliably and safely (for example, in the rectum temperature to 10C above, and it is likely to injure the lining of her). To a child it was nice to take a few seconds pogrom thermometer in your hand, wipe it off

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