Recommendations for breastfeeding


Start preparing for breastfeeding should begin even before birth. First of all, pregnant women are recommended to massage the skin nipple hard cloth (wear a bra of coarse cloth) — this will help prevent scratches and cracks nipple in the first weeks of feeding. Remember, however, that such exercises should be stopped in the last 2 months of pregnancy, as nipple stimulation during this period can cause premature birth.

Women with flat or inverted nipples may require special adaptations — proof-shaped nipple to facilitate the process of breastfeeding.

Start feeding

After delivery, the mother's breast to

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Respiratory distress syndrome infants

Breath — the basis of our life. Newborn human life begins with the first breath, but breathing problems can lead to serious complications, sometimes incompatible with life.

Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)— One of the major problems to be faced doctors, nurse premature babies. RDS — a disease of newborn infants, the development of respiratory insufficiency manifesting itself or within a few hours after birth. The disease gradually becomes heavier. Usually, to2-4 day of life is determined by its outcome: the gradual recovery or death of the baby.

Why is the baby's lungs refuse to carry out its functions?

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What are the rods and cones, many will remember from the course curriculum. These cells — photoreceptors — perceive the light wave and transmitting the image to the brain. Sticks responsible for twilight vision, and cones that allow to distinguish between colors, are located in the retina — the light-sensitive inner layer of the eye.

Diseases of the retina (retinopathy) can occur at any age — as neonates and the aged. Most often disease of the retina associated with the violation of its blood supply. Vascular lesions of the retina is often accompanied by hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease. Problems

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Retinopathy of prematurity

The possibilities of modern medicine allow foster infants, even with a mass of 500 g Unfortunately, almost one in five aborted child suffers from a disease of eyes — retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), and 8% of them — severe.

Retinopathy of prematurity — is an eye disease that occurs as a result of developmental disorders of the retina (the light sensitive area of the eye) in premature babies. The disease can lead to total blindness.


In 1951, a connection was established between the breach of vascular growth and a high concentration of oxygen in incubators. In the retina,

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Solving the problem of male infertility

According to current statistics, 20% of couples who decide to give birth to their first child, there are problems with conception. And almost half of pregnancy because of possible violations of the ability of the male body to produce healthy sperm, which must contain the required number of full-fledged sperm — male cells are directly involved in the process of conceiving a child.

Semen quality has nothing to do with sexual activity and is an indicator of a fully so-called "reproductive" men's health.

To imagine how complex and active reproductive system of men enough to know

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The risk of unintended pregnancy and contraceptive

What determines the reliability of the chosen contraceptive? Let's not kid ourselves: the reliability of a contraceptive depends not only on the drug manufacturers and technological progress, but also on us.

If you want to criticize the creators of contraceptives that do substandard condoms (tear), or are not comfortable spiral (falls) or terrible plugs (not completely dissolve) — do not rush. Maybe the problem is that You did not react to the rules of admission and the use of contraceptives? Unfortunately, this is quite a common situation, so we decided to give it special attention.

1. Use Condomduring

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At different times there were different attitudes to birthmarks. There was even a "language of moles", it was thought that mole in the right place (mostly artificial — "fly") effectively emphasizes the "rock." There was also a national sign: "The more moles — the happier man."

Moles (nevi) is practically for each person. It is believed that the rate should be no more than 100. It is clear that people do not usually deal with counting, but the appearance of new moles in large numbers can not be ignored. And this is an occasion to refer to a

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Parental care

Is it easy to be a parent? Well, yes and no. It is easy, because every day you see the continuation in this life, you wake up from spanking small bare heels down the hall, and when the head hits the pillow at night, stand as an attractive face with a sleepy tranquility of sleep swept curls.

Parent to be difficult because of this infinitely dear creature while you carry all the responsibility — and the moral and psychological, and material. For a beloved child, of course, do not feel sorry, but still — how much we cost our

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Childbirth at home: let’s think

Today in Moscow and other Russian cities are a variety of courses pregnant. Some of them are trained for home birth. Information about home birth may be useful not only for those who tuned in this way to give birth, but also to other pregnant women. After all, even if you're determined to have a baby in the maternity ward, no one can guarantee that deliveries will not be so rapid that you just do not have time to get intomaternity hospital (Especially when repeated lineages).

Commercial Approach

The overall picture of professional courses is as follows: a

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Childbirth at home: how to choose a midwife?

More and more women and couples looking to have a natural birth, quite deliberately choose home birth without medication. In Moscow a year is about 1,000 planned home births. And in the future this figure will only grow.

At home births woman becomes a full member of the active labor, and not the object of the patient and maternity. Woman in labor is completely free in their behavior and independently resolve all issues related to childbirth.

For those who want to give birth at home, it's important to choose obstetrician, who will help the baby to be born.

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