Labor begins?

When you are pregnant, it seemed like nine months — this is a very long time. But as we know, no pregnancy can not go on forever, that's your term comes to an end. Everything is ready for the birth of a new man, and you anxiously listen to their feelings — whether it is time to gather in the hospital?

Date of birth

For any pregnant woman doctor will certainly set the expected date of birth. But despite this, the actual day of the birth of your baby can be very different from the scheduled date. The fact

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Childbirth with her husband

Conceiving a child — a sacrament, which is attended by two. The birth of a child — the birth family. However, there are still believed that the birth of a child — purely for women.

Today, in many developed countries, joint childbirth and her husband not only considered to be natural, but welcome: as a rule, after such delivery between father and child are established very strong relationships, tender affection. These fathers are extremely caring, sincere hot interest in all that concerns a child.

It is believed that the partnership delivery, and not the mere presence of

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Rosacea: red nose disease

Despite its beautiful name, "rosacea" nothing to do with roses does not have. Just in patients with this disease nose and cheeks become saturated red or even purple, like Santa Claus. But we should not confuse a healthy glow with a disease in which blood vessels are disrupted!

Physicians interested in rosacea relatively recently, only two centuries ago. In the memorable 1812, when the army of Napoleon Bonaparte marched on Russia, the English physician Thomas Bateman published in the scientific press sensational article. It spoke of a mysterious skin disease that made people turn red, and then covered with

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Pink versicolor

Pink lichen (Gibert's disease) — is common skin disease, a characteristic feature of which are scaly pink patches. It occurs at any age, but most often in young people.

The cause of pink lichen known — assumed the viral nature of the disease. Pink versicolor often develops in the cold, often in spring or autumn. In people with weakened immune systems disease may occur repeatedly.

What's going on?

The disease begins with the appearance on the skin of the trunk of a single large circular patches of pink color with a diameter of 2 cm or more (the

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Russian scientists recommend the English

Company Dyson is not the first year has been studying the effects of house dust on the human body. The private microbiology laboratory professionals and scientists conducted thousands of experiments and research that result in new technologies used in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners Dyson. The attention given to allergies, by chance, because the disease has long been recognized as a global health problem.

Very often the cause of an allergic reaction house dust is composed of a variety of fibers and particles and is essentially a "cocktail" of allergens. This microscopic spores of yeasts and molds, pieces of

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Caring for Dad

Our life is like a moving picture without the possibility of rapid rewind footage of events ago. Time is running forward, we age, our parents, too: habits, work, views are changing. Parents are more in need of our care, attention, care.


Our whole life is divided into periods: childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age. There comes a time, and we are moving away from their parents, we start a family. Although we do not forget our beloved mother and father, and often dropped in on him visit, we meet with them much less frequently than when they lived

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With the baby in the bath

In the bath life begins. And it's not just a pretty picture. For centuries, women gave birth in Russia in the bath (and not only a commoner, but boyarynya, Princess and even the Queen).

By the way, modern medicine, as is often the case, confirmed that our ancestors had for a lot of reasons. In the bath, plenty of warm water, the desired temperature (which is suitable not only giving birth, but the newborn baby), and the hot steam kills disease-causing germs. And with the birth bath accompanies human life — Bath soars, sauna rules, sauna fix everything,

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What is it?

Salmonellosis -intestinal infection transmitted mainly from food. Caused by various kinds of salmonella germs.

These bacteria are continuously stored in the external environment: water to 5 months, in meat and meat products from 2 to 4 months in frozen meat — about 6 months (in the bird — a year), milk — 20 days, yogurt — up to 2 months in the butter — up to 4 months in cheese — up to 1 year in beer — up to 2 months in soil — up to 18 months.

Some products (milk, meat), Salmonella

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The very first aid: 10 dangerous misconceptions

No matter where and when they come, but almost every one of our people have some knowledge of first aid. Alas, most of this knowledge is a mess of stereotypes and rumors, and application of this cereal in practice, not just useless but dangerous. For example, everyone knows that it is necessary to fracture splint. And most imagine this bus as two or three sticks, ideally — shtaketiny the fence with remnants of traditional painting. When there is a need to help, for some reason it appears that the person is not happy when his broken arm, trying

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Self-diagnosis of alcoholism: how do you know it’s time to see a doctor

To the doctor, and even more so to Narcologist, people walking around with great reluctance. Only as a last resort, when there is no other option. Is there at least some, even the simplest ways to determine — already developed alcohol dependence, or not? It is time to run to the doctor? Or the situation is not so critical?

Just say that no tests or questionnaires that allow one hundred percent probability say "yes, that's alcoholism" or "no, it's not alcoholism" does not exist. Each case is different and the most accurate representation of the problem can only give

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