Self-concept — The value, significance, which shall provide itself man as a whole, and certain aspects of his personality, activity, behavior. The basis of self-assessment of the value system of the individual.

Regulatory and self-esteem serves a protective function by influencing the behavior development personality and its relationship with other people. Reflecting the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with himself, self-concept provides the basis for the perception of their own success or failure, to the level of claims. Self-esteem can be a different level of awareness.

Self-esteem is characterized by the following parameters:

— By level: high,

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A man decides to suicide, when under the influence of certain circumstances of his life loses meaning. But his loss — albeit a necessary but not sufficient condition for suicidal behavior. Need more overestimation of death. Death must acquire a certain sense, and then the idea of it can become a target activity. And finally, the events are often pushing to suicide, causing a powerful blow to the values of the person.

The decision to commit suicide — an act of moral choice. Preferring suicide, a person relates his motive and result, accepts responsibility for self-destruction or shifts

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What is it?

Sarcoidosis — is a systemic inflammatory disease which affects mainly the lungs. In Russia sarcoidosis ill about five people out of 100,000. More likely to suffer being adults 30-40 years. Children and the elderly are rarely sick.

At present, the cause of sarcoidosis is unknown. This inflammation, in which lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) become very active. These cells produce substances which trigger the formation of granulomas (clusters of inflammatory cells) in various organs. The possibility of infection from sarcoidosis patients has not been proven, but there was a family history of the

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Diabetes mellitus

Even a half thousand years BC, the ancient Egyptians in his medical treatise "Ebers Papyrus" described diabetes as a distinct disease. The great doctors of ancient Greece and Rome constantly speculated about this mysterious disease. Doctor Aretaius coined it the name "diabetes" — in Greek "Leaky, pass through." Scientist Celsus argued that in the occurrence of diabetes guilty indigestion, and the great Hippocrates diagnosed, the patient's urine sampling tastes. By the way, the ancient Chinese also knew that in diabetes the urine becomes sweet. They came up with an original method of diagnosis using flies (and wasps). If the

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Diabetes mellitus — a life with overcoming

Is it possible to live a full life with diabetes? You can, if you are very good for a watch: time to eat properly inject insulin, select adequate dose to control your blood sugar, etc. The fact that this life is more difficult than the average person — by far. This is life with overcoming. So says Valentina Peterkova, chief pediatric endocrinologist RF, director of the Institute of Pediatric Endocrinology of Medical Sciences, Professor, MD, chairman of the public organization "Russian Diabetes Association."

— Valentina, tell us how common diabetes in Russia, and what is the trend

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Your own or someone else’s? What causes the wrong answer

Systemic connective tissue disease — an autoimmune disorder in which both affects many organs and tissues. Coupling cloth — The main "pillars" of the body: its elements are found in the skin, bones, cartilage, vascular walls, the stroma of organs and even blood. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the body begins to perceive its own connection cloth as foreign and attack it hard — in this case develops autoimmune disease.

Systemic diseases with cutaneous manifestations include systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Systemic scleroderma most often occurs in women aged 30-40 years. When the disease affected

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Seborrhea (From Lat. Sebum — the fat and Greek. Rheo — current) is a widespread chronic disease of the skin, rich in sebaceous glands (face, scalp, skin folds). The sebaceous glands in this disease produce increased amounts of sebum, which besides the "wrong" part — there is too much free fatty acids.

There are two types of seborrhea: oily and dry. Fatty seborrhea occurs at puberty and passes tend to25-27 years. Only 10 percent of people seborrhea remains for life.

Dry seborrhea often seen in children before puberty. In men is more common mixed form of the disease: symptoms

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Seasonal Depression

With the onset of autumn, many of the soul without apparent reason, becomes slushy, dreary and sad. All this — the signs of this autumn depression, which according to the World Health Organization, one in five suffers.

It is believed that the seasonal mood swings susceptible people with "thin" mental institution, as well as any loose stressful, unhappy life is not quite physically and mentally healthy. That is, alas, most of the world's population. This annual autumn dissatisfaction and the surrounding reality may be different — from easy, not always fixed by feelings of anxiety and hopelessness to

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The secret of eternal youth

During the communication is concentrated in the area of the face look interlocutor. The person silently gives age. Cherished dream — to look younger?

Change your face! Such a call is not surprising. With age, even the most optimistic spirited, cheerful person sees as his face takes on an expression of sadness, resentment or rigor. It is promoted by age-related changes, the signs of aging.

A sense of self remains unchanged, the desire to please themselves and others, to look young.

With each passing year it becomes harder to stop the ravages of time: it

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The secret to a perfectly smooth skin

When you look at the famous actress and model, sometimes even envy takes — how they manage to look 40 years at 20? The skin is fresh, firm, and not a wrinkle. Is it available only to those who do not get out for days from the beauticians? How to look good at any age? What methods of rejuvenation offers a modern beauty industry? How to use acupuncture to get rid of wrinkles and make the skin perfectly smooth?

These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle

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