The secret of perfect legs

Slender and beautiful legs — the perfect complement to the rich inner world. Is not it time to realize the dream of a perfect legs in life?

Beautiful legs caught admiring glances, they are perfect dresses of any length, they sing of the great poets, they are characterized by a confident and graceful gait, they quickly go to success.

Unfortunately, not all women can safely show off your legs, and even more claim to the title holders of the most attractive legs.

Do not forget about the men (and even though it is easier to

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The secret of every third

Each woman has her secrets: big and small, and not very pleasant. Some of them we love to discuss in the company of close friends: how to be transformed with the help of make-up, cook a delicious dessert, avoid stress at work … However, there are secrets that we can not share even with the closest people …

Every third * woman in Russia have ever faced involuntary release of urine. For some, this happens when they laugh, lift weights or perform athletic exercises. Or when the bus just in a hurry. Even in the very near your community

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The secret of beautiful female legs

Sooner or later, most women are beginning to feel that "to go through life, laughing," is notThat's the way simple. We begin to sum up. In the hot season, we were in the southern countries, sunbathe, walked a lot. In winter, our health await the next trial. High heels and tight shoes, a permanent seat in the office, at the wheel. And even if you leave the car — a traditional Moscow ice a strain not less than the gym!

And if at the end of the day, on the way home instead of joy you have

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Secrets of beauty and youth

Beautiful face serves as a magnet, has to itself, but also the first states of the age. Today's "stars" manage to maintain youthfulness and freshness of the skin and successful fight against age-related changes that look great even in adulthood!

How to choose "their" doctor? When and why should do plastic surgery? And many other questions will illuminate the leading specialist plastic surgery department of the International Medical Centre ON CLINIC, "star" surgeon, MD — Short Igor V..

— What operations are by far the most popular among patients?

You have to share the aesthetic

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Sex during pregnancy

For a long time it was thought that the main purpose of women to give birth and raise a child, and not engage in sex only for procreation. Therefore, a pregnant woman should not be interested in men, and they her. Many modern couples have a different opinion on this matter and continue to have sex during all nine months. However, they are faced with certain difficulties.

As for women, and for men, "pregnant" and "non-pregnant" sex differ significantly from each other. Moms-to- differently react to her husband's attempts to fulfill his marital duties. Some have a greater desire

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Sex in a dream — it is a disease

Sleep. The mysterious and still have not learned the final state soul and body. What did we just do not sleep — who snores, who speaks, who even walk. And there are people who are engaged in a dream most real sex.

At the very least, that such a phenomenon described by Dr. Peter Buchanan (Peter Buchanan) from the Royal Alfred Hospital in Sydney (Sydney's Royal Alfred Hospital). Speaking at a conference Australasian Sleep Association (Australasian Sleep Association), he spoke about the unusual case in his medical practice.

Sleeping lover

Buchanan told how one of his patients — a

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Sex headaches or vice versa?

Popular rumor has it that sex is one of the best means of Headache. However, as stated by the official medicine, not all so clear. According to studies carried out by the clinic head Pain and autonomic disorders of Academician Alexander Wein, namely sexual activity in any of its manifestations may cause head pain (GBSA). This pain is observed in 0.3% of cases among all patients with headaches (GB) and occurs usually in middle age from 25 to 40 years. It is also noted that men like headaches occur 4 times more often than women.

Predicting attack GBSA is

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Sex after childbirth

Of course, to become a mother — that's fine. But if you remember that, becoming the mother, you have not ceased to be a woman? Beautiful, loved and cherished?

Many women claim that making love for the first time after giving birth were similar to the "very first time."

There are a lucky women in the world that are still in the hospital dreaming about how they will be engaged in sex again. And, characteristically, shortly successfully embody their dreams into reality. But such, alas, quite a bit. Statistics say that about 50% of new mothers have

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Sexual deviation (deviation)

Sexual deviance is not a disease, so a doctor's help to such people is only required when the awareness of their own characteristics cause them psychological discomfort. However, the limits and characteristics of normal sexual behavior and symptoms may not be established. In a broad sense, sexual deviance is sexy behavior, different from those of a particular social norms.

By sexual deviation are:

— transsexualism (self-identification with the opposite sex, dissatisfaction belonging to the same sex);

-homosexuality and lesbianism (inclination to the people of your gender and sexual relations with them);

-aseksualizm (denial of sexual relations);


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Family life and a baby

Having a child, even desirable, to the parents makes serious demands. Baby completely changes the old rhythm of life of parents and takes it time, they used to devote to each other. Those spouses who even before the birth of the baby were able to establish peaceful, healthy relationship, it is easier to cope with these requirements. And parents who have not yet managed to do so, such a change is a daunting task, and baby becomes the cause of their stress.

Young parents who are at a loss because of nagryanuvshaya changes, you can give some advice.

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