Seven myths about IQ

Test to measure the intelligence quotient (IQ) was developed by Hans Eysenck in the forties of the XX century. In the fifties IQ-test gained

The first tests to measure intelligence were created by Hans Eysenck in the Nazi project to create a race of supermen — the most beautiful, the most intelligent and genetically flawless. In the development of the test, he relied on the idea that each age has its own rules of intellectual development.

By the way, the relationship of Eysenck with Nazi ideology were quite confusing. On the one hand, he publicly disavowed Nazi

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Seven requirements for wheelchair

One of the most important purchases in the list of prospective parents — Buggy. It costs a lot of money and, unlike raspashonok, of which kids grow up quickly, you'll use it every day for quite some time. Therefore, the choice of vehicle for your kid is to approach seriously. Even if you decide not to buy anything in advance, should pay attention to the proposed range in advance and inform relatives about the choice. But first you should decide how to meet the special requirements of children, "the coach." So, let's begin.

Requirement 1. Reliability

It is

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Silvering teeth

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous caries threatens even the youngest children. To regular "holes" in the teeth do not become habitual, parents need to take care of their prevention. It is important that primary teeth are healthy and beautiful and perfect smile has become the norm at birth.

One of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of dental caries Baby Teeth is silvering teeth. With this method, the disease can be halted at the first step when only caries spot appeared. Silver-tooth avoids his handling of a drill, and a more gentle effect compared to making the filling.

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Earrings for weight loss: beware of imitations

When ten years ago there was a method of Golden Needle Doctor ® Fly ®, it seemed a miracle. Really, just a certain way the ear piercings, you can adjust the weight? The technology has passed the test of time, proven to be effective … and was the subject of illegal and improper use of medical charlatans.

How to distinguish the original method of Golden Needle ® from fakes? Why Fly method works, and all the others — not? Talk about it Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, MD, Ph.D. and author of the procedure Golden Needle ® and Nicholas

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A serious problem or nothing?

Ask yourself, have you noticed traces of blood in the sink when brushing your teeth? Almost everyone will answer yourself this question positively. But what does it mean? Just brush your teeth well? Should I pay attention to it? Did you know that statistically 94%1 Russian residents have ever seen traces of blood in the sink when brushing your teeth, and about 86%2 suffer from various diseases of gums, which are the main symptoms of inflammation and bleeding?

Often we do not attach importance to such trifles, in the turmoil of everyday life forgetting about the

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What is it?

Anthrax — an acute infectious disease that occurs predominantly in the form of cutaneous, much less — in the lung and intestinal forms with symptoms of sepsis.

The name comes from the characteristic ulcers that occur on the skin of patients. Title in Western literature — anthrax (Ugljevik) — derived from the Latin name of infection and characterized by black film covering these ulcerations.

Siberian ulcer common in many countries of Asia, Africa and South America. There are pockets of it and in the territory of Russia — in the burial grounds in the Stavropol region,

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Silvinite speleocamera

Imagine a room where the floor, the ceiling, the walls are made of sylvinite breed. Here you can relax, get aesthetic pleasure and good health care (Salt Cave is shown in many diseases), and after the session felt a surge of strength. The airsylvinite speleological chamber unique.

The mechanism of therapeutic action of the "salt cave" is based on the healing properties of negative ions and ions of sea salt. As shown semicentenial studies under the influence of negative ions slow autonomic functions, blood pH shifts toward alkaline, normalizes metabolism processes. The mechanism of improvement related to

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A strong immune system is always needed!

The main function of the immune system to maintain its "own" and eliminate the alien. Carriers of others facing the body — it is, above all, viruses. To combat them immune system has a complex set of interacting constantly specific and non-specific mechanisms. Non-specific mechanisms, or non-specific immunity — is innate, specific, or specific immunity — acquired by contact with viruses and other microorganisms.

If immunity good, the immune system time to notice the introduction of foreign agents and adequately react to them, then the person is healthy. With age, as well as the effects of stress, adverse environmental

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Symptoms of angina

Onset of the disease

The disease begins acutely, often with the rise of temperature and malaise, usually after hypothermia or contact with a carrier of infection, which is transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and through everyday objects — cups, spoons, toys.

In children streptococcal angina may start with a sharp rise in temperature without any pain in the throat and redness of the tonsils, which appear on the following day. Supercooling there may be absent.

The main symptoms

The main symptom of tonsillitis is any pain in the throat, worse when swallowing. Other symptoms depend largely on

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Symptoms in which analysis is required for HIV

HIV infection

When pronouncing the acronym HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), many people have a sense of anxiety and panic starts. Discomfort due to the fact that this is a serious viral infection, which can not yet be cured, you can only slow down the process of its development. HIV attacks the immune system of a person, the disease has a long asymptomatic period and is especially dangerous for late diagnosis. HIV is transmitted through semen, blood, vaginal secretions and breast milk, thus there is no risk of infection through other body fluids (such as saliva, sweat, tears,

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